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Where I am tonight


Once upon a time I was someone’s Baby Girl.  I’ve been thinking that someday I might be again…even for a moment.

Test image


Just trying out the posting capabilities for pictures and such.  It won’t be a regular feature, but the occasional photo is fun to share. 🙂

Content coming

You know, when you start a new blog like this, it’s always hard to establish your presence in the manner you originally envisioned.  Eventually the blog becomes something else.  Something beyond your own creation.

That said, here are my intentions with this particular blog:

  • To highlight sex-positive news and current events
  • To create a safe space for exploration of topics regarding sexual freedom including but not limited to: non-monogamy (poly, swinging, etc.), kink/BDSM/fetish, gender identity/fluidity, sexual orientation, sacred sex, tantra, LGBTQ rights
  • To discuss more personal topics, including my own journey in each of these areas
  • To promote the exchange of ideas that challenge the normative standard for sexual topics.

It may not end up that way.  There will be personal stories thrown in.  There will be political and religious discussion.  And it will probably all take on a life of its own.  But even though it’s a different world, I still find that I have something to say on all these topics and I only hope the visitors to this site find this voice valuable in the overall discourse of human sexuality.

It may be another week before I formulate an official “starting” post that has a true topic.  But stay tuned and feel free to drop a line to say hello.

Watch this space

Welcome!  To new and old friends alike.

Watch this space for more info about my work as a sexual freedom advocate and practicioner.

Let the games begin!

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