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When we act with love and the power of connected compassion, anything is possible.

I’m a recovering social justice attorney, compassionate visionary, shadow-loving mystic, and an outspoken intuitive who listens to the language of the soul. I’m here to build a world where each person’s heart can shine with authenticity.

My goal is for people to feel empowered to engage in relationships, whether personal or professional, from an authentic space of conscious decision-making, mutual understanding, and connection. My presentations are energetic, interactive, and substantive.

I am a big-picture thinker, so I’ll always be looking at the larger intersectional policy concerns. I utilize the tools, language, and research already used within these professions to reframe the discussion to promote understanding and thoughtful action. I de-mystify alternative sexualities, dispel myths and identify areas of opportunity to better understand and align services with the needs of the sex-positive community.

Sample Presentations

Below are examples of presentations I’ve given in the past and the type of discussions I enjoy leading:

  • The Polyamorous Political Agenda – facilitated conversation to assess the policy needs of the community.
  • Conflicting Styles, Complimentary Choices – establishing what our own conflict styles are and how to resolve conflict with other styles.
  • Running on Empty: Extending empathy when compassion fatigue hitsFacilitated conversation for caregivers, do-gooders, and empaths.
  • Distinguishing Abuse in BDSM – How to differentiate between happy, healthy BDSM and abuse that is disguised as BDSM.
  • Consent Conversations – Facilitated conversations about issues of consent facing communities, common myths, and reframing survivor experiences.
  • Intergalactic Influences on Love, Relationships & Sexuality  – Covers ways sci-fi and fantasy have influenced and reflected our experiences of love, romance, and friendship.
  • Trauma-Informed Leadership – Deep dive for organizational leadership and boards to assess their trauma awareness and how they can more actively prevent trauma in their programs, leadership, and community impact.

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Group Training

My base price for training starts at $250. I customize every training specific to your group’s needs, venue, and level of expertise. The fee includes a brief strategy session to learn more about your team’s needs and to address specific concerns. Almost all of my content is customized, therefore pricing is negotiable and as such will be more reflective of the specific needs of your team.

Intuitive Healing Services

Intuitive readings start at $35 for a half-hour reading via email/zoom. In-person reiki or readings are available upon request. Special pricing is available for those in helping professions. Check out my Intuitive Services page for more information.

Coaching & Consulting

  • Individual leadership, relationship, or conflict coaching $75/hr. Sliding scale available upon a completed referral by another professional and a participant interview.
  • Nonprofit consulting$100/hr (retainer required for any work that is expected to last longer than three (3) months).
  • Grant writing services$45/hr for narrative, attachment preparation, review, and revisions only with a minimum ten-hour retainer to ensure availability for deadlines.

My style & Experience

I look for areas of commonality between people, and opportunities to develop empathy and transformation through heart-centered action. My goal as an educator is to help us move beyond individual resilience to truly resolve the preventable trauma present in our communities, relationships, and our own hearts. I bring a depth of both knowledge and intuitive insight, ensuring my audiences walk away with the same.

I focus my talks on connecting to more universal ideas and experiences to recognize and heal areas where shame, guilt, and conflict are at play. I give my audiences the tools to inspire personal growth and lasting change in their lives. I’ve taught at a variety of lifestyle conferences, mentoring groups, professional associations, nonprofits, and college campuses.


“Thank you again for coming to my class to speak about BDSM and polyamory.  Students wrote reflection papers in response to your presentation and I could tell from reading those papers how much students valued your open and honest sharing of your relationships and experiences.  There are so many misconceptions around polyamory and BDSM and you countered those misconceptions and really helped the students understand how those choices play out in real life. So thank you so much!  And I will reach out to you next academic year to invite you to speak again!”

Erica H., Sociology professor

“I found Janet on Twitter many months ago and was immediately drawn to her vulnerability. As a sex educator, vulnerability is important, she is not just presenting facts as others do, but personal experiences which are relatable to me (and so many others). Because of her honest emotion, I felt comfortable enough to respond with my own questions on polyamory. I felt that she offered a safe-space to let me be vulnerable right back, something severely lacking these days. Janet offers a breath of fresh air in her writing style, it is easy to read, thought-provoking, and inspirational. It takes a brave soul to put yourself out there on the internet these days with sensitive subjects such as these; sex, love, intimacy, non-monogamy, self-love, etc.. thank you, Janet, for all your hard work in the sex-positive community. I cannot wait to hear you speak in person one day!”

Megan Ashley, Queers Next Door

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