Messages of Divine Love: Week of November 15

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Messages of Divine Love Week of November 15: Embrace Winter

As we enter this week, the energies of a powerful lunar eclipse are hanging over us, inviting us into a willing relationship of surrender with the divine. We have retrieved concepts and practices that once were lost to patriarchy, we are finding moments of trust where we can truly unfurl our splendor and show the world who we really are. These patterns are good for humanity, they’re good for us personally. Because once we really get to experience what emotional freedom can look and feel like, we’re less inclined to want to restrain others from theirs. We are in a period of blossoming.

This past week was a time of reflection and reconciling two halves of the whole of who I am. My brother was in town visiting for the first time since the start of the pandemic. While we all crave in person connection, many of us simply want the assurance of knowing that our struggles are actually seen and recognized by more than just ourselves. We need some proof, evidence, that what we’ve been through over the past year and a half was actually real. Not only did we lose our dad, but we’re trying to find our footing for where we stand with each other not that our great unifying force for good (dad) is not here to harmonize our voices.

I’ve been feeling a little untethered from the person I was 15 years ago, the last time I felt completely free to be myself wholly as I am. What did it feel like to have that kind of freedom? What kind of electric surge of authenticity did I cause in the world around me? It feels like all of that happened to a different person, that I’ve been watching her story from the background somewhere. But yet, she’s me. She’s the me I’ve been trying to “get back to”. But even that isn’t authentic – that was a Janet who hadn’t been through the battle wounds I have now.

The challenge for me has been to retrieve what are useful artifacts and tools from the past without getting stuck there trying to live a life that died with the trauma. I have to remain focused on the path I have ahead. I can’t keep looking back waiting for the perfection of a life never lived to somehow drop in my life and magically make my life better? That denies the sanctity of the journey that brought me here, all the hard work, sacrifice and integration I’ve done with my shadow self to be who I am today. I can’t keep trying to recapture a maiden who had to grow up; I can be that best version of her today.

This week I use the Starseed Oracle to infuse some big picture, cosmic energy into our lives. With the lunar full moon eclipse happening in Taurus later this week, we will be seeing a leveling up of our energies around money, love, and our sense of self-worth. While I am not 100% sold on the way many people describe starseeds, I enjoy thinking about the subject because it helps me feel like I’m part of a greater purpose or plan, but one that is grown from authenticity, instead of control. So, let the deck play with your imagainations and use the imagery as a jumping-off point.

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Where we are this week

The Courageous Peony

Last week was a coming out for some of us. We feel more supported in being our true selves, which is the energetic nourishment that truly makes us blossom and comes alive with purpose and beauty. There is no perfection needed. Every flower is as beautiful, sweet, and unique as the others. And when we are all blooming together, we have the chance to truly see one another and thus also be seen. For it is in the powerful witnessing of someone’s true and radiant self that we can learn to recognize and embrace that within ourselves.

We are blooming exactly as we were meant to.
Embracing the Multi-faceted beauty of us.

Messages from our Guides

The Void

Our guides are here to warn us that our dreams are not going to take shape the way we wished. Some doors will be closed to us now once we start choosing our Our guides remind us that the hardest part of setting intentions is that we have to surrender to the mysteries of the unknown. We can be the most tender, loving gardener, but if we’re constantly testing and tweaking the outcome of our manifestation efforts, they’ll never arrive. We have to allow the universe time to do its thing. This is a test of our faith in them and in us. Just like the earth embraces the winter, the slowing down of growth, in the faith that spring will come again, so too must we trust the process and timing of the universe. We need to let go of the need to control the outcome and put our faith in the vast unknown that one day spring will come again.

Our guides tell us to let go of the pathological need to control everything. Embrace winter and trust that new life will emerge again in spring.
Embrace the Unknown.

Messages from Lady Gaia

You got the Love

Mother Earth this week speaks to us from the patterns of humanity. The push, the pull, the practical, the purposeful. And I get strong ancestor vibes off this card today. Because if we have done our work of integrating the lessons of the past, we’re doing to see family patterns, DNA coding, behavioral tendencies that have been harming us and keeping us separate from the earth. Patterns of assimilation or greed. Patterns of exploitive practices or victimizing words. This is our warning now to shift the pattern, alter the narrative so that we’re bringing forth the loving, resilient patterns, and putting boundaries around those that have brought us and the earth harm for too long. What are other ways we can honor the feelings and traditions of our world without continuing the harmful patterns that we have here today? (This is a great topic for thinking about our approach to the holidays for example).

We are the sum of what has brought us here. It’s time for us to set new boundaries to stop old patterns from repeating.
Put boundaries on past patterns.

Messages from our Ancestors

I’m sorry

In my live reading, I felt like this was our ancestors telling us they are sorry for the harms they have left us with, for the part they played in continuing inequalities or inflicting trauma. But they are also begging us to say we are sorry to others. This isn’t about feeling bad on behalf of our ancestors, but atoning for the sins we, ourselves, are contributing to today. The times we were unfair, the times we were cruel, the times we were dismissive or vengeful. The best way to show we have learned from our ancestors is when we can recognize and stop the same patterns within ourselves. But just remember “I’m sorry” is just the start of the conversation of healing and no one is obliged to actually forgive us. Accountability is an act of love.

Last week judgment showed us where we (and our ancestors) went wrong. Now is a time of atonement and understanding.
It is time to right past wrongs.

Messages from our Future Selves


We will receive a message this week from our future selves, a sort of cosmic flare from the future to let us know we’re on the right path, helping us navigate the way to our beautiful future together. It’s important for us to keep an open mind this week as this message could come in the form of a phrase in a tv show or the flapping of a bird’s wings. Stay open and alert to the call from our future selves who are always inviting us to experience the joy that comes from true harmony of self. Especially look for this message toward the end of the week when the energies are best aligned for matters of cutting through the static to tenderly pluck the glorious chords of our once damaged self-worth. The future is resolutely bright.

Stay attuned to the messages from the universe this week. Be still and listen for the call of our future selves.
Signals of Harmony

Message from Mother Mary

Whale and Orca Elders

Mother Mary isn’t sassy this week, but she is quite literal. In pointing to the soul song of our orca and whale cousins, we find lessons for ourselves in activating our own voices. Creative self-expression this week is an absolute must. Not just for work, but for yourself. Whatever it is you create, let your soul guide your notes, your words, your paintbrush, your craft so that is a true reflection of you and what you feel. But even more importantly, Mary asks us to be witnesses to the soul song of others. For as the bridge between our ancestor’s wishes and our future selves, she tells us that forgiveness comes when we truly listen and witness the truth of someone else. We are being asked collectively to do some intense throat chakra work to ease our communication, facilitate our understanding, and honor the true songs of everyone else. And when we do, we create a true symphony from humanity’s story.

Allow yourself to sing your soul’s song; joyfully delight in the song of others.
Listen to your soul’s song.

Extra Card

The SEven Star Sisters

This card has a very specific meaning for me with my book – 7 queertastic heroes bound together through time and space. This is a message for me to continue writing the book with the same love and vision I have had for it. It’s been dying to come out and I have been holding back for some reason. The same message is present for the rest of us – whatever projects we’ve been putting on the backburner because of life – it’s time to start breathing life back into those projects. Take another look at them, fall in love with them again. Because your story is part of my story, my story is part of yours, interwoven threads in this big tapestry story of life. We are all weaving the same fabric together. This isn’t about ego, it’s about contributing to something bigger than ourselves.

We each have a special gift to bring. Keep creating for our creations lend energy for others to finish theirs.
Co-create with humanity.

Final advice:

There is such hope and joy in the cards of this spread this week. Sure, we have to surrender and trust that the universe has our back, but it’s getting easier to do that because we’re able to see ourselves with clarity we didn’t have before. The lunar eclipse of this full moon combines to create a powerful portal of self-worth. Where we no longer have to be dependent on what others think of us and instead, we recognize that harmony can only be achieved througg loving accountability for our actions. In taking greater responsibility for ourselves and our own stories, we create a world where love harmonizes all things.


May we find the blessings of this week in the small moments of our day, sharing gratitude for the wisdom of the May the blessings of this week bring us a willingness to surrender to the great mysteries of the universe as we enter a new era of freedom and sincerity. May our hearts be guided to genuine reconciliation and harmonization of the multi-faceted beauty we carry within. May we bear loving tribute to the soul song within us as we open our hearts to the songs of others.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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