Advice vs. Living

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of bad advice out there on the internet. In fact, besides porn, the internet is almost custom-built for those who have a plethora of opinions.  To provide their egos with passive audience to ooh and ahh over their particular brand of advice and ideas.  And I’m finding it more and more within the “sex positive” community.  People who think they are providing good advice to the newly polyamorous or who have a set list of rules for those following a D/s lifestyle.  In fact, I’ve seen so many those sites that I just don’t want to list any examples.

And it’s not to say that I’m not guilty of thinking myself to be such a prolific example of poly, kinky sexuality that I should provide my advice whether solicited or not.  The fact is all I can do is share my story.  Share how I’ve arrived at the decisions I have during my journey.  In sharing my own shortcomings and mistakes, my triumphs and my personal declarations perhaps others might learn.  But I’m hoping more than anything others may be able to empathize and see their own situation from a different perspective.

At the start of 2012, I will be launching a complimentary blog called Love Priestess where I share more of the actual lessons I’ve learned through the years and provide some insight into how people might approach conflicts they encounter in their love lives.  I don’t have answers… and I don’t declare myself to be an expert.  But after 7+ years of polyamory and even more years of experience in kink, I can say I’ve lived and learned.  My opinions are informed from my own experiences, my own heritage, my own outlook on life.  Now that you’ve been warned…I hope you enjoy what I have to say in in these pages and in the ones to come.

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