30 Day Tarot Challenge

A day or so ago while perving on Tumblr, I found this little 30 Day Tarot Challenge.


Since the new year is about trusting more fully and allowing myself to show more of my true self here, I won’t hide the interest I have in Tarot. I have found it a useful tool over the years primarily for self-reflection,

but also spiritual integration for others that come to me for readings. So, I’ll be posting on this challenge as well as the range of other topics I have in my head.

Day 1: What introduced you to/got you involved in Tarot?

Back when I was in high school I was working at a retail store with a woman named Sandy. She was a short, squat, fun lady who had a deep, raspy laugh from years and years of smoking.

One night during a lull in our work, she offered to give me a tarot reading. She knew I was struggling with whether I was going to get back together with my boyfriend or leave it be. She used the Tarot of the Cat People and gave me a lot of great advice. So the next time we worked together, she started walking me through the tarot and how she used it. By the end of my time at that store, we had done a few readings for each other and she gave me that deck as a gift which I continued to use as one of my primary decks until I gave it away in college to a sorority sister.

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