Messages of Divine Love (2/28/22): Lessons of Fire and Water

Messages of Divine Love – a weekly reading to help us align with our highest selves

How many of you are like me? Doom scrolling Twitter, Facebook and Instagram during the day, waiting for the next horrible thing to happen. In my world that means the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and “Anti-Woke” bills in Florida. It’s helping friends find gender-affirming resources and care as they contemplate moving their families out of Texas. But for most of us, it’s been seeing the Russian army invade Ukraine right before our eyes.

It’s impossible not to draw parallels to what my grandmother’s generation saw at this time. She would have been just thirteen years old when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. And for as anxious as she naturally is, thank god there were no TV pundits or handheld devices to deliver even more anxiety to her system. And thank god that she blessedly has dementia and won’t remember this invasion a day from now. Thank god that when she was a teenager that she didn’t have to live the life that her great-grandkid does now: active shooter drills, measurably devastating climate change, skyrocketing costs of living – especially housing.

I wish I could give my kid the assurance I want for myself. I can feel the wounds of intergenerational trauma, inherited propensities for anxiety activated each time the world feels unsafe. I can feel myself grasping helplessly as the world collapses under me.

How do I equate the two realities before me? The cusp of a reality of pure creation, pure integration, pure beauty before me – the true possibilities for humanity. The other is the weight of the world’s emotions. I can feel its grief and trauma, the heartbreak and loneliness. Stifling the air with two incompatable realities – what feels possible and what feels present.

And the dichotomies present throught he reading with the Osho Zen Tarot deck this week (a fabulous spiritual “reset” deck) tell us that what is possible and what is present are the same thing – oppositie sides of the same coin, two sides of one door, two polarities of the earth.

I have talked about polarities many times before. And this week we have the polarities of not just fire and water, but kings and queens as well. We have the Hanged Man who talks to us about letting go of old realities. We have the Devil who talks to us about stop letting others tell us who we are or what we’re about. We have the Magician who tells us that this is all part of something bigger, that we have a part to play. A theme echoed from last week. We all have a community to create, a cause to support, a leadership role to play in our futures.

Last week’s reading, referenced below, encouraged us to find our cosmic team, our band of humans, guides and elders, who have got our back for the coming challenges.

Instead of trying to fit in with people who share the same title of religion, borders, or traditions, we are called to expand beyond to find our chosen, cosmic kin who resonate deepest with the song within our hearts. By connecting in with others at that heart level, defying the definitions of that society tries to use to contain our power, we send forth a powerful message of faith – a faith in ourselves, in the inherent protection of the ways in which we need one another. When we spark that flame, others ignite as well, until we have no choice but to remember that we are all truly just starlight expressed as beautifully diverse bodies of earth.

This week we get messages that we need to break away from the artificial barriers, the seeming incompatibility that we make out of one another. Just like fire and water seem incompatible, both are equally necessary, equally nurturing and equally destructive. The key is the balance we choose to bring to the opposing but complementary forces in our lives.

See more below…

Where we are this week

New Vision (Hanged Man) (R)

Right now it’s hard to tell up from down. We feel spun around. Even if we didn’t have to deal with cyber attacks and disinformation, we are also still gauging a world that is itching for normal, as if anything we are returning to is remotely “normal”. The lines between reality and fantasy seem a bit blurred and no matter how we look at things, how much we try to change our perspective, we get turned around again. So when I look at this card I see a figure trying to break free, trying to elevate and lift up with wings. But she is tethered to the figure in green, wrapped up in the vines of their own sorrow and self-pity. Right now, we’re tethered to the reality that triggers our anxieties, our willingness to keep ourselves small. If we keep our eyes pointed in the direction of our collective unfurling, blossoming dance, we’ll find the reality we most need to track.

When we can’t tell up from down, choose the direction that makes the soul sing and dance with joy.
It’s time to follow the shine of our soul.

Messages from our Guides

Sorrow (9 of Clouds)

Last week we were called to find the communities that call to our spirits, because we would need it to survive in the coming storms. We would need to be the rock for one another, to endure the passionate pleas of the world. Those pleas aren’t new, of course. As many have pointed out Ukraine isn’t the first to endure cruelty, war and terror. But there is a different presence in the air right now that feels different. Like the clash of two realities is just too much for us right now. Our guides are giving us permission to feel this sorrow. Not just for those under threat right now, but to truly feel for all those people that we have left behind to war. Not just war, but homelessness. Not just homelessness but insecurity. Now is the time to open our hears and feel.

We cannot escape sorrow. There is purpose to this feeling.
Allow ourselves to feel the sorrow around us.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Sharing (Queen of Fire)

Last week’s reading discussed interdependence. Guess where that starts? By us opening our doors and sharing of our time, talent and treasure. It starts by recognizing that we each have something we can spare, something we can give. There is magic and safety in sharing what we have with others. We complete a circuit of reciprocity, for in sharing what we have with others, we are giving thanks in action for what others have shared with us to get us through hard times. None of can survive as an island. The Queen of Fire here reminds us that true magic of spirit happens when we share the light that we have: the time, talent or treasures that others need to survive.

We cannot survive without each other. Model the best of humanity and choose to share to create healing for all.
Share our magic to heal the world.

Messages from our Ancestors

Receptivity (Queen of Water)

The idea of “giving” can understandably make people nervous. . We don’t want anyone to take advantage of us. Nor do we want to be begging for scraps. Or maybe we’re so lost in giving that we forget that receiving is the natural outcome. The lesson with both of these queens – the queen of fire and the queen of water is that they are telling tus that they work together. When we give with the spirit of welcome, we also need to be ready to receive the connections offered to us. Be open to the journey of where this will take us. Allow the circuit to be completed – for when we give, the universe conspires to ensure that we also receive. The question is, will we be open to it when it arrives? Especially if it looks different than we expect?

There must always be balance. Sharing and receiving. Both require the trust of an open heart. Do we dare?
Remain open to receive.

Messages from our Future Selves

Conditioning (The Devil)

Our future depends on our ability to be real with ourselves about our conditioning. We have been conditioned to believe that authenticity is dangerous. How often is following our heart, experiencing pleasure, or realizing artistic success associated with “following the devil?” There is the constant pressure to fit in with the herd and so we’ve worn the costumes that others expect us to wear. Whether it’s a smile when we really aren’t feeling it; or pursuing a career because it will lend prestige and thus the approval of those around us. And when we fail to fit in they use this to blame us for their discomfort, shame us back into closets until we are masked and costumed to their liking. We can only blame society for so long before we figure out that we can choose to remove the costume, to stop hiding our true selves. The minute we choose to be ourselves, our futures begin to take shape.

Let go of the costuming that no longer fits. Be authentically real.
Our futures depend on deconditioning our values and beliefs.

Message from Mother Mary

Healing (King of Water)

Mary speaks to us of healing. That when we choose to share of our true selves that we receive more strength to do the same. That our actions of bold and beautiful exchange are transformative down to the cellular level. For in receiving, we have more to give. And as we gain that emotional mastery, as we trust the universe in this dance of giving and receiving, we begin to resolve our wounds and heal those of others. For in our healing, we show up even more vibrant, brilliant and vibrationally aware.

The more we heal ourselves, the more we can heal the world around us.
Healing helps us all.

Final advice:

The Creator (King of Fire)

With healing we have room to create

Existence (Magician)

We exist as part of a larger whole

We have another balance – another fire/water pair, this time with the kings. For the message is that in our healing, we make room for us to finally create that which we were meant to. When we heal our intergenerational wounds around abuse, we might find ourselves writing a children’s book that a younger self might have needed at that time. When we heal our community wounds of racism, we make room for talent to truly rise to the top, recognizing those who were kept in a holding pattern our of our shallow ignorance. For when we’re all in survival mode, clawing and scraping at each other, we are distracted from tapping into our true talent, the true light we were meant to share with the world.

Last week was Avengers Assemble. This week it is about recognizing that we are part of something much bigger than the rest of us. We are playing out a cosmic dance of existence, of mastering our roles in connecting to a larger network of souls. All of this is for a purpose. So despite our sorrow and grief, we need to take a step back and just marvel at how small syncronicities present themselves in the most marvelous ways. The final advice of the cards: Take a moment this week to stand out under the stars and just dream. Dream of all the possibilities and all the ways we are part of a giant universe of connective stardust.


Even in our grief, we can find balance. Even in our sharing, we can receive love. Even in our healing, we can create magic. May the gifts of the coming week allow us to share, receive, heal, feel and find serendipitous belonging in the vast opportunities that the universe presents to us, no matter how opposed they might seem. Just like fire and water offer the balance to one another, may we find the balance within ourselves between the empathy we feel for the suffering others and the drive to do something about it.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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