Messages of Divine Love (2/21/22): Strength in our Togetherness

Messages of Divine Love – a weekly reading to help us align with our highest selves

It has been a month of ups and downs for us all. We haven’t been able to enjoy the things we normally do with the fervor and joy that we once had – like the Olympics – especially for us fans of figure skating. Elsewhere in the world countries stand on the brink of war, threatening ruin during a time of global “togetherness”. It’s hard not to let these things sour our view of the world.

But this week we are able to approach the world’s uncertainty with a greater level of curiosity and clarity. We’re able to ground into our true selves in order to find the threads of humanity worth connecting with, so that the more interconnected we are, the stronger we become as a community.

One hard lesson for me has been to stop trying to be all things to all people. When I try to impress everyone, I don’t honor my authentic self. And showing up as a shadow of my fear doesn’t inspire the trust needed to truly connect in the ways that my little demisexual, lumisexual self requires to truly experience my divine feminine self.

Instead of trying to fit in with people who share the same title of religion, borders, or traditions, we are called to expand beyond to find our chosen, cosmic kin who resonate deepest with the song within our hearts. By connecting in with others at that heart level, defying the definitions of that society tries to use to contain our power, we send forth a powerful message of faith – a faith in ourselves, in the inherent protection of the ways in which we need one another. When we spark that flame, others ignite as well, until we have no choice but to remember that we are all truly just starlight expressed as beautifully diverse bodies of earth.

This week’s deck is the Work Your Light deck, one of my favorites for quick 1-3 card readings. It has a Yes and No card, making it quite effective when we need a quick check-in – I rely on this regularly and highly recommend it for its luminous way of pushing us forward into our best selves.

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Where we are this week

Get Grounded

Last week we discussed our reliance on the rock that others provide. This week, we are finding ways to connect in with our own source. To cling less to others and be there more solidly for ourselves. To anchor into the awakening earth and feel reflected therein. This week, especially with the numerology of the 02.22.2022 portal energies, we feel closer to our true selves than we have in a long time. Intentionally carve our space and time to connect with the highly sensitive energies out in the world right now.

Breathe deeply and just feel the earth beneath us, gravity helping to ground us. Be grateful for this moment.
Connect in with ourselves.

Messages from our Guides

Sisterhood of the Rose

We each have a spiritual path we are called to. Mine, for example, is similar to this Sisterhood of the Rose, deep gnostic divine feminist wisdom that empowers the blossoming of equality and balance within humanity. Others may be called to a life of spiritual education, writing, or service. Whatever path we are called to be on, our guides are encouraging us to connect with our spiritual communities. Even atheists have communities based on mutual care, intellectual exchange, and moral inquiry. All of these paths are valid, but instead of thinking that we have to go it alone, we can, instead, choose to connect with one another in an attempt to forge a community with something bigger than ourselves.

We have been called to share our gifts with the world around us. Connect in with others and contribute to a larger movement.
Be part of something bigger.

Messages from Lady Gaia


With systems breaking down, supply chains challenges, industries failing under the pressure of their exploitative cost, we are reminded daily to question what it is that we really need, or whether it’s truly worth it to remain so dependent on systems that aren’t truly working. As we are finding in supplying basic needs like food, true strength lies in our interdependence – our ability to feel the impact of others’ lack as our own, to share our resources with others to create a stronger, more unified community. There is inherent protection in each party feeling the wounds that are inflicted on the other, it solidifies an empathy that creates more intertwined ideals that lift all lives together. Help each other call back our power – land acknowledgments do this on energetic level, but remember that we are called to do more. Where do we align our actions and words to protect one another to heal and become stronger as a global community?

Our coping mechanisms are under so much stress – both with us as humans, and with the earth with climate change, that something is going to burst soon.
Our strongest defense is interdependence.

Messages from our Ancestors


Whether the question is have I finally overcome this wound in our history or Do you approve of my choice of spouse? Right now, the energy that is coming through this reading is a giant YES! It could be Yes! you still have to do more anti-racist work! or Yes! You absolutely should go to culinary school. or Yes! You have made us proud! the answer is yes! Just be sure we’re asking the right questions😉

There is immense trust inherent in saying “yes”.
Did we stutter?

Messages from our Future Selves


Our future selves have been very optimistic with us lately. Transformation is already happening. We have already begun the process of unraveling old structures holding up once sacred towers. Yes, they’ll fall and yes, it will be disruptive, but that is the only way to truly uncover the treasure of our authentic selves, of creating a place where we can all flourish, where we can find support for the unwinding of toxic habits and limiting beliefs that hold all of us back. TRansformation is coming.

Transformation is never easy. It is difficult and at times dark with uncertainty, but ultimately we prevail as a new version of us.
Change occurring at the deepest levels.

Message from Mother Mary

The Ever Unfolding Rose

Now is the time to lean into the sensual experience of blossoming, a fully transcendent unfolding of our full selves. Intimate friendships that provide comfort in vulnerability. Deep romances that provide the healing touch of being seen and known fully. Connective energies with the world around us allow us to trust ourselves more than we ever have before. With each unfurling of the silky steel petals of our self-protective nature, we unlock our deepest power: our faith in ourselves.

Trust the process of unfolding. Enjoy the journey of faith.
Bless the layers of opening.

Final advice:

Take a Break

Need we say more?

The Initiation

Passage through to new mastery.

When we are in a space of grounding, we know the right time and space needed for a break. We are able to let go of our perfection and know when it’s time to rest and replenish. We prioritize these rhythms, taking breaks as we should. When we are aware of the signs for balance, we are better able to maintain our grounding, our connection to source, our connection to our true selves. Work with the seasons to honor our bodies’ needs for balance.

I see the squeezing pressure that I’ve heard from people in my circles lately aligns with the final advice given here. This is a time of sacred initiation. Yes, it’s hard, but we can make it easier on ourselves by leaning into this lesson of walking through the rubble of the world crumbling around us, confident because we are connected with chosen families who understand our path, our roles, our transformative histories. We are passing through to a new level of mastery, one that gives us more room and more control to work together for what we need. Reach out for one another – there is strength in our togetherness – Avengers Assemble!


We are grateful for the moments of grounded clarity in our lives this week. As we seek out a connection to our creative spiritual kin, may we find harmony and resonance in sharing our resources with those who need it most, trusting that in creating balance, we are creating a better world. May our actions create safety and love to allow us all to fully blossom as we should.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

Specializing in readings for LGBTQ+, non-monogamous and “it’s complicated” situations

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  1. […] Last week’s reading discussed interdependence. Guess where that starts? By us opening our doors and sharing of our time, talent and treasure. It starts by recognizing that we each have something we can spare, something we can give. There is magic and safety in sharing what we have with others. We complete a circuit of reciprocity, for in sharing what we have with others, we are giving thanks in action for what others have shared with us to get us through hard times. None of can survive as an island. The Queen of Fire here reminds us that true magic of spirit happens when we share the light that we have: the time, talent or treasures that others need to survive. […]

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