Messages of Divine Love: Week of November 8

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been on a wild ride of displaced uncertainty mixed with proud authenticity. It’s been both exhilarating and exhausting. Last week, in particular, we were asked to gain whatever wisdom we could from our elders and ancestors, but to then rest with the information, let it sink in, and take root.

I had the most extraordinary weekend. My mom and I had bought tickets to see John Edward in person. This was her third time, but it was my first. I actually had a lot of fear walking into this, not because I was afraid someone wouldn’t come through, but afraid that someone would. But even though I didn’t go looking for confirmation, I walked away with a lot of it. And this was the culmination of my ancestors calling me back home to myself. Helping me to reclaim the Spider Queen, helping me find my voice again, lighting a fire under me to give my intuitive gifts a brighter presence in my life. All of that was confirmed for me last night.

But I’m taking my own advice and I’m sitting with the wisdom, letting it sink in to reveal the nuggets of truth that are fuel for my journey. I’ll post more about it later this week after it’s had time to sink in. But for once, I am just not panicked or treading water with self-doubt, unable to see my way to my destination, questioning my path as a leader, as an intuitive and visionary. I may not be able to keep hold off this…shine…for very long, but I’m going to soak up as much of it as I can.

This week’s reading shows us the emotional fulfillment that can come from the integration of all that downloaded wisdom. We have access to all the resources we need to make a better life on earth, we just need to show some initiative. And this is the phase we’re in now. After the new moon, we are in a phase of planning and initiation to make our intentions come alive. The spark of the divine is an idea followed by an action. For how else do bright ideas come to change humanity, but by the actions, we’re willing to take to help the idea become a reality. Can we conspire to help each other make one another’s dreams come true?

This week I go back to the beginning, using my second deck ever, the Robin Wood tarot. This is an oldie but a goodie, giving us our share of hope this week working with energies of initiation. We have a balance of energies this week that give us hope and remind us that we’re in control over our own lives now, but that we can take the initiative to put our ideas into motion, to strategize next steps, and even level up to an even bigger playground of creative intention.

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Where we are this week

Nine of Cups

Where last week we were concerned with justice, this week we’re finally starting to see some of the emotional fulfillment that comes from the work we’ve been doing on ourselves. Whether it’s making progress on a long-term health issue, a relationship or career manifestation or simply just feeling more aligned with sources of joy in your life, this card is here to give us some much-needed confirmation and hope. All that we’ve been working for, all the shadows we’ve been facing, all of the patterns that we’ve been healing have been for a reason. We’re going to finally realize that life can be pretty awesome!

The 9 of Cups is about the joy of manifesting our desires.
Fulfillment of Wishes

Messages from our Guides

Five of Cups

Our guides are here to warn us that our dreams are not going to take shape the way we wished. Some doors will be closed to us now once we start choosing our aligned path more consistently. Don’t cry over spilled milk though, because what is left behind is exactly what we need. We’ve been throwing unnecessary cargo overboard to make room for the things we really want. It’s okay to be disappointed for losing old dreams and ideals, but in finding gratitude even for the small things, we build the foundations of our empire of love.

The 5 of Cups acknowledges that there may be some disappointment in letting go of old dreams, but if we focus too much on that we lose sight of what we have.
Don’t let disappointment erase the gratitude of what you still have.

Messages from Gaia

Ace of Wands

Our guides often ask us to lean into discomfort – here, This week when we have a spark of inspiration – an idea to save the planet, a way to cure the hopelessness in our lives, a genuine effort to connect to the bigger divine within – this is is our signal to go for it. Especially if it will improve health, happiness, and collaborative community in creating an even better earth. When that spark comes, let it light your world on fire in divine and prophetic ways. After our intentions of the new moon, now is the time to take the steps we need to make that seed take root. It’s time to take control and make things happen for us and for her.

The Ace of Wands is a strong symbol of initiation, of the spark that drives us to be better.
It’s time to take some intiative.

Messages from our Ancestors


Our ancestors have gifted us with an abundance of knowledge and learning over the past few weeks. Big downloads of histories that were once forgotten, confirmation of family stories, an extension of compassion, forgiveness, and atonement. All of this was poured into the cauldron of who we are, tempered and integrated into who we are becoming. Each of us has such a beautiful, magnificent soul – are we ready to move up to the next level? Can we beat the big boss at the end so we can show what we’ve learned, what we’ve reclaimed, what we’ve restored for humanity? Show the world what we’re made of.

Judgment here reminds us that we’re about to emerge into our own, but first, we have to show what we’ve learned.
Are you ready to level up?

Messages from our Future Selves

King of Swords

There’s no more sitting by the sidelines of your life. Now is the time to put all of that intellect, curiosity, and experience into a strategy to make your dreams come true. This is the embodiment of the divine masculine (not just for men*) in our lives today. With all of our technology, all of our expertise, all of our lived experience, we have gained wisdom that surpasses what we could have ever expected. We have the capacity to make the world a better place, but we have to do it strategically. We are being called to step up as leaders and to use our smarts to chart the best course for our next success.

The Page of Wands is like a lack-luster cheerleader who can barely sum up any energy to cheer us on. This often translates to “Nice try…but wrong direction”.
Embody the leader we need.

Message from Mother Mary

Knight of Pentacles

Mother Mary is using this card to cheer us to keep doing what we’re doing. We got here somehow. Something is working. Do more of that, pleaz? This energy is wonderfully reliable and loyal to maintain harmony with our physical surroundings, our material world. This is self-sustaining energy that carries us through the rough times. Let this energy replenish you and build your reserves of practical wisdom. Part of being a good leader is finding what works and making that process work for others. Utilize this energy to nourish the body and restore the soul along the way.

The Knight of Pentacles urges us to rely on those processes and priorities that have gotten us here so far.
Build our empire with reliable processes

Final advice:

We no longer have to look to the past to find the wisdom we need. We have everything we need to unravel the puzzles of our lives and to find a way through the maze of fulfillment coming our way. Some it may not come in the form we expect, but this is a taste of what life could be like. We are in a phase of initiation energy. Build a sustainable way to keep up what we’ve been doing on our dreams (such as me building in routines and processes for making these posts). Invest ourselves in the most sustainable and practical ways to put our knowledge to good use.


May we find the blessings of this week in the small moments of our day, sharing gratitude for the wisdom of the confirming signs we’re getting on the way. May we serve as proof of our ancestors’ love, proof of the divine embodied in bold action. And when the divine sends us a spark of inspiration, the courage, and initiative to follow wherever it leads.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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