Intentions of a Love Priestess

What if our leaders were to lead us with love?

What if we were to accept ourselves wholly and fully for who we are?

What if mutual admiration, respect and compassion for our fellow human being were to prevail–

What might happen to our world?

I go by the name Bella Rosa.  I am a sex-positive advocate and healer living in the heart of Colorado.  My life has been spent trying to sow seeds of change around me.  Changing the world by demonstrating one-on-one what it feels like to be wholly accepted for your true self.  Changing the world by helping others find their own voice through connection with the events and stories of my own life.

181228_397061053668852_1491080374_nI want to change how we interact with  the world around us and how we view ourselves.   I want to improve our relationships with each other, by manifesting authenticity in how we relate to our own bodies and hearts.  I want to change how we view sexuality and how to live more authentically and passionately.  In order to change, one must be able to let go and destroy the past.  I work within the flames of that destruction to breathe the light of life back into our world.

I am polyamorous and kinky.  I play the roles of mother, healer and counselor quite well, both professionally and privately.  I am the mother of two, lover of many and passionate about raising our consciousness past shame, anger, guilt and regret.  I advocate for LGBTQ rights and recognition and for the de-stigmatization of HIV+.  I assist families and couples.  I also admit when I’m wrong.

You will find that I often use my own stories and background to make sense of the current sexual-political dramas we each face.  I talk a lot about consent culture both in the mainstream and in the poly and BDSM communities.  I am passionate about sharing ideas that I find inspiring and urging us to find a way to live with love, compassion and acceptance.

Most content is sexual in nature.

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