Messages of Divine Love (2/14/22): The barriers of injustice will break

Messages of Divine Love – a weekly reading to help us align with our highest selves

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate! For me, Valentine’s day is when we can celebrate love in all its forms, not just the romantic, monogamously committed forms of love. This is a day that I celebrate all the ways we can give and receive love whether it be with our galentine’s day co-workers or the folks who lovingly support us along their journey. It doesn’t matter the title or role that someone has in our lives, I celebrate them all.

I believe love is the universal language. Kindness, generosity, faith all pour forth from a place of love. They are all replenished by love – either the love others have for ourselves or even the love that we have found for ourselves. And each time we show our love out loud, through our actions and good words in the world, we replenish someone else’s supply, making the world a little better each time.

However, injustice can destroy the supply of love that we can pass back and forth to each other. When we see societal injustice, we trust the world a little less. We become less willing to offer the loving kindness we receive – will it just get sucked into a vat of broken promises and ignorant paranoia? Or will it be honored for its raw integrity or will it be used and discarded like a battery?

This is why I believe accountability is an act of love. I don’t necessarily mean punishment, but a recognition and atonement for the harms that we have caused others. When our friends call us out for ableist language or we find out a favorite phrase is offensive to a group of people, this is the first step toward healing injustice that we often unknowingly perpetuate. How we act with that new information says more about how much we value the beliefs we say we want yet aren’t quite ready to let go of our illusions of goodness to see how we impact others.

And what we call “cancel culture” is really just the dam of untendered consequences for pent-up injustice that is overfull – it’s about to give way. Cancel culture, aka, accountability, comes for us all sooner or later. It’s time to admit what isn’t working and work together to find a better way to live and love each other.

Which is the message of this week, ultimately. The coping mechanisms of denial and cyclical harms are not working. Something is going to break and come loose, and because we didn’t address it when we had a chance, it now has the power to overwhelm us. But if we don’t forget the light we’ve been given, we don’t have to let it drown us.

This week’s deck is the Zodiac Tarot, a newer-to-me deck, the card still slick from underuse. It was almost eery how well these cards align with the energy I feel. Shifts are coming, brace for impact.

See more below…

Where we are this week

Prince of Stone

The knight of earth, which this card represents, is the reliable friend we count on to be there. They’re the ones walking us home from the bar at night, loaning is $20 for cab fare, backing us up when we’re pressured to back down. They’ve got our backs. And when life feels uncertain we reach for those “rocks” in our lives. But one thing to be aware of is just because they’re “reliable” doesn’t mean they can sustain that forever. What are we doing to be the person who can reliably be there for them? Do we ever offer the kind of support we need?

Background of standing stones on a field of green with purple skies and mountains in back. 

Card in center shows a grey stone amid a background of white clouds.
We’ve been relying on others to get us through this pandemic. How are we repaying that kindness by being reliable for others?
Reaching for something reliable.

Messages from our Guides

Two of Stones (R)

Too many of us are finding ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. None of the options have seemed appealing or compelling enough to motivate us to move forward.  but just like the guard in the card is blocking one way out, we have no choice but to move forward, bearing the consequences for our actions. Sometimes the choice is made for us by circumstances, time or even divine intervention. But remember where one path is blocked, another one opens up…and sometimes the most loving thing the universe can do is tell us “no” when our indecision is fueled more by our fear than our highest selves.

Background of standing stones on a field of green with purple skies and mountains in back. 

Card in center shows an upside-down illustration of a prisoner being put into his cell and a guard standing in the doorway.
When we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, sometimes the universe has to just make the decision – close a path- to get us to move forward.
The only way out is through.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Five of Waves

On a very visceral level, we have been overwhelmed with so much chaos going on decades now, we’re starting to see the limitations of our coping mechanisms. Our systems are breaking down, our illusions are cracking and showing their age, our emotions are threatening to flood the well-oiled machinery at work. And guess what Lady Gaia says to all that? “About damn time.” The pressure is building and if we’re not more intentional the seams just might burst on us at the wrong moment.

Background of standing stones on a field of green with purple skies and mountains in back. 

Card in center shows an illustration of a seaman from the 1940's in an engine room wiht water rushing in.
Our coping mechanisms are under so much stress – both with us as humans, and with the earth with climate change, that something is going to burst soon.
Overwhelmed with crisis.

Messages from our Ancestors

The Moon (R)

As much as I hate to admit it, COVID has brought out the worst in our world – the selfishness and greed, the duality and intractability, the willingness to believe the unbelievable in order to avoid facing the demons that lie within. Here, the ancestor warn us against believing so much in the illusions of our pre-existing viewpoint that we ignore the real existential threats that exist in our world. They beg us not to make the same mistakes they did – to not cover up our empathy or ignore our interconnectedness. When we ignore suffering, we communicate that we’re okay with it. What do our beliefs, biases, and patterns tell the universe about who we really are and how really we are for “ascending” beyond the illusions humanity has burrowed itself into to avoid meaningful change? 

Our world has had difficulty separating fact from opinion, advice from disinformation. How much is our confirmation bias at play?
Illusions won’t heal our patterns.

Messages from our Future Selves

SEven of Waves

There are a lot of options open to us, no matter what we choose to manifest it can and will come true. The question is – what are we choosing to manifest with our dreams. Are we dreaming of lifting each other up? Or on weaponizing our success to keep “competitors” down? Are we just adding weapons of mass distraction to our arsenal, our stockpile of capitalist trophies, and patriarchal weaponry? Or are we daring to envision a different world? Are we ready to make that choice for humanity?

The sky is the limit when it comes to our dreams? So why do so many of those dreams revolve around weaponizing our success to hurt others?
Weaponized dreams of mass distraction

Message from Mother Mary

Princess of Torches

Mother Mary reminds us to look at the initial spark of what set us on this path, the burning, yearning heart of justice and awakening that brought us here. Trust in the light of inspiration, but also use it to illuminate the dark spaces of our lives to help us discern universal fact from internal fiction. Let the light of reason and the fire of passion drive us toward better choices so we don’t turn into “scorched earth”. We can make a better world, but we have to let go of the messages that tell us to dim our innocent optimism. Instead, hold tight to it. It is the way we all can find our wholeness and ensure equality – no one light is more important than the next, but each light matters and burns its own unique light.

Carry forth the innocence of our fire to light the way to a better world.
Remember what makes us come alive

Final advice:

Two of Clouds (R)

It has been decided.

Queen of Torches (R)

Emotional overwhelm threatens our spirit.

Here for the Emperor, a card about personal authority is stylized in a way that speaks to archetypes of the Warrior, Both of the twos in the spread this week tell us that the universe had to act and make some decisions for us – decisions that could sway the wrong people, work against our immediate interests or could deliver justice in ways we can not yet see happening under the surface. The burden of proof has shifted back to us – if we don’t like what the universe is delivering, how are we going to make more aligned choices, give our dreams more intentional energy the next time?

I see two possibilities here – the Queen of wands normally is able to work with illuminating and channeling the force of our emotions, is now being threatened to be drowned by them. But as a Sagittarius with an Aries rising, I can also see this as a watery, emotionally fueled revenge stampede by a Queen with nothing left to lose. We have lost so much, which is contributing to our overwhelm. Do not let our light be drowned in our sorrows, but likewise, don’t bring the same to others. It’s very important we check these two counterbalances this week.


In uncertainty we reach for our faith, the people and beliefs that comfort and guide us, anchoring us in the familiar and reliable love we have cultivated in our lives. May we find ways to bring that certainty to others. May we each find grace and acceptance in letting go of ways of coping that were keeping us apart. May we find people to reach toward in the darkness of misdirection and may we serve as a light for others who need to know they are not alone in the overwhelm.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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