Prevent the spread of STDs with a little personal integrity

I had a great question come to me today via Formspring and I though i should share my response:

Have you ever concealed an STD from a partner? Have you ever had a partner lie about their STD status? by TracyClarkFlory

my response:Β  I have never knowingly concealed an STD from a partner. And I do disclose the last date of my testing and any activity I’ve had where the risks have been unclear so they could make an informed decision.

I have had someone hide their STD status from me. Or at least try to. He had been booking a trip to see me when I found out by chance he had genital warts. He wouldn’t discuss it and didn’t seem interested in having a conversation with me about how I could best protect myself. Fortunately, I had enough indicators that he had issues with personal integrity that this didn’t come as a surprise to me and it made it easier to act on my gut feeling and tell him not to come see me.

I have had several partners give me full and open disclosure about their status and any potentially risky contact they’ve had with others. I can then assess my own risk and make an informed decision with the consent of my committed partners.

Integrity…there is just no substitute.

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