Messages of Divine Love 💗 week of October 25

For a lot of people last week felt like energy had come to a standstill. Some of us rode the full moon energy for as long as the wave could last. But eventually that energy rumbles to an end and we’ve gotta regroup and power up for the next one. It wasn’t even that the rest of the week was bad, it was just stagnant and still. Issues that have kept us tied up in knots started to unravel in subtle ways that had a bigger impact. So some of the stagnation was just us finally letting go of some of the old stories we’ve been telling about our lives to make room for the new light coming our way.

This past week I was met with a sudden onset of energy, pretty rare for me in dealing with seasonal affect disorder. From Mon – Wed, I felt like I was on fire. I knocked so much off my to-do list, I began to feel more power emanating from me than ever before. And that power was more than the functionality of productivity, it was also intense creativity. It was handpainting tissue paper and constructing paper flowers for ofrendas on Dia de los Muertos. Embedded in some of that painting were also prayers I was memorializing for those who have passed and for those who can no longer be in my life without violating boundaries. And then in a moment of utter joy I felt my heart crack open.

I faced some deep truths about a time that I had felt abandoned by my partners at the time. Reconciling what was once a happy Brotherhood with the decay of our connections through resentment and vengeful rage. I found a thread of forgiveness, which crumbled a whole wall of resentment that had been built up in my heart, preventing me from being able to love myself, much less love others to the way I really want to.

This left me feeling overwhelmed and grateful. But it also left me feeling drained and vulnerable. And lately, when I’m feeling like this, the last thing I should do is be around groups of people. But I didn’t trust my own wisdom and instead pushed myself to attend a workshop. And of course, like all of these things, I found value in it, but I was too emotionally open to withstand the social anxieties that have developed from my trauma. My emotions cascaded upon each other until I felt I was simply treading water amongst half-truths. I

But just as times of great joy and openness are followed by moments of solitary confrontation, we are being given an opportunity to reevaluate where we stand now. Now that we have purged some of our past, have we also purged some of the past dreams and hopes? Are we allowing ourselves to follow the spark of inspiration in order to better connect with our highest selves? These are the inquiries for this week with the Enchanted Map deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

Photo of Janet wearing a grey sweater and holding the Hierophant tarot card right below her face.

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Where we are this week

Field of Dreams (r) – Evaluate whose dreams we’re pursuing.

We have so much going for us, so much talent to contribute, so much energy to power our dreams into fruition. So why are we using so much of ourselves for other people’s agendas? Are we as invested in our own dreams as we are in others’? We work 40 hours a week and lend our energy to the goals of our company or the agendas of our organizations. Is thast getting us closer to the dreams we want to fulfull for ourselves? How closely related is it to where we want to be or is it just a means to an end? Likewise, reassess who we allow to influence our dreams. Whose approval have we been seeking on our current path? Because if the answer is anyone but “me”, are we actually pursuing this path for ourselves? Consider too the power that we’re giving to the naysayers in our lives. Repeat the phrase: Those that say it cannot be done should not interrupt the people doing it. Just because our dreams intimidate others doesn’t mean we should stop pursuing it. Just make sure we’re doing it for us and not to impress those who are too jealous to be impressed by anything.

Ace of Wands tarot card reversed, depicting a red skull with red leaves growing out of it against a jungle background. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.

Message from our guides

Spark – creative inspiration as a spark of the divine

Very literally the guides respond to where we are this week with “Keep doing what you’re doing. This is a gift from the divine”. Whatever you view as source, as the seat of the soul, that wisdom is reaching out to us with hope and encouragement, reminding us that our creative spark is a gift from the divine. When we are engaged in the activities and connections that bring us joy, we bring others joy too. This is how Divine Love works through us all. For when we give generously of our gifts, pursuing those talents and passions connects us to the divinity, the spark of divine interconnected light, that lives within us all. And when we embody this for ourselves, we serve as a guide for others. Our guides tell us don’t be discouraged, just do your thing anyway.

Two of cups tarot card reversed, depicting a cup with a skull with a dragonfly on the edge of it against a stormy seaside background. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.

Message from Mother Earth

Coming Apart – It’s time to let go

The time has come to finally let go of some of those material and relationship attachments that aren’t working for us anymore. As we reassess our dreams, we’ll also be reassessing how we live, parting ways with practices that just don’t suit us anymore. For example, we might be downsizing our home because we realize we just don’t need that much space for possessions anymore. Maybe we’re re-evaluating our diets because fried foods just don’t taste good anymore. Maybe we’re letting go of family traditions after our parents have passed, including the trauma bonds formed as a result.nAnd maybe we’re deciding to transform our families to a co-parenting model because the romantic connections no longer align. Mother Earth speaks to our physical world, our material possessions, our earth magic, our immediate relationships. SAs we re-evaluate our dreams, she tells us: you have permission to let go. It will all be well.

Ten of Wands tarot card reversed, depicting a red moth flying over a red castle overgrown with roses. Roses border the image. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.

Message from our ancestors

Talisman – Crystallize the lessons we’ve learned

Our ancestors are telling us it’s time to distill what we have learned from our life lessons, our lessons from them, into a smaller symbol or sigil we can carry with us to remind us of the lessons without carrying the gravity of woundedness and shame with us too. Our lived experience has taught us so much, but too often we carry guilt like an albatross around our neck. Our guides are asking us to lighten the load and refine the lessons we’ve found without carrying the emotional burdens too. And quite literally, keeping just one heirloom piece to remember the stories of our ancestors is all we need. We don’t need to surround ourselves with the clutter of ancient wounds and traumas around money, love, vocation and faith. Instead, we only need to crystalize our experience in the heirloom gem that gets passed down to future generations through our wisdom. They remind us: take only what you need.

Page of Swords tarot card reversed, depicting a skeleton in a top hat at a desk bordered by sunflowers. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.

Message from our future selves

Balancing Act (r) – Address the discord within

It feels like sometimes we’re living our lives as a high-wire act, balancing on a ball while heading toward a far off destination. Our future selves are basically saying: it doesn’t have to be this hard. That doesn’t mean we won’t face difficulties, but right now, we’re trying to perform all these circus tricks, performing for our supper to get where exactly? If our dreams aren’t in alignment wiht our highest/future selves, then why are we on this tightrope, balancing ourselves for others’ approval? If their approval was so necessary for our existence, why should we endanger our souls and future to attain it? That should be a sign to us. For when we’re in alignment with where we want to be, the journey becomes less of a pass/fail test and more like a supported inquiry into a wide open future of possiblity. Like I said, it isn’t without its challenges and difficulties, but it is less dangerous than the knots we’ve twisted ourselves into to gain the approval of others.

eight of cups tarot card reversed, depicting a skeleton wearing a crown of cups, some of which are spilling as the face leans forward in contemplation. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.

Message from Mother Mary

Intention – Align intentions with who we want to be

This one is a little obvious – the message flows loud and clear for all to hear in the reading this week. Mother Mary is here to say: Your intentions set the tone. Our intentions are everything here. Our future selves warn that we might not be heading where we think we are, whereas our ancestors are telling us to lighten the load and only carry the valuable lessons and the powerful advice we’ve accumulated along the way. The bridge between these has entirely to do with our intentions. There are many different ways to get to where we are going. When a choice comes up, when an opportunity presents itself, Mary asks us to compare it against our intentions we’ve set for ourselves and ask “how does this get me closer to my dreams? How does this bring out my highest self?” And if it doesn’t align, Mother Earth reminds us to let it go. But in order to go boldly in the direction of our dreams, we have to be intentional about what those dreams are at all. See how it all comes full circle?

Two of Swords tarot card reversed, depciting an ornate set of scissors against a wooden table with blue and orange flowers int he corners. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.

Extra Card

Encouragement (r) – Mistakes don’t mean you’re on the wrong path

This card reminds us that we’re going to make mistakes along the way, particularly if we’re learning new skills to make those dreams come true. Mistakes aren’t setbacks, they’re nuggets of wisdom that hone and refine our craft. Keep going. Keep doing what we’re doing because ultimately we’re headed in the right direction. But we’re going to stumble, fall and sometimes even wanna give up. But this card reminds us just like when we were experiencing growth spurts in our youth we’d sometimes get clumsy trying to adjust to ever growing limbs and muscles in our body. Mistakes and bumps in the road are normal. Don’t be discouraged – this is all part of the path we’ve chosen.

Two of Swords tarot card reversed, depciting an ornate set of scissors against a wooden table with blue and orange flowers int he corners. All set against a background of blue, flowing water.

Final advice:

Simply put this week the advice is to take it a bit easy on ourselves as we evaluate why we do what we do, what we lend our energy to and how closely that matches our intentions for our future. It might be painful to let go, but the time has come to shed the old skin and grow into our highest selves. Just double check that compass, lose the weight of expectations and embark on an adventure to encounter the divine within.


In this week of change and growth, may we find grace for the creative spark within, trusting in ourselves to choose the right path unburdened by the judgments, shames and traumas of our past, protected by the talismans of our lineage and learning. May we embark on a new adventure of trust, letting go of the limitations and expectations of others and embracing the powerful intentions of our truest selves.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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