Messages of Divine Love (6/13/22): Welcome back the Divine Masculine

Weekly Messages of Divine Love: a big picture overview for the collective with messages from our guides, Mother Earth, our ancestors, our future selves, and Mother Mary.

Every now and then I question whether I’m being “too hard” on Patriarchy in my interpretations and my narratives, especially under the heading of Divine Love. But every time I try to take a step back to look at it all I see are the inherent imbalances of patriarchy’s model of supremacy. Patriarchy knows it is unequal in its application of accountability – allowing capitalism excess to accumulate, sponsoring white supremacist rallies with dark money, while implementing coercive control to keep us from being able to see it. Keep us locked in enough trauma, hardship, and fighting for literal survival, the less we can guard against its pernicious tactics.

My view of Divine Love is expansive and free, beautiful and harmonizing. It isn’t just masculine and feminine, but all the delicate bounty of expressions in between and all around. One individual expression of femininity is no more or less valuable than another. What a beautiful gift to be able to recognize and understand ourselves as another expression of light within this sacred spectrum of humanity’s next breath, a rainbow of humanity that defies patriarchy’s definitions of gender.

Every time I see an anti-trans terf shouting to the stars about “real women” and other such nonsense, all I see are them wrapping themselves in distinctions that patriarchy gave us to once justify its version of supremacy over women. And yet, as more and more are identifying as trans and non-binary, who truly benefits from these distinctions of gender? A certain brand of feminists will say that we need these distinctions to right the historic wrongs against women. They will argue that “men pretending to be women” dilutes the power of women’s liberation.

I just don’t believe that. I believe that trans women are women in ways I may never be able to personally relate to, just as a childless woman can’t relate to the love/hate relationship I have with motherhood. None of us are alike – if we were, we’d all have the same period symptoms, cycle length, and start dates. An infinite variety of humanity exists in every moment of our lives especially as we age, as we mature, as we grow, and are influenced by culture, environment, and experience. We outgrow who we once were. The woman I was when I started this blog looks and acts a lot different than the one who is writing today – for one, she had a uterus and I do not. She had a school-aged kid, I am the parent of adult kids. And just like my expression of motherhood will change as my kids grow, wouldn’t it stand to reason that my experience of gender would likewise outgrow old definitions?

But the difference is that instead of believing that only one group deserves the liberation of that growth or that my liberation must come at the cost of someone else’s, I believe that my freedom is dependent upon and indeed, incomplete until, the liberation of all others. And yet for how long has humanity suffered under that first masterful lie from patriarchy’s sniveling, scared lips: women are weaker than men, which is why men deserve to rule over all of them. That conclusion created a scapegoat for life’s struggles: women’s weakness.

And yet we have millennia of examples of women’s true power and strength. Does it look the same as our masculine examples? Of course not, why should it? We’ve been fooled into believing that the only way for us to be unified is if we are all the same. If we all vote blue or red, if we all learn the same things in school, if we all produce a certain amount of wealth, if we all have the same #relationshipgoals, then maybe, just maybe we’ll be allowed to belong.

But to participate in this beautiful spectrum of our humanity is to admit that we each exist at the intersections of our integrated identities, qualities that are more than just our background or DNA. None of us truly belong, because none of us are truly the same, and yet all of us are interconnected to others through the things that we share in our overlapping and intersecting lives. Think about it…we live in multiple dimensions through the memories we’ve shared with others, the people we’ve loved, and the groups we impact with our ideas, the individuals who feel the reverberations of our words and actions. We are infinitely connected through time and space by our shared humanity – so why do we keep insisting on dividing ourselves between two very narrow definitions of male and female? Who does it actually serve?

Time and again, I’m brought back to the same conclusion: Patriarchy. That force that loves to divide, distinguish, separate, and conquer with its exceedingly snide opinions. It gives us excuses to punish those who step outside the expected norms, like weaponizing a certain breed of feminist against other women who dare to define themselves by their own experience – reinforcing these divides only makes us burrow deeper into the trenches of our mere survival.

Let me note here that while I may distinguish between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, I see them as just two of the different polarities that keep humanity pulled together. And like the north and south poles offer two extremes of climate, very few inhabit those extremes, whereas most of us live in scattered points in the sphere in between. And we each inhabit a space that is ours alone – we don’t have to perform any one gender definition to be a valuable and deserving person.

Whether someone carries certain biological characteristics matters less when we recognize that we each carry the whole imprint of that balance and thus wherever we exist in creating that balance, the better. For example, according to the Gender Coordinates Test that I’ve taken multiple times (and gotten different results during different parts of my life) I’m “48.33% masculine, 88.75% feminine” which places me at the edge of the feminine quadrant, which is exactly where I naturally gravitate toward. It gives me a perspective that few others will have, but not any less necessary than those who live at other points along that grid.

The Divine Masculine isn’t about “alpha males”, bodybuilder stereotypes, pick-up artists, or other types of hyper-masculine cis men. It’s about how the divinely masculine qualities manifest in the world through each of us, yep, even if we weren’t born with a dick. Because Divine Love is about a balance. A Masculine that can share power, a Feminine who isn’t inhibited from wielding their own power. When we’re allowed to exist as we are – we don’t need to be more girly, we don’t need to dim to fit in with the guys – because Divine Love is about letting us all shine together. We need both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine together to accomplish this.

I find it notable that these themes emerged after using a deck that I haven’t used in years, the Legend: Arthurian Tarot. Stories of the priestesses of Avalon first introduced me to a non-Catholic version of the goddess, giving me my first spark of interest in this topic. Fitting that it delivers a message asking us to welcome the divine masculine flame into our hearts.

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Where we are this week

Seven of Swords

I sense a lot of us are feeling pressure to perform right now. Maybe we’ve felt critics at our heels, picking apart everything we say and do, especially online. But in reality, all they’re doing is draining our power so we aren’t strong enough, committed enough, or resilient enough to walk the path we know that’s meant for us. Back when I was a kid, after my calling, the more often there were forces like this that interfere, the more I knew I was on the right path. This week we’re facing those big questions of whether or not we should persevere – the more resistance you receive from those who haven’t taken the hard steps we have, the more we know to stay true to our path.

Don’t let stubbornness distract us from our destinies.

Messages from our Guides

Nine of Spears (R)

Are there times we are calling ourselves into action over minor disputes or for petty fights? How much of our time do we give away to anger that has no purpose, to the hopelessness that gives no relief? Are we beating the drums more out of our own stubbornness, than out of any actual threat? Take a step back and really understand who your enemy actually is and more importantly who it isn’t. Choose to fight the battles that actually matter and that will truly deliver progress instead of stagnation. Not every battle deserves your spear and shield.

Discernment is not defeat.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Seven of Cups (R)

Indecision seems to be a feature of our lives lately. We have so many options. Too many causes that need our help. Too many possibilities for our future. We seem stuck in this state of both having and wanting so much. We might talk a good game as if we’ve already mastered our demons. But in reality, we’ve been hiding out in the margins of the choices, stuck forever in making pros/cons. When in fact, the right decision will reveal itself once we choose to take just one action, any action. Because if we start moving toward the “wrong choice”, if we connect with that feeling, we’ll know whether it fits or not. Even the wrong action can lead to the right path.

Do just one thing.

Messages from our Ancestors

Seven of Spears

“Yes, we know it’s tedious, week after week,” the ancestors tell us. But we can’t give up just because progress isn’t happening at the speed and rate that we want it to. Particularly in our quest for healing, we need to continue showing up and putting in the work of our emotional honesty. We soon will see that we were the heroes the world needed after all. But none of that will happen if we give up at the first sign of failure. This card asks us to show what we truly believe.

Keep putting in the work.

Messages from our Future Selves

Ace of cups

We have so much love to give and such a rich capacity to receive as well. We’ve been closed off for so long, but take heart because this card shows us that soon we’ll be overflowing with opportunities to share ourselves with the world. We’ll have heart and soul enough to spare. The love we’re waiting for will show up as a blessed opportunity that adds to our growth, not stall it out. Have faith that this will come into our lives.

Overflowing with love.

Message from Mother Mary

Ten of cups

This is the happy family card in other decks but here it takes on a more legendary and lasting quality. A castle said to house the Holy Grail, this is a symbol of sacred knowledge and ancient secrets, housed in a mystical temple. For me this speaks directly about the Tower posts that I’ve made before: how can we inhabit the tower we want to create where love comes to us easily (Future Selves) if we don’t find ourselves worthy of that future? To enter the sacred temple, we have to believe ourselves worthy of witnessing and holding the treasures within.

We must find ourselves worthy.

Extra Card

King of Spears

We each have elements of the masculine and feminine within us operating at all times. And so with the rise of the divine feminine, it only makes sense that the divine masculine would also find rise. Every day we see examples of toxic masculinity – the kind that has to win at all costs, the kind that has to exert force to feel the power, the kind that reacts violently to every insulting truth and lashes out at accountability. However, the sacred masculine knows that competition doesn’t have to create enemies. It knows how to share power and how to stand within our truth and still grow. This card reminds us to align with a sacred masculine that is trustworthy, passionate and rules with wisdom as strength, and leads with a fire of purpose.

Connect with the sacred masculine within.

Undercurrents & Final advice

Lovers (r)

Love will shift and change.

The Emperor

Welcome back party for the Divine Masculine.

After twenty years of marriage, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that we choose to be together. I choose to make a life with this person. I choose to open my heart. But too often we feel ensnared in old parts of ourselves. Sometimes relationships that refuse to grow and change with us are destined to be left behind. And because of this, we’ll see an undercurrent of relationships breaking apart – allow them. If we aren’t encouraged to grow where we are, we can choose to devote ourselves to spaces that help us become who we were really meant to be. Only by setting ourselves free of the expectations and demands a younger, hornier, more idealistic version of ourselves agreed to, we will never truly experience our fulfillment. Allow these relationships to go with love and care – for all of us are moving toward those opportunities that will truly fulfill us for the journey to come.

Think about the themes that came up at the beginning of the reading – about how we’re reacting to critics, giving our power to the wrong fights. These are the lessons we need to learn and correct if we are to allow room for the divine masculine to finally come through. The imbalances of patriarchy cannot stand, but nor can we shift the pendulum permanently to the other side. We must achieve balance. The Divine Masculine rules with wisdom and with discernment, qualities that live in all of us no matter our gender. These are the qualities we need to reward with our time, attention, and clicks.


As we let go of the petty arguments of the past, the false separations of our nature, we make room for equality to take its place. May we find the discerning, wise rulers within ourselves so that we may show up as this kind of leader for others. May our hearts be open with grace and strength to welcome those who are shaking loose of patriarchy’s yoke. May we make ourselves ready for the rise of Divine Love.

I am with you always in love πŸ’–

So may it be.

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