Messages of Divine Love (6/27/22): It all comes down

Weekly Messages of Divine Love: a big picture overview for the collective with messages from our guides, Mother Earth, our ancestors, our future selves, and Mother Mary.

Good thing we already had a week where we focused on the Divine Masculine, because after the week we’ve had with Roe v. Wade I’m not sure many of us would be in the mood to commemorate that influence. It was almost as if the universe was reminding us, “the divine masculine shares power, not wields it over your body” early so that we’d have a better frame to view this week’s disaster through.

None of it was unforetold. Either by abortion activists who saw this coming when Trump won, but also by our own guides who are pointing to the collapse of several systems since the start of the pandemic. We have every right to be angry about the loss of reproductive choice, but we also need to remember that this isn’t the only battle that patriarchy is bringing in this last gasp of power. It will try to take all of us down with it – because if patriarchy can’t control us, there is no reason for it to exist.

Yes, patriarchy is going through its own existential crisis right now. It is fighting for relevance in a world that has outgrown its lies. It’s fighting for attention in a world that has already exposed its tactics. It is fighting for obedience in a world too aware of its choices. And so, in its last gasp, it’s going to unleash its full wrath, the last of its reserve weaponry, the most sophisticated and dangerous of its tactics. It’s in emergency mode and it will try to bleed us dry of the rights and freedoms it has allowed us to have. And yet, we’re recognizing that the authority they’re trying to wield is false, sinister, and transparently desperate. It’s becoming easier to resist, easier to distinguish its lies from our conscience.

Last week I wrote about enlightenment and miracles on the horizon. So it’s hard to reconcile where we are this week in our post-Roe depression. But I think what I said still stands:

“Enlightenment often shows itself when we are ready to reframe our experiences away from the narratives of suffering and loss, to find the kernels of wisdom and transformation that lay within. It doesn’t mean that we bypass the hard emotions, the intense injustices, or bewildering hopelessness. It means we sit with it, we witness it, we learn from it, we accept it, and choose to align ourselves so these experiences aren’t the source of harm to others.”

Janet Rose, Messages of Divine Love (6/20/22)

As someone put it this week we got to see how conservative Christians have “manifested” the reality that they so short-sightedly want (hey, you don’t come here for me to just be neutral, right?). We are rightfully looking to what went wrong – how did a focal point of minority Christian thinking seep its way into the Supreme Court and state legislative agendas?

We didn’t listen to folks with lived experience. Sure, some of us did, to some extent or another, otherwise we wouldn’t care about these issues. And while others of us have lived this in and out ourselves, we were reticent to share our stories, to make our voices heard. Well, now is the time. because the only way this gets turned around is if we let go of the pretense of niceness and acceptability and we get loud with our lived experience – creating a tidal wave of change that can finally dismantle patriarchy to the ground.

For when patriarchy requires our silence, our acquiescence, our conformity, they are trying to protect a fragile and corruptive structure. The world we are creating will no longer survive confined to neat little boxes of obedience that we’ve been taught to live in. No, we all are here, in this time and space to break out of the boxes, the cages, the bonds of patriarchy and create a wild new world of human ingenuity and divine balance.

Whenever I need a reality check, a sharp-tongued commentary on my life and where it is headed, I go to the Fantastical Tarot deck. One of my oldest decks, it delivers brutal, radical honesty with exacting precision. Which, given the irrationality of the court last week, we might need that no-nonsense clarity to put our feelings into words and action this week.

See more below…

Where we are this week

The Devil

Look, none of us like getting the Devil card, in part because it really should just be a mirror card. It shows us where we’re giving in to temptation, including the temptation of blaming others for our own failings. The ever-popular “the devil made me do it” excuse is exposed for all to see this week. We are being shown what happens when we put the Devil in charge – when we abdicate responsibility for caring for each other to the lies, blame, and hypocrisies of patriarchy. Yes, a minority took away Roe v. Wade, but we need to recognize the Devil within – the ones that tell us to give up hope, to take the easy way out, to acquiesce, and “stay neutral” in the face of an overwhelming tidal wave of harm coming to communities that we long abandoned. Too often, we’ve chosen the path of what is easy, instead of the path of what is right for the most amount of people in the most meaningful of ways. Where is this energy showing up in our lives? What patterns are we being tempted to repeat?

The choice between what is right vs. what is easy.

Messages from our Guides

Seven of Swords

Last week we were advised to rest, retreat, renew – this was purposeful. How else would we be able to deal with the kind of betrayals we feel as we start this week? We have a right to feel betrayed by honored systems too corrupt with the presumed complacency of their importance for them to follow even their own rules. If it feels like this was a stealth strategy it was (except to the advocates who have been ringing the alarm for years now). It feels like someone was negligent in guarding against this, that too is correct. There’s no getting around it, Roe v. Wade couldn’t have been overturned but by the successful deceit of bad faith actors, the complacency of good people too mesmerized by reelection to mount a serious defense, and the shrewd manipulation by patriarchy’s sworn puppets. Take this as the revelation and expose that it is and learn the hard lesson about vigilance so it doesn’t get worse.

Vigilance in the face of villiany.

Messages from Lady Gaia

The Star

Mother Earth shines a light of hope on us. We cannot return to the natural rhythm of synergy with her until we tear down the false structures that have been keeping our wildness caged. And just like the star comes after the Tower to light the way to a new tomorrow, the guiding star of rebuilding from the rubble, so too does mother earth offer us hope in her loving embrace. In her breezes, in her blessings of farmers’ markers bounty. Her blessings are all around. when we choose to engage with the sensation of life, we might just find both the comfort and guidance we need to rebuild after this furious leveling of rights.

Hope is always available.

Messages from our Ancestors

Ten of Pentacles (r)

Ten of Pentacles is normally a joyous card about our legacy, what we’re building, and how we’ll be remembered. But here, we’re building someone else’s legacy by repeating the same patterns of those who came before us. Going back to a world where someone can be prosecuted for being gay? Seriously? Our ancestors are all too familiar with that world. They wanted us to know their wounds so that we don’t have to go back to that world. Now is the time to make bold new choices so we don’t have to repeat the same patterns that came before us, that keep us locked in patriarchy’s stress-filled stupor, just hopping from one survival trainwreck to another. The more we wake up and heal ourselves of the wounds created when our ancestors had to give themselves to patriarchy’s dehumanizing agenda, the stronger we will become to resist the repeating patterns and finally make a change for humanity and ourselves!

All of this has happened before, so it doesn’t ever have to happen again.

Messages from our Future Selves

Six of Pentacles (R)

I struggled with the meaning of this card here. Normally, our future selves either offer strict warnings or dreamy futures. Here it’s a feeling of wasted effort. Of a lot of one-sided promises and perpetually delayed gratification. Beware of institutions that make promises that they never intend to keep. Beware of leaders who require more effort out of us than they will ever give to us. Beware those who impose one-sided guarantees or one-sided restrictions. Stop accepting the bare minimum from our leaders and from our loved ones. However, not every inequity is worth the fight. Sometimes, just the knowledge that it is unequal is enough to give us a chance to walk away peacefully from opportunities that aren’t worth our effort. But regardless, now is the time to step it up or step it out – just make sure we’re fighting the right battles.

One-sided nonsense.

Message from Mother Mary

Magician (R)

It’s rare for Mary to talk through reversals, but this week Mary is urging us to be careful with our magic. It’s tempting to use our tender, new magical abilities, education, and training to work. But as we saw with the 2020 election, too many “lightworkers” were lured to the dark side by QAnon and its slimy, sinewy influence. They lent their energy directly to this outcome. Many of them didn’t even know that their channeled energy would be used this way – but just like back then I saw a large black and red entity growing on the grids that all the lightworkers were dutifully contributing to, now, I see too many new witchy types who are getting lured into creating the exact same structures that benefit patriarchy. Hexes that seek to control, not dismantle. Spells that bind and punish, not repurpose and resolve. Sigils that banish and exclude instead of witness and reconcile. Be very aware of where we’re putting our magic and what indirect values and ideas we endorse with the energy of our attention.

Don’t be seduced by the dark side.

Extra Card

Knight of Swords

We are asked to remain intellectually and ethically vigilant right now. The knight of swords is discerning and cunning. He is precise with his words, direct with his actions and he is cunning in his strategy. Instead of focusing our efforts on the empty promises of those who had a chance to fix this, instead, pour our time and energy into who will craft solutions that honor both the spirit of humanity and the intellectual rigor of science. Stay consistent with our ethical values to withstand this storm.

Remain cunning in the face of adversity.

Undercurrents & Final advice

the Hermit (R)

Leaving the safety of our comfort zone.

the Tower (R)

Final Warning

Guess what? We can’t be part of the solution if we’re still hiding in the comfort of our pandemic self-isolation. I know, I get it. I’ve been doing it too! But right now, we need bold, channeled action, which requires human connection to truly direct our energy toward the solutions that will work. We need to get out of our homes (safely) and meet people, hear their stories, and listen to their wounding in order to know where we are going to be most useful in the next steps forward. We are called to connect, not withdraw, to combine, not separate.

Last week I was all about the miracles, but miracles don’t arrive in a vacuum. In fact, in order for some miracles to manifest, the old systems have to come crumbling down (and that itself might present its own miraculous undercurrent). I’m not saying that what happened is positive, but it was also inevitable given how everything else is playing out. Personally, I think this means we will soon abandon the idea that our rights derive from the state, but rather are inherent legacies of our shared humanity. We’re in the final countdown to the demise of patriarchy. The walls are crumbling all around the systems that were designed to keep the most vulnerable from realizing their true potential. Instead of focusing on repairing the crumbling structures, we will be leading people out to create and implement systems that meet our modern needs with greater vision and equity. It’s coming down, whether we want it or not. Where we stand when the dust clears when the star of Mother Earth embraces us will determine our future.


As we prepare for heart-expansions in the darkness of this new moon in Cancer, may we remember to hold grace for each other as we confront the emotional waves of betrayal that seem to hit us from all sides. May we find hope in the most unlikely of places and inspiration outside of the usual sources. As we learn to burst free of our safe boxes and restrictive cages, may we exercise both vigilant care and compassionate responsibility in the use of our talents in the weeks and months ahead.

I am with you always in love πŸ’–

So may it be.

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