Messages of Divine Love 💗 week of October 18

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Part of the challenge I’ve been having is showing up as a full and integrated version of myself. I’ve gotten so used to carving off bits of who I am in order to appease the right audience at the right time in the right place, that I’ve lost sight of my own messages of authenticity. So as part of that effort I wanted to start sharing more publicly some of the gifts and talents that have remained hidden in the shadows for too long.

I don’t talk often enough about how I’ve used tarot and oracle cards in my day to day life as an aid in self-reflection. I’m not here to tell you what is going to happen. It feels too disempowering to be hit with some absolute about our human experience. Instead, I use tarot as a tool of reflection, as a guidepost along the way that shows us the likely outcomes if we continue on our path the way we have been going. Change is inevitable, but the outcome isn’t etched into stone. We can make the future, our present and our past a better reflection of who we really are.

I use tarot to illuminate the difficult truths that are hiding in the shadows so we can better envision the way to achieve a bright future. I use it to stimulate my intuition to look beyond the obvious and to see the tendrils of intertwined connections and stories that make up our lives. I help us change the script, identifying a place where we’ve reached the crossroads and can choose a new and more aligned path. I get a sense of the spirit of the present, threads of past interwoven with the patterns of potential for the future. I breathe in the present and try to help give images, ideas and insights that will illuminate the wisdom we’ve forgotten.

Photo of Janet wearing a grey sweater and holding the Hierophant tarot card right below her face.
I’ve been reading tarot cards since I was 17. This is one of the ways I share love with others.

And some of my own forgotten wisdom is that for too long I’ve let other people get into my head about how, when and where I should share these kinds of gifts. For a while I only read for friends and classmates, occasionally I’d donate my services for charity. And then last year, as I got caught up in some lightwashing communities, I was urged to monetize this skill. I developed a Patreon without ever showing people this more intuitive side of me.

But while I enjoyed delivering these messages it felt inauthentic for me to do so behind a paywall. So I wanted to share these messages to a wider audience for free. So for the foreseeable future I will be sharing these Messages of Divine Love, adding to the wisdom available to get us through the week. I would love to hear your feedback on these and see how these messages are manifesting for you!

This week we are greeted with messages from the Santa Muerte Tarot deck, which tends to take on its own meanings beyond the traditional ones that we might know. And because today was the end of Mercury and Jupiter retrograde, the deck came out all reversed, but for good reason – we have a lot of standstill energy that just feels….meh.

See more below….

Where we are this week

Ace of Wands (R) – Drained & Directionless

At the tail end of two retrogrades, we might be feeling a bit beat up, like our motivation has been drained from us. Wands normally represent fire of our inner drive and passion, the spirit that keeps us moving. This week, we might be feeling a bit deflated, defeated, a general malaise flowing through our bodies and beings. Have hope though, we’ve been emptied of things that no longer serve and we’re feeling a bit empty – but that’s so we can have plenty of space and room to welcome the newness into our lives.

Ace of Wands tarot card reversed, depicting a red skull with red leaves growing out of it against a jungle background. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.
Ace of Wands (R)

Message from our guides

Ace of Cups (R) – Allow ourselves to be replenished

We’ve done such a good job of letting go of the past, but we might be questioning “what was all this for? Was it all worth it?” Our guides are calling attention to the fact that we have been emptied out of all our prior beliefs and limitations in our connections with each other. But where we see an empty cup, the universe sees room to receive new opportunities, new people, to fill our cup with nothing but love. But that love has to start with us. We have to find ourselves worthy of receiving the love that is being offered. If there are delays, limitations still – ask whether we’re filling our emotional center with junk that will just continue to clutter our hearts.

Two of cups tarot card reversed, depicting a cup with a skull with a dragonfly on the edge of it against a stormy seaside background. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.
Ace of Cups (R)

Message from Mother Earth

10 of Wands (R) – Let go of bearing others’ burdens

This week Mother Earth is asking us to let go of the burdens that aren’t ours to carry. It might seem like love or service to carry others’ burden, but we aren’t doing ourselves or each other any favors by doing so. In particular, i’m getting a strong “stay in your lane” message. How many of us care more about the outcomes for our friends and family than they do? We can’t be more invested in someone’s healing, happiness or success than they are – it creates a lopsided energy of control and comparison that isn’t fair to anyone. Mother Earth is asking us to stop minding everyone else’s business, to let go of the burdens we carry on behalf of others – judging their choices, overriding their consent “for their own good”. It’s time for each person to be responsible for our own lives and stop shifting burdens onto others…and to stop distracting ourselves by taking such personal ownership over other people’s choices.

Ten of Wands tarot card reversed, depicting a red moth flying over a red castle overgrown with roses. Roses border the image. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.
10 of Wands (R)

Message from our ancestors

Page of Swords (R) – Don’t evangelize half-truths

As I sit with this one more, I really feel like our ancestors are mocking us just a little. They’re showing me how we’ve been buried by good intentions with regard to science and reason. And for all the wonderful awakening energy I’ve seen out in the world, it needs to be tempered with good information. We have been excitedly sharing a lot of half-truths, some are well-intentioned but much of it isn’t. If we aren’t tempering our research with a solid grounding in ethics and equality, we run the risk of excitedly evangelizing misinformation and misdirection, diluting the impactful messaging embedded within. Worse, if we aren’t vigiliant about the information we consume and share, we run the risk of allowing our excitement and new awakening to be manipulated, keeping humanity stuck in its wrongness. The Page of Swords is here to help temper our reason, hone our enthusiasm and take more responsibility for our communication & conclusions.

Page of Swords tarot card reversed, depicting a skeleton in a top hat at a desk bordered by sunflowers. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.
Page of Swords (R)

Message from our future selves

8 of Cups (R) – Time to move on from old dreams

Our future selves affirm this “emptying out” sensation that we’re dealing with right now. Our old ideas about leadership, about our future, about even our control over our future are draining away. Make sure to “clean the cup” before filling it up with new ideas. Our future selves speak about loss, about grief and how processing those emotions is so critical to being able to welcome new opportunities that just on the horizon. We might have received opportunities that would have thrilled a prior, unhealed version of ourselves. We don’t have to accept the scraps of dreams we subsisted on before. We have the opportunity to hold out for what we actually deserve.

eight of cups tarot card reversed, depicting a skeleton wearing a crown of cups, some of which are spilling as the face leans forward in contemplation. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.
Eight of Cups (R)

Message from Mother Mary

2 of Swords – Time to cut the cord

Mother Mary has been pretty sassy lately – here she is very deliberately telling us to let go of the dreams and ideals that were once tied to more immature, uninformed, un-woke versions of ourselves. To let go of dreams that are tied to the half-truths and diluted intentions of generations before. We have the opportunity to create an intentional path, but we must make a choice to cut the cords that drain instead of sustain us. The decision is up to us – but the decision needs to be made soon.

Two of Swords tarot card reversed, depciting an ornate set of scissors against a wooden table with blue and orange flowers int he corners. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.
2 of Swords

Final advice:

It might feel like this reading is all doom and gloom, but it’s just reflective of the changing and slowing of our astrological energy right now. We are sliding between seasons. We’re emerging from retrogrades. We’re getting used to inhabiting more space in our hearts than we had before. We need to resist the temptation to clutter it up with the junk food equivalent of emotions. Aim for clarity and practice being okay with the silence of our hearts. This is time of transition and reclamation, taking out the trash without buying more to backfill the emptiness.


As we move through this week together, may we each create space in our lives to receive what we truly deserve, to be discerning in the messages we share, to find comfort in the absence of judgments, comparisons and distractions that once ruled our lives. May we find peace and connection in the vastness of potential that is being created within.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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