Messages of Divine Love: Week of November 1

Thank you all for the lovely feedback this week about these posts. I do really enjoy doing them – and offering them for free just makes me happier than hiding all of this behind a paywall. My Patreon will come back someday, but I think it will be to support my writing, the world-building that I’m doing. And for those who are curious, you can absolutely purchase your own reading with me – It’s far more personalized than these big picture messages we’re getting here.

The past week brought us some disappointments and gentle wake-up calls about our path. Last week we were asked to evaluate who we’re trying so hard to impress. And we got a gentle nudge if we’re trying to please someone other than ourselves. But instead of wallowing in disappointment and depression, crying over spilled milk, so to speak, we saw hints at the underlying meaning. Why the dots didn’t connect the way we expected them to.

And because it’s Dia de Los Muertos, I think it’s important that we don’t shy away from the discomfort inherent in truth. The truths that have been illuminated – about who we are and the legacies we carry in our bones – will guide us to a better future together. I’ll talk about this more in a separate post I’m making later today (“Lessons from my ofrendas”), but in general, we’re seeing more of the deeper patterns of humanity revealing themselves. Patterns of lack, patterns of control, patterns of assimilation and conquest. We are recognizing our own heritage – the trauma that was inflicted on our families and the trauma that we’ve endured. None of us are immune to these truths — the question is what will we do with this knowledge?

We are told: you can always make a different choice. Some of our ancestors made these choices out of survival, out of spite, out of misguided, biased faith or science. How many even today act out of a protectively primitive fear of lack? Regardless of their reasons, we have so many tools available to us, that we can now choose what was not available for them before. We can and should make the world better with the information and wisdom available to us today.

This is the last week I’ll be using the Santa Muerte tarot deck. A beautiful deck for this time of year, but it’s also been carrying a disproportionate weight for these messages of love. It needs a break – and it’s asking us specifically to give our own ancestors a bit of a break this week as well. Once we wind up our Samhain, All Hallows, All Saints, All Soul’s and Dia de Los Muertos celebrations, need to let our ancestors rest for a bit. We have gotten as much out of this form of inquiry as we needed this year. It is okay to let us & them have a bit of a restorative nap.

See more below…

Where we are this week


Our minds are very much on the divine balance of justice. Maybe some of us discovered that our ancestors were slave-owners or that they were victimized in a war. Our minds are reaching out to not just discover the truth about our legacies, but to actively heal the wounds that have been inflicted by our families and to our families. None of us are really immune to feeling the gravity of Justice hanging in the air. It is time to make things right – even a little bit – so we don’t repeat the injustices of the past. This is a time of reconciling what we thought we knew about our legacies with the realities that have been illuminated for us.

The Justice card reminds us that balance must be restored.
Reconciling the role of our legacy

Messages from our Guides


Our guides often ask us to lean into discomfort – here, the discomfort of judgment. We can take what we’ve learned from our ancestors and elders, find the wisdom that they need to share about the traumas of lack, separation, violence, and rejection, and transform those experiences into actionable change for the world around us. The goal isn’t to get even, the goal is to elevate all of us out of the muck so we can create a higher level of consciousness together. How can we ascend if we bypass the icky stuff thinking it will just fall away on its own? If anything, our guides are reminding us to recognize where our ancestors did the same – and what did it get us? More injustice, more separation, more lack. Maybe it’s time to take a risk and do something bold like….examine our own privilege. Likewise, our guides remind us that this isn’t about judging our ancestors for the world they lived in, but rather making sure our actions aren’t creating the exact same thing world. This is a time for some critical self-awareness and opening up feedback to learn how to “do better”.

Judgment reminds us that while we should not judge our ancestors too harshly, it doesn’t alleviate our responsibility to fix the world they left us.
Take what we’ve learned so we do better.

Messages from Gaia

King of Pentacles

Our guides often ask us to lean into discomfort – here, It is no surprise that each week we have Gaia inviting us to a more balanced and harmonious relationship with her. It has been out of balance for so long that we’ve forgotten that not only are we stewards of nature, but we are a part of it. We are asked to remember to live in symbiosis with Gaia – to give as much as we take. To nurture just as much as we consume. Allowing ourselves to fold into the loving heart of Lady Gaia shows us a path of leadership that has long been forgotten. The easiest way to overcome patriarchy is to give in to the wild abundance of nature and recognize our shared responsibility to form a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with the earth.

The King of Pentacles invites us to a reciprocal and productive relationship with Mother Earth/Gaia. Be at one with nature and she will reward us with her bounty.
Remember we are a part of nature.

Messages from our Ancestors

Four of Swords

In a very literal way, our ancestors are asking us to give it a rest. We’ve been putting a lot of pressure on these ancestral lessons, digging through the bones of our past, opening up emotional coffins to find the truth. And while all of this has been for a purpose, the lessons won’t fully integrate if all we do is navel-gaze at those stories. No, we need some rest and restoration to let it all fully unravel, revealing the hidden wisdom they hold for us. Likewise, many of us have been calling out to our ancients and elders and while they love partying with us, joining us on the journey, they’re also asking for some rest. They have their own work to do and they need to recharge so they have the strength to help us on the path. By Friday of this week, we need to allow our ancestors and loved ones to return to the other side of the veil – it will do all of us a world of good.

The Four of Swords reminds us that we cannot integrate the true lessons if we’re constantly working at them. Sometimes we need to let go and rest, allowing the lessons to seep into our bones and manifest in our dreams and awareness.
We all need some restorative rest.

Messages from our Future Selves

Page of Wands (R)

The Page of Wands is normally our one-stop shop for motivation and “true believer”, “number one fan” energy. Here it’s sort of a disinterested cheerleader who is like, “yeah, I guess that was an okay play. Is it over yet?” If we’re expending a lot of energy toward a goal and our future selves aren’t cheering their heads off, likely that means we’re headed in the wrong direction. There are no A’s for effort here – our future selves have a very clear idea of where we should be headed and their lackluster response is a sign to recalibrate our compass and point it to true north. Our future lights up when we align with our highest selves.

The Page of Wands is like a lack-luster cheerleader who can barely sum up any energy to cheer us on. This often translates to “Nice try…but wrong direction”.
Nice try *shrug*

Message from Mother Mary

Queen of Swords

Mother Mary here is calling us to put our big, beautiful brains to good use and cut through the noise and static of the world to see and plan the path more clearly. Earlier today I misspoke and identified Capricorn manager energy, falsely correlating this card with that earth sign. But I’m also going to lean into that mistake a little – because even though the swords align with Air signs (like Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini), I see this as the nexus between the industrious Capricorn’s penchant for organization and precision with the creative problem solving and vision of Aquarius. If we can depersonalize the noise a bit, we can find a better way to the alignment our future selves crave.

The Queen of Swords is an intellectual badass. Channel the energy we’ve been pouring into the past to cut past the lies and static of the present.
Cut through the bullsh*t

Final advice:

The veil is thin and we’ve been asking a lot of our loved ones who have passed to the other side. This is the last week of deep inquiry about the past and we’re being asked to pivot into the future. We’re a little off course, but we have the opportunity to apply corrective action, informed by the rich wisdom we’ve gained, to set ourselves in the right direction. Allow each other this time of rest and replenish the energy that has been expended this month. Rest and live to fight another day.


In this blessed time where the veil between worlds is parted, we praise our ancestors for the wisdom they’ve shared, for the patterns they’ve lovingly illuminated for us. May we honor this gift of vulnerability and awareness by applying it to our own lives and choices for the collective healing of our world.

I am with you always in love πŸ’–

So may it be.

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