The beginning of our conversation

The past week has been challenging to say the least. Inspiring in some ways, truly horrifying in others.

As a parent, my sexual nature is often at odds not just with what society expects out of mothers, but with the nature of what we expect to pass along to our children. I mean many of us in this Christian nation of ours look for a Virgin Mary dressed like June Cleaver (is that reference too old for us now?). God knows the conservative, anti-feminist movement are doing their best to put forth this image that might as well be this. But it’s not just the rabid tea partyers, it’s our magazines, tv shows and media that glorify this image of the perfect mother.

I mean I think we all know there is no such thing. There is no such woman out there. We are as flawed as the next generation and instead of glorifying this image, continuing to perpetuate it in our national consciousness, maybe we should just focus on ridding ourselves of the ridiculous notions that are destined to repress, enslave and madden a new generation.

I love my family, don’t get me wrong. But I will always maintain that my family is better off with me living a full and vibrant life than they are if I’m home everyday ready with fresh cookies and milk. My family is better off seeing what happiness looks like than wondering when the mask will crack next.

So that’s why I write here. I may not write about my sexual exploits or prowess (although I might) but I do write about sexuality. Every human has it, shares it with another at some point and has an expression of pleasure and love that is uniquely their own. So I write here because for something we all share we have a lot of fucked up attitudes about it. We think it’s wrong, it’s shameful, it’s dirty. And we spend a lot of time prying into others’ sex lives because we can’t manage to examine our own.

This is nothing new to those of you who know me personally. I’ve been saying this for ages. What is new is the message here will fight against the mainstream, will challenge our notions of society and sex, sometimes with personal example, sometimes with intellectual leaps of faith.
But if there is any legacy I want to leave my kids, my culture it is simply this…

There is nothing wrong with sex.

Say that to yourself out loud. How many of you will read this in your cubicle or your living room and only mouth the words silently to yourself? Are you looking around for adverse reactions? What is so novel about this statement? If youre reading this blog, you probably agree with the statement. But my mission, my calling, my vision for the world is to make statements like this less groundbreaking and more…normal. Make it easier to say and hear these statements.

There is nothing wrong with sex.

So tell me…what have you been told that is wrong with it….and let’s start there.

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