Messages of Divine Love (7/11/22): We are Divinely Protected

Are we tired of patriarchy yet? Ever since Roe v. Wade, I feel like so many of us have been spinning in all directions. Not just reeling from that decision, but all the ways in which we see that these forces have been both manufactured and embedded within the systems that we look to for relief. I know, for example, this solidified a decision I made two years ago to leave the practice of law. When the Supreme Court slices through the very fabric of how our Constitution can grow and adapt to meet the needs of a changing (and dying?) world, I question the value of these old systems.

But I’m tired of talking about the annoyances of a dying patriarchy. They’ve gotten enough screen time and enough attention for one week. This week I want to focus on the personal – because with the Full Moon in Capricorn this week, we have an opportunity to reap the rewards of all of the intense work we’ve been doing. We have a chance to check on our plans and see all that we’ve created with the new energy so far.

The wind has been shifting and we’re finding ourselves coming back to old dreams as they are finally coming true. Completion is coming for all of us. But, for some, it might feel like we’re spinning in too many directions at once.

This week has been emotional for me – my youngest kid just moved out. She is off on new adventures of her own. Not college just yet, but learning how to live more independently while also helping my mom around the house. This is a powerful and necessary step for her and I couldn’t be more proud of my once-anxious kid. Likewise, my partner of 14 years, the person I call Warrior on these pages, moved in with my husband and me, starting a new chapter of our polyamorous life. My husband got a magnificent raise, validation that the sacrifices of the past five years were worth it. My business is getting more attention, and my writing is drawing in more followers. For all that we’re supposed to be scared of the collapse of civilization, things actually are pretty amazing in my life – scary, but amazing.

These are all goals I had years and years ago, proving that my patience, trust, and perseverance were well worth it. It was worth it for me to take that job at that little-known non-profit because it gave me the right experiences and mentorships to make my current work shine. It was worth it for my husband to go to coding school (where my oldest is currently taking classes). It was worth it for me to extricate myself from the legal profession and find new ways of integrating my talents. It was worth it to take a chance on polyamory because if I hadn’t…I might not know this kind of happiness.

Is it everything I want? Of course not. I want to be a published author. I want to be known for my love of humanity. I want to literally change the world and help as many people experience this feeling of gratitude and connection that has guided my whole life. I want more in my life, especially at the age of 44, but I’m also immensely satisfied with where I am now. I have kids who make me proud every day, partners co-creating life with me, impossibly talented friends, and an immensely supportive family. I may not have the career I thought I’d have, but I have the freedom and independence I knew I’d always need.

This week’s reading gives strong “Divine Protection” vibes, quite literally showing us some of our worst fears and telling us that our lives are proof that they were rooting for us all along. Despite the obstacles that still lay in our path, we can move forward with the powerful knowledge that we are divinely protected! Finally, some good news.

This week’s reading with the Enchanted Map Oracle by my favorite Collette Baron-Reid gives us the nudge of encouragement we need after all the heaviness of the past few weeks. It gives us permission to admit that we’ve been spinning out a bit, making things harder than they need to be, which forces us to stop and assess where we really are. But if we examine it, on the whole, we see that we have so much to celebrate, so far that we’ve come – there’s nothing that can stop us now.

See more below…

Where we are this week

Slow & Steady (r)

When I see this card I see the image of someone in a wheelchair getting spun around in all directions trying to cross a busy street. There’s an element of chaos and danger. Each direction they choose rotates them right back into the center of the chaos. No matter which way they try to go, it’s as if the winds of fate keep pushing them back into the fray. How many of us have felt that futility over the past few weeks? The forces spin us around, disorienting us, pushing us for action when we know we’ll rewind to find ourselves at square one again. It’s frustrating to turn one’s wheels constantly. So maybe it’s time to apply the brakes and wait out the storm until there’s a clear opening for us to move forward. Haste will only produce more frustration. Stop fighting it and wait for our chance.

Dizzying disorientation.

Messages from our Guides

Flying (R)

It’s hard to be patient when we see others soaring. We see them bypassing their troubles easily while we plod along through the maze of life, trying to unlock some mysterious door labeled “happiness”. But while some people may seemingly soar with ease, that doesn’t mean their road wasn’t hard before or won’t be again. However, just because we’re still stuck on the ground level, doesn’t mean we have to do things the hardest way possible. We can and should take advantage of our talents and treasures. We don’t have to slog it out in profound misery – we can actually learn to love our groundedness because that’s where the most vivid details live that enrich our lives.

Grounded doesn’t have to mean boring.

Messages from Lady Gaia


We are being offered beautiful and profound gifts of love from Mother Earth right now. That promotion that gives you more abundance? That’s from her. That garden that is growing despite the drought? That’s a gift from her. That writer’s block that suddenly lifted? Yup, her. That crush who’s finally noticing us? That’s also a nudge from her saying, “I see you, boo. I’ve got you.” We might have recently seen obstacles jumping out of our path, unexpected praise or recognition for our work, or an old dream finally coming true. These are messages from Mother Earth that she is constantly working with us. Keep going!

A nudge in the right direction.

Messages from our Ancestors


I always view this ancestor part of the reading about our emotional life, while Mother Earth is about our physical existence in the here and now. The best way to stop ourselves from spinning out is to just take a time out. Our emotional selves have done a LOT of healing lately, but going back into the world can be disorienting. Our ancestors urge us to take some time for ourselves to re-affirm the healing and siphon off the noise of the outside world just a bit. We need to know where we stand with ourselves before we can truly step into our greatest power. Quiet the mind and check back in with our lineage – our blood and spirit lineages of ancestry and past lives. Listen carefully to their wisdom to inform our next steps.

Quieting the mind.

Messages from our Future Selves

Sacred Pool (R)

Our future selves warn against bringing the corruption of our time, and our thinking into the sacred pools of the future. Part of the reason we are here is that we allowed unchecked bias to enter into holy spaces, to corrupt and destroy the image of the divine. The longer we allow the current corrosive influences to continue unchecked, the more we poison our future, making it challenging to find the purity of vision and truth we need to thrive. We are warned against dimming to fit in – using the same tactics that got us here including those that serve an obsession with wealth and status, will only keep us in the muck longer. Time to purge the sins and cleanse ourselves anew.

Don’t muddy the waters with our old sins.

Message from Mother Mary

Protecting Treasure

Ever the one to give us hope, Mother Mary gives us this quiet affirmation “you are always protected“. She knows how hard we’ve worked to get to where we are. She knows all that we hold dear – our most private dreams and public declarations. She knows what is truly valuable about us, including that precious inner child longing for healing and comfort. She provides all. The blessings we are being given now along with the dreams coming true are her way of showing us how lovingly protected we all are. And when we know we’re unconditionally loved, that sense of security only makes us better, stronger, and bolder in our vision.

We are divinely protected.

Undercurrents & Final advice


There is always a way.

Dragon’s Lair

No matter what, we are protected.

While many obstacles have been taken out of our path, Spirit cannot move mountains alone. Sometimes, we must figure out a way around it, through it, or over it. Sometimes it’s just unavoidable. But instead of despairing, we’re being shown the variety of possibilities to overcome the big foes in our lives whether it be an addiction, depression, or aggression, there is always a way. And as I teach in my #RadicalReflections seminars, often we learn the most about ourselves in the journey of “climbing our own mountain”. We don’t have to wear down the mountain, we don’t have to destroy the obstacle, we simply need to find a way to keep moving forward knowing that it will be one of our greatest challenges yet. But, if we’re absolutely candid, we’ve already overcome so much – what’s another mountain in the range we’ve just conquered? We may encounter dark, scary caverns and windswept tunnels but in the end, we’ll get to the other side – and then can guide those who come after us following our light.

In the next few months, we’ll see more of what the enemies of Love have to unleash on us. They’re desperate and on the ropes, so they’ll call out the inner monsters they think we fear. But we’ve been through so much, we’ve stared down the dragon in his lair before and we’ve walked away. What makes them think this will be any different? We are divinely protected and when the time is right, we can unleash dragons of our own. We are entering a treacherous time, but know that we are divinely protected and provided for. We don’t have to continue to perform under the rule of those who would tame and shame the wild within us. Never forget, for all their billowing bluster, their pride, and arrogance, it is our freedom that is most dangerous to the old structures – for when others can see that we are free, they’ll start to recognize their own shackles. Make no mistake, it’s not an easy road ahead, but that’s why we’re seeing so many riches come back to us – to remind us that we aren’t all that powerless after all.


The blessing of the Universe is here as we complete open chapters in our lives. We find comfort in the manifested blessings now arriving, gathering the first harvest of the seeds we planted earlier this year. May we use this time wisely to take stock of ourselves, to find gratitude for the beauty we have found, and find strength together for the battles ahead of us. But more than anything, may we find power in the knowledge that we are divinely protected, and provided for. May we be grateful for living in this present moment always.

I am with you always in love πŸ’–

So may it be.

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