Messages of Divine Love (6/20/22): A Taste of Enlightenment

Weekly Messages of Divine Love: a big picture overview for the collective with messages from our guides, Mother Earth, our ancestors, our future selves, and Mother Mary.

I was so delighted that last week focused on the Divine Masculine. I was even more delighted to see that message echoed by so many other witches, psychics, and seers. With how vociferously I fight against patriarchy it might seem weird for me to be so excited about welcoming the divine masculine. But unlike the toxicity of patriarchy, the divine masculine shares power and doesn’t hoard it all for himself. And frankly, shared, collective power is what I love the most about how these messages connect.

The synchronicity itself is a sign that we are connecting more deeply with the divine within ourselves. For example, we might have found hints of manifested miracles lurking in the corners of our lives. Unexpected surprises gave us hope and energy when the world is threatening to steal those from us. When we remain open to the universe surprising us, when we show up with gratitude for the little signals that we’re our intuition was right, that reinforces our faith that literally anything is possible.

Enlightenment often shows itself when we are ready to reframe our experiences away from the narratives of suffering and loss, to find the kernels of wisdom and transformation that lay within. It doesn’t mean that we bypass the hard emotions, the intense injustices, or bewildering hopelessness. It means we sit with it, we witness it, we learn from it, we accept it, and choose to align ourselves so these experiences aren’t the source of harm to others.

We often forget how we are often our own worst enemies – often the narratives most difficult to let go of are those that highlight our guilt, shame, and failure. Enlightenment means that we no longer hang on to stories that remind us of our worst selves, but we find ways to humbly live our lives informed by the transparency of our own emotional truth. We recognize that hard emotions don’t have to stay rooted in our hearts, shutting out all the secure attachments that could grow there. Instead, we can reframe these experiences to add wisdom and compassion to our lives.

And that realization? That’s where we can finally activate the buried beacons that call in miracles. Our guilt and shame taught up that miracles are for “better people” than us. Trauma and adversity made us distrust our fellow humans or our own existence. If we can find it within ourselves to trust that relationship with the divine we are able to uncover the truth about our own souls, their language, and longings. The overthinking world makes us doubt the signs we see and we miss the miracles that have tried to show up. When we look through the educated and intuitive lens of enlightenment, we start to see that the miracles were these all along!

This deck, the Sacred Forest Oracle by Denise Linn is a beautiful gateway into the emotional beauty of our own hearts and souls. This deck is so reminiscent of what see when I examine my own calling, when I think of the ideal me and where she might reside. This enchanted forest of spirit helps us align our true selves to the rhythms of nature.

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Where we are this week

Forest temple


Especially with the messages that focused on the Divine Masculine last week, some of us are coming into this week primed for an encounter with the divine. We have been drawn to certain places, people, and concepts for a reason. It’s all leading us to this moment, especially with the Summer Solstice in the early hours of the morning. Now is the time to deepen our connection to Spirit, to the Source that calls us home to ourselves. This is a confirmation that there are deeper, more profound forces at play and we are invited to add our unique voice to the immense diversity of Divine Love.

Deepening our encounters with the divine.

Messages from our Guides

Spirit Guardian of Winter


Winter is a time of great healing when the world retreats from the work of blooming, growing, pushing ever upwards and outwards. It’s a time of death, decay, and dormancy for a reason: to replenish our inner resources. We can’t be “on” all the time. This week the guides are advising us to give ourselves a personal “snow day”, where we give ourselves permission not to work – including working on all those little house projects we all have. This means snuggling in with a good book, a cup of tea (or a satisfyingly cold sangria if you’re like me), and truly embracing the idea of dormancy and rest. No to-do lists, no busyness. It also includes retreating from those who aren’t able to support us with warmth, care, and honesty. Taking even one day to reset and repair, to turn off our phones, and make ourselves unavailable to stress so we can restore our reserves for the weeks and months ahead.

Retreat, reset, renew.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Bluebell Fairy


One of the most powerful and accessible ways we can heal the world is by offering gratitude. There is a simplicity in sharing a thoughtful and sincere “thank you” to someone who helped or listened to us when things were bad. It doesn’t even have to be for big things, like being grateful for a promotion or a new relationship, it could be gratitude for seeing certain messages throughout the day, giving positive reinforcement to folks who followed through even if they were “just doing their job”. Gratitude can be praising the sky for its clear blue magic and saying “thank you” to our pets for their companionship. Adding more gratitude into our day and sharing that with others has the power to transform our hearts and spirits and thus, the world.

Gratitude as spiritual alchemy.

Messages from our Ancestors

Wood Nymph


How distorted have we become to what is considered beautiful? Our ancestors see how obsessed we’ve become by comparing our beauty to others. We endlessly scroll, looking for ways to change ourselves to fit in with the formulaic influencers who think they can dictate our desires. To put it bluntly, the ancestors ask, “Is this what we survived for? So you could question and put down the gifts of beauty and heritage that we passed down to you? Really?” Our ancestors and ancients remind us that what is really beautiful is the radiance held within a laugh or the glow of fulfillment, the warmth of care, and the tenderness of presence. It isn’t whether we are blond or thin or whether we wear the right brand of lipstick or cover up a balding head. We are each beautiful and worthy of celebration without having to become someone we’re not. Why dishonor the heritage that brought us here when we could let it help us shine as we are?

Owning our own beauty.

Messages from our Future Selves

Ancient Oak Spirit


The oak tree has deep spiritual meaning for many cultures and have been integrated throughout our modern life. Known for its strength and stability, its protective and healing elements. Oak trees have endured because of their strength rooted deeply in the earth. The traditions that will survive will be those that help us tap into that source of natural and connective power. Our future selves invite us to work with the symbolism of the oak tree, to discover its meaning for us in order to better tap into our own source of strength. We are rooted in ancient pearls of wisdom that we’ve only begun to tap into. For me, this card represents the return of connectedness and a commitment to the earth’s preservation and growth.

Overflowing with love.

Message from Mother Mary

Spirit Guardian of Spring


Last week Mother Mary wanted us to know that we were worthy of a rich and lasting legacy. This week she is urging us to embrace the new energies in our lives to push us toward action. After we’ve had a moment to retreat and regroup, we’ll be ready to dive head into the transformative work we’re here to do. We’ve already accomplished so much, but we have more seeds to plant, and more people to reach – by the end of the week, we must be ready to activate and actually execute the vision we have for our lives.

Transformative actions.

Undercurrents & Final advice

Secret Spring

All success is worth celebrating

Rainbow Waterfall

Do you believe in miracles?

Life is actually pretty fabulous when we allow it to be. But sometimes we shrink away from celebrating and honoring the successes that we’ve experienced to bring us here. One of the core tenants of motivational interviewing, a method I used to work with clients with multiple traumas in their history is to celebrate the small successes. Trauma weighs us down with all the reasons to say no, or to expect the worst. It steals our motivation to create a better life for ourselves, because “overcoming trauma” is no easy feat. And yet, when we look at the small successes that brought us to where we are, we find that we’re more powerful, blessed, and talented than we thought. Did we navigate an intense system to find the right therapist? That’s a success. Did we finally tell off our ex and set boundaries? Huge success! Did we actually show up? Fabulous! It might not seem like much to celebrate these successes, but they are the life force that invites even more success to bless us.

This is such a beautiful signal to end this week’s reading with: Miracles are on their way. All of our hard work has paid off and we’ve reached a magical space of manifested miracles. We are called to be patient, but vibrant with belief. Blessings that were promised to us are on the way but may look different than we expect. But just like we might not always find the expected pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, sometimes our blessings arrive in the people we encounter along the journey and the unlikely twists of fate that seemed impossible before. If we’re willing to surrender ourselves to the enlightenment process, we’ll find that we don’t need to control how the miracles show up, just to believe that we are ready to receive them.


We prepare ourselves this solstice to embrace the miraculous gifts of the divine. We are grateful for the ways in which our own power can provide both safety and success. We believe that our wishes will come true if we activate our hearts to embrace the beauty within. By recognizing our inner strength and connecting to the bounty of the earth, may we know all things are possible.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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