Adventures in #BodPosFeb Days 7-8

I’m still trying to get into the habit of posting and writing more often. As it stands right now I’m getting myself ready for an early Valentine’s Day with Warrior and Blush. Because my Periscope broadcast took so long, I won’t be able to get a shower in which has my brain working overtime with some anxiety since nudity is likely and I’m wanting my body to be looking its best.

But that’s a good reason to be writing this I think. The whole point of this exercise is  to be appreciative of my body, loving and accepting of it. 

Day 7: Put a quote or a picture that makes you feel confident up on your mirror. 

i had to think long and hard about what quote really made me aware of my confidence. And maybe I could have chosen something that focused on body positivity, but what really makes me confident is standing up to challenges in my life. Facing my fears. 

And one of the biggest fears that inhibits my body love is deeming myself  deserving enough. This is the fear I have to face everyday. The fear of being seen and appreciated. The fear of being found attractive and sexy. Even if it’s what I want and need. 

So each day in 2017 I am facing the challenges of my life, the boogeymen hiding in the shadows. I do what I think I cannot. 

Day 8: Write about something you are grateful to your body for allowing you to do. 

Photo by Broken Glass Photography in Colorado Springs, CO.
Bellydance. Beyond a doubt body positivity started for me when I started belly dancing. I have been dancing in some form all my life, including ice dancing. But when I started belly dancing I started blessing myself with movement. 

There is a certain kind of magic that happens when you witness your hips sliding side to side with ease and grace. You begin to realize just how precious your body really is. Just how magnificently designed it is. 

And in that moment, you love it and bless it just a little bit more. 

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