Welcome to September! The big ol’ update post.

We always say, “I can’t believe the year has gone so fast!” and this year it’s felt exceptionally so. I found myself saying “Wasn’t the Capitol riot just two months ago? No? almost 9 months have passed. WTF?”. So if that’s any indication how the year is going, That’s it. It feels like no time has passed at all and the year has already floated by too quickly.

WHere’s My Heart Right now?

As our weather begins to cool down and wild up, I find myself in a place of unusual energetic possibility. I can feel that September is going to be a transformative month in positive ways we haven’t seen before. But it will also be a wild month, full of unpredictable twists and turns. I can feel it deep in my bones.

So right now I’m being very intentional with grounding into that magical earth energy of Virgo. Tidying up my home, blessing it with good hopes for the future. Buckling down and writing on a schedule, integrating better routines and rhythms into my life. But it’s also about reaching for those comforts of autumn I love so much – the changing colors of aspens here in Colorado, apple cider, chilly evenings out on the porch or on a stroll through the park. This is a time to get cozy again adding more layers to my clothes and my perceptions.

What I see overall for us this month

None of this has been unusual for this pandemic hard reset. We’re re-examining everything, so many opening themselves to exploring their inner landscape in ways that weren’t available before. So many of us waking up to the idea that we’re all far more connected and interdependent than we want to admit.

And guess what? That’s not a bad thing at all!! Research supports that groups benefit from healthy levels of interdependence – the idea that what happens to one, happens to all. And that idea directly threatens the authority that patriarchy needs to survive. If it can keep us from connecting to our shared humanity, from feeling our empathy for each other, then they can divide, conquer and win. When they convince us that compliance with their strict model of perfection equals safety they are also able to convince us that those who suffer have earned it – for the great scheme of not complying with the master regime of control.

Part of the evil of patriarchy is that it separates us from trusting in this one solid truth: WE ARE ONE. By keeping us separate, paranoid, controlled, isolated (the same tactics of abuse by the way) they prevent us from finding each other – connecting to our possibilities. We become so distracted by the presumed expectations of some cruel higher power that we abandon our responsibility to each other – to feel one another’s pain, to recognize the ways we inflict our pain on others. And almost all intentional trauma can be traced back to the core arrogances of white supremacy, patriarchy, and all their other forsaken identities.

Retro colored photo of a waterfall with the words "September affirmation" at the top in white lettering. Center of photo has a teal diamond and the words "I invite the power of gratitude to wash over me" in white brush lettering. Bottom reads "Temple of the Rose Gold Heart" at the bottom in white text.

The Lion’s Gate portal energy gave us the umph we needed to push past the ties that were holding us down. We are breaking free, each of us at our own pace, in our own way. September is the first taste of promised liberation. And once we get that taste, those forces will try to swoop in to ruin it – the self-critical voices in our heads, the judgmental family members, the disapproving co-workers, the nosey neighbors – we know the type.

But do not be dissuaded. Our moment has arrived. Our harvest is more bountiful than we can imagine. We are not bound to their reality any longer. Resist their messages of fear and temptations to stay small. We will overcome the opinions of others in order to assert our own authority over our lives again.

And because we start the month deep in retrograde season (5 planets AND Chiron?!) it will be soooo tempting to succumb to old patterns of shame. It’s okay to look back, but don’t get swept up in the mists of all this retrograde energy and lose the balance of all we’ve achieved so far together.

This is a great time to burrow into that warm Virgo energy of home and hearth. Investing in some home projects, cleaning out old growth from your garden to pull the last shoots of fall growth to the surface. Practice an air of gratitude as you go about your weekly chores. When we thank ourselves for blessing our home, nourishing our bodies, connecting our gratitude to what we experience in our material reality, we connect with the heartbeat of humanity. When we observe the world with our mind’s eye, detached from the emotional sway of old societal expectations we are better informed to integrate the lessons this year has taught us and align our intentions with the good we want to create.

Affirmation for the month: I invite the power of gratitude to wash over me

Temple of the Rose Gold Heart

Project updates

Instead of “Link in Bio” (still under construction) try this one instead: Schedule a reading
  • NovelThis month I have written an impressive amount – 19,000 words toward this book. This includes writing two chapters and outlining 25 others. I’ve been avoiding the outline for a while, but I’m so happy with where it is. Sadly, I won’t be sharing the full outline here (maybe after I publish?!), but I can tell you that the story has a moving and magical plot and characters. I’ll be posting updates every Friday for the “Behind the Blue Door” and up tiers on Patreon. Pssst….a full Chapter 3 is coming very soon!!
  • New Date for Trauma-Informed Care Training I also decided to shift the date of my next Trauma-informed care class to the date of my dad’s birthday, October 14. I might be sabotaging myself emotionally here, but it means a lot for me to share a story of resilience and recovery on the date my dad would have turned 91. I am so grateful for the time I had with him and I know he would have signed in for this session to see the fruition of all he taught me 😍
    • Please join me on 10/14 at 10 am Mtn for this great session. Tickets are only $15 (Patrons will receive their own discount code!). Sign up on Eventbrite.
  • Specials on Readings – Ever wanted to have a Messages of Divine Love reading done for your own life? This is a great chance to try this out for yourself! I’m offering discounts on all 30 & 60-min readings! Roughly 30% off means you get the 30 minutes for $35 and the 60 min for $50. AND…I finally added this as a service on my professional website!
  • SharpSweetBella Blog – This blog has a new look and feel and hopefully a lot less clutter. Try as I might, I can never seem to get all of my words into neat little 1000 word boxes. As evidenced in my posts this month’s blog posts, I can get wordy! both of these are over 3000 words long! Get caught up with “Embracing my Shadow Self: Falling in Love Again” and today’s post “LaRosa’s Letters: There’s Something Attached“.
Click this link to sign up for this class!

Tomorrow I’m taking off for the mountains to write, explore and meditate. It’s a way for me to be kind to myself after the tumultuous year I’ve had, that we’ve all had. Soaking it up while I can this month.

I hope you all are able to take some time to reconnect with your earthly selves this month. We’ve earned it!

I am with you always in love πŸ’–

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