Messages of Divine Love (3/7/22): Realign with True North

Take a deep breath….Let’s pretend for a moment that we the world isn’t on fire. That we don’t have the country rushing to return to the office, without much discussion on how that leaves behind anyone who is disabled, including those with long COVID. Let’s pretend that Texas isn’t a hostile environment for trans kids or that we are woefully unprepared for climate change, despite 20+ years of warnings. Shut out everything for a moment and consider: Are we on our best path?

There is a lot in the world that triggers the trauma, fear and anger that many of us are feeling that imbalance. It is so easy to be impatient with the lack of progress toward global peace, prosperity and healing and that gives rise to the doubt fueled by existential fear. That impatience can often drive us to accept old patterns and conditioning that treated integrity as conditional and love as optional. There is a great temptation to go down the paths we have walked before; these are the paths that are familiar, easy and secure (or at least more secure than the unknown).

This past week was full of exhilarating intellectual challenges, but also some unwelcome reminders of how much the practice of law has hurt my heart and prolonged my doubt. This week I found myself breaking boundaries that I set when I left my job – all because someone needed me. And yet, just because social security disability law, bylaws and legislation are all familiar to me, when I allow myself to lend my energy to those directions, it’s easy for me to get caught up into a spiral of panic and dread. The law brings out the worst of my paranoia and perfectionism – so why was I so easily drawn back in?

Because a significant part of my life has been dedicated to public service. How can I be of service if I’m just sitting in a corner and writing all day? How can I be of service if I don’t lend all of my time, talent and treasure to every cause that matters to me? How can I possibly say no to someone who needs me. I am either all-in or not at all. There is no in between for me.

But that is exactly why I can’t keep going back to that well. It took all from me. It took my confidence, my faith, my personal sense of safety even. But because it’s a habit that I formed to protect myself, to throw myself into the flight of working for everyone else so I stayed safe. It keeps me locked in people pleasing patterns that don’t honor my message or what I want to create.

This week, more than ever we need to have a direct conversation with ourselves about what we want and why. What our patterns are and why we keep getting drawn into them? What is unhealed? What is feeling insecure? What motives do our actions and dreams serve? More than ever we need to reset our compass to our true north – the purpose and vision that calls us to break away from the known path and instead forge a whole new one with faith and love for all of humanity, including ourselves.

This message is delivered by The Enchanted Map Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, fitting because it’s the main theme of this deck (the companion book is great for anyone feeling a little lost on your direction or feeling pulled into too many different directions). Together we can support each other in the journey to becoming our full and authentic selves – for soon, we will all need to step up as leaders and we can’t do it if we’re still wearing the costume of old heroes who are obsolete for the challenges that lie ahead. It’s time to get real about who we really are.

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Where we are this week

Gentle Gardener

Last week felt a little Topsy-turvy. And now that we’ve realigned ourselves with our intentions from this Pisces new moon we need to practice patience, gentleness and kindness. We can’t rush our intentions to manifest before our very eyes. Manifestation is a tender and cooperative dance with nature – slow, deliberate and patient while the seeds take root and sprouts begin to form. We can’t expect it to happen in one day or week. But until it does, we can tend to it with the love and gentleness of the gardener nourishing our dreams with hope, light and love.

Background of pink and red tulips with image of Gentle Gardener card withe face of a feminine elder looking down from the sky on three young fairies hatching from eggs on a green meadow.
Practice patience, dear padawan.

Messages from our Guides

Balancing Act

Last week we were called to feel the sorrow of the moment, especially what we saw in the Ukraine. In that sorrow we perhaps found that we’re still tethered to old ideas about ourselves, old imbalances that have keep us off-center both with our emotions and our connections with others. Leaning into the lessons of our sorrow from last week, where can we address inherent imbalances in power? Whether it be ways we sabotage others trying to fulfill their dreams or ways in which we allow others to continue pulling us by a leash we never chose. Recognize and right this imbalance before we can move forward.

Detach from what tethers us to old power power structures.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Follow the Leader (R)

Lady Gaia is calling us out this week. We have a lot to say about our leaders and their decisions – whether it be how they respond to environmental crises or how they de-prioritize our specific communities. And yet…if we know so much about what should be done, what’s stopping us from actually stepping up as a leader to do the work? Remove the excuses and the violent dreams of uprising – let’s get real…what are we actually doing to show up as a leader? Whether it be in our local LGBTQ groups or our workplaces, our schools and our food sustainability communities – what we we doing to provide the leadership that we think is missing. Either we choose to be part of the solution or we’re stuck in a holding pattern of only contributing to the problem with our inaction and withering critiques.

If we’re not part of the problem,then how do we become part of the solution instead?

Messages from our Ancestors


We all have that voice inside of our head that says, they really don’t like you or you’ll never be any good at this. Just give up while you’re ahead. This little mind goblins are leftover memories, fears and traumas that have lingered in our field, accumulating and growing in power throughout our lives. Our ancestors warn not to give our power to the icky little goblins that get stuck in our heads and histories. And while they are part of our shadow selves, when we acknowledge the truth of their origins – as malicious entities created by our activated amygdala to keep us small and compliant – we can release ourselves from any obligation to feed their bad tempers with our poor boundaries. Just like anyone who is trying to snatch our time, ruin our trust and question our commitment, we need to apply good boundaries and put these wounded parts of ourselves in their place so we can move forward and do great things.

Don’t feed the goblins.

Messages from our Future Selves

Magic Prayer (r)

An ongoing theme for the year has been aligning to our true selves. Our future selves urge this work right now. Look at our bucket list and our goals for the year – how much of it is created out of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), jealousy, revenge, a need to prove oneself to others? We need to check that we’re actually wishing for the things that will propel us forward and upward, not things that will keep us locked in our past or reinforcing the structures we’re trying to pull down. Here’s a hint: if my goal is to afford to go a fancy resort just to prove to everyone that I ‘made it’, then I’m just contributing to a culture of competition and greed. If my goal is go to a specific resort because it’s got the best collection of rare art that I want to study to hone my craft? Hmm…sounds like a much better fit and one that will ultimately fulfill my purpose more directly.

Align our wishes to our true motivations

Message from Mother Mary


Mary is just super direct this week: pull out the compass to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. Now is a good time to check in our internal navigation system – make sure we’re not glitching back into old patterns, make sure we’re not too distracted on our path Locate true north and align ourselves accordingly. What is the value we want to provide to the world? What are the beliefs that guide us? What is the ultimate vision we’re pursuing. Adjust accordingly.

Check for True North.

Final advice:

Unexpected Visitors (r)

Where are we inviting the past back in?


Now is the time to renew our commitment to our path.

This past week I was visited by a lot of reminders of my past: an old job that was bringing itself back around, drafting bylaws for an organization when I said I never wanted to do that again, old lovers I haven’t heard from in years. Right now is a good time to assess where I have leaks in my energy field that are inviting these experiences back in. Not to say that I hold all the responsibility for “unexpected visitors” arriving, but it’s a good time to double check whether I have shut the right emotional doors, have locked the windows and whether the porch light is still on welcoming these unpleasant reminders of my past inside. Sometimes our old selves are still clinging to memories and patterns that can confuse us until we find ourselves falling into old patterns. And yes, this could mean we shut out the bad influences in our lives, people and ideals that we may care for but don’t add to our overall growth or happiness.

All signs point to taking steps to renew or perhaps formalize our commitment to ourselves and our path. For example, I work a lot with the imagery of the Flower of Life, so a way I can renew that commitment is by making art that honors my devotion to that path or wearing a talisman, like a ring or pendant or something we carry with us to remind us. It doesn’t have to be grand or big, it can just be some simple reminder of the path we choose for ourselves, that our guides, ancestors, future selves, Mother Mary and Lady Gaia help us walk everyday. This is a celebration of the close of the past and the opening of our future.


May we find time and energy this week to check in with source to renew our path. May our north star shine in all its glory, calling us forward with love, hope and faith in a future unencumbered with our ideas about the past. And in our realignment may we find the courage and conviction to step up into the leadership roles that have been created for us.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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