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The Courage to Bern: how being outed influenced my non-traditional endorsement

sanders-2016-feel-the-bernEarlier tonight a friend of mine posted this article criticizing the #FeeltheBern fervor drowning out all of those Hillary supporters who are just as passionate about their candidate.

I took an hour to pen the following response while my kid waited patiently for supper. I decided to post it here because I needed a place to expand on these ideas that I have felt too inhibited from proclaiming to a wider audience. In the 10 years since the event described below, I have changed my view on politics and what I expect from our system.

And here I talk very frankly about being forced to create new ideas about myself and about the concept of loyalty. Take from it what you will, but it is my story and my reasons for believing we are on the precipice.

The choices that we make today for ourselves and our generation matter more than ever.  Read the rest of this entry

17 days

17 days since my last post. My goal is to do a post once every two weeks, at least to start. To get myself back in the habit of writing again. So, I suppose I’m close to that goal with this post, although I’m not sure what value I can share today. 

 I had such high hopes for March. So many goals, so many aspirations.However, March had different plans for me.  The past few weeks have launched me into levels of stress that I have been handling rather poorly. Instead of working on creating and filling my space with wonderful dreams-to-come-true, I’ve been wallowing and escaping the realities of my life. 

None of this was more evident than waking up with a start worrying about money, property taxes, how to pay college tuition for my son and all the other little misadventures of my daily life. Add to that a few snow days where I couldn’t work from home and I’m feeling so far behind on life, on work, on my tried and true coping mechanisms that I just can’t see straight anymore and I’ve lost what motivation I had left. 

17 days can make a huge difference. I went from elation at the idea of going to StarFest, meeting my favorite sci-fI actors and friends, to feeling worn down, old and overwhelmed. 

I know in part it is the impossible demands of my job, the disappointments naturally associated with the work that I do. And it’s hard to not give into my Sagittarian tendencies to jump into the next new shiny thing that catches my attention and feels worthy of my time. I miss the freedom of running my own business, but demand the reliability of a steady paycheck to support my family. But I also know that I want to advance in my career and if I keep jumping around I’ll continue to land in low-level positions that don’t really allow me to shine. 
I had a promising relationship starting up as well, but that seems to be fizzling, in part because of the stress I’m under–he can’t relate. I feel the connection on a deep level, but I feel our everyday interactions don’t even scratch the surface. I barely know anything about him, his priorities, his goals, what he wants from life. And it’s impossible for me to remain attracted to someone as a potential without those things. 

17 days can make a huge difference. I am presenting at Rocky Mountain PolyLiving and I need to finish my presentation outlines. 17 days ago I was ready to dive in. Today? I’m lucky if I crack open the computer at all this weekend. 

The irony is that the same compassion fatigue I’m going to teach about is exactly  what is happening to me right now. I am burned out, tired, weak physically and mentally and not much hope of getting the relief or reward that I need. 
So the next 17 days will be a lesson in creating my own motivation, getting myself geared up and ready to move forward. Question is, I don’t know how to reignite the fire within to do all of that. 

BellaRosa’s Spring Serenade

I have to be able to capture this feeling. Elation. Joy. Gratitude. Pleasure. Freedom. Desire. Cosmic Awareness.

It’s been so long, friends since I last felt this joyful in myself. Confident and self-assured. Devoid of doubt for my purpose or of my voice. Absent are the rules that once restricted me. My body is empty of the worry that always consumes it and holds it hostage. My mind is free of the fear that accompanies my word. My heart so strong and self-possessed.


See, a few days ago, something broke open from within. I liken it to a hatched egg, but it was more like breaking free of a cocoon after nearly 10 years. It was a catharsis that I was convinced would never come.

February 2006 was a very different time for me and a very different version of me. A foolish and overwhelmed version of me. I always thought that the events of that year were designed to take me down a peg or two. Indeed, I had grown too full of myself and didn’t have the maturity to really see the 10 steps ahead that I needed to, so very caught up in the everyday poly drama, the attention, the successes.

But now I look back on that time in my life as resetting my path, resetting my calling, breaking down the towers that I had built for myself because they were built on top of shifting sands. Everything had to crash down for me to start over again.

Starting over sucks.

An inelegant and crass way to sum up the otherwise beautiful process of transformation. But as you go through it, the pain, the doubt, the impatience all wears you down until you don’t think there’s any “you” left at all. It breaks apart your identity to its smallest parts, examining it, discarding the corrupted and hurt bits.

The most painful part is letting go of the expectations you once had for yourself, the image you once had of yourself. We become attached to that image, not because it’s great or even accurate, but because it’s safe. That image we hold of ourselves is safe and familiar. And most of all it’s easy. It’s so damn easy in fact that we never think about changing it until something, like life, threatens to take away that part of our identity.

TowerThese crises of identity can happen for any reason and at any time. And while I paid a lot of lip service to the need for us to periodically confront these facets of self. I likened it to the Tower from Tarot. You spend your life building up this tower of self, the bricks and materials made of the knowledge, wisdom, beliefs and memories we had accumulated during our lifetime. This tower houses not just us, but everything that makes us special, unique and different. But then an event, a person, a cascade effect of choices comes in and knocks it all down, like a wrecking ball. Devastation and despair ensues. Chaos reigns. To the point that when it comes up in a reading, I’ve seen experienced tarot readers get scared.

But I had always thought that if I was proactive and took the opportunity to examine the bricks and tear apart my own tower I could avoid the headache and the mess that would have otherwise caught me off guard. I was going to be smarter than everyone else!

Until it happened to me. It wasn’t just being drugged, being outed, losing my job, or gaining a lot of weight. It was the impact on my family. It was the depression. It was the heartache and doubt. I thought life couldn’t get any lower. But then my spiritual husband and I broke apart for reasons that seemed important at the time but don’t make any sense to me now. But the worst of it started 4  years ago when my oldest son ran away. The events of that year, 2012, changed my life and broke me down even further than I thought I could be. If I had cracked, broken but mostly whole bricks before, I had dust falling through my hands afterward.

And there was no part of my identity that didn’t have to be rebuilt. Yes, I was still polyamorous, but it was a different poly that I had started with. Yes, I was still a mother, but what kind of mother would I be now? No, I was no longer Catholic, but what did my sense of faith look like now?

The question when it all falls apart, is what will I build in its place? And ordinarily I would turn to some sense of higher consciousness to access the answers I needed, but not this time. That was the brick that had been shattered and shamed, blamed and broken beyond all others. No guidance. No light. No purpose. Nothing.

I cocooned myself away from the world. Only minimally engaging with the people I like or admire.

Until Now

496db3dc298df3ca3217bd786e9d7c59Here I am, free once again. Free from a few of the beliefs that inhabited the stones and bricks of my tower. Values like sacrifice at all costs. Habits like pernicious negativity. Beliefs like being replaceable in people’s lives. So much has changed. And yet it feels entirely authentic and natural.

I can’t get over the feeling that the universe conspired this break down to reveal the wise, wild, vibrant woman bursting to come forth. No longer the girl mourning the loss of her youth, but the wholly invested queen ready to rule her life.  I am discovering the dominant side of my switchiness. I am embracing the duality of my attractions to women and men. I know my limits but stretch my wings to try to overcome them. I am savoring the increase in attention from younger men.I am learning more about how to relax and just be. I love the grey in my hair, the wrinkles emerging under my eyes. I can feel the world in its wholeness again.

I feel renewed.

Welcome to Spring. My spring.





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