Messages of Divine Love (4/11/22): We already know what to do

Weekly Messages of Divine Love: a big picture overview for the collective with messages from our guides, Mother Earth, our ancestors, our future selves, and Mother Mary.

You already know what to do.

This week has been a lot of ups and downs. I did some things that were scary for me, like meeting a fellow attorney for lunch. I did some things that burrowed into old patterns of shame, like avoiding my accountant and turning in my taxes. I’ve also done some things I’m proud of, like cleaning out our garden to prepare it for planting and giving three incredible readings this week. I know each day that I live my truth is a day that others start to feel free to live their own. So what keeps holding me back from reaching out for my success and my stability?

I keep avoiding the biggest truth of them all: I already have all the answers I need.

One of the core truths of my life has been that I know deep down in my heart who I really am. I don’t need to be told or shown, just reminded now and then. I haven’t lost myself in all my mistakes and wanderings, but rather have gained more precise perspectives that made old interests and ambitions irrelevant. Only I know the messages I’ve been given, the patterns I see, or the lessons I most need to learn and demonstrate with others.

I worry too much sometimes about what impressions people carry of me, acting as if I can control which aspects of me they see or how they’ll capture and summarize their memories of me. I can only act with integrity to maintain the balance of the priorities I have in my life. I can be considerate of feelings, but I can’t control them. So if they can’t understand my journey, I can’t really do much about it. I can only stay consistent with who I am. That is how I’ll know which direction to go – the direction that my highest self calls me toward.

The exemplifies the wounded healer + New Moon energy I talked about last week:

It was as if we were being given the opportunity to affirm and declare that we don’t need these old energies anymore. Almost as if they were present to remind us, very directly of how very done we are with these old issuesat its core, that’s what Chiron and the wounded healer are all about – using our hard-earned, lived experience to inform our path, to show others how to heal.

Here, I was given a chance to hear, see, and feel the shame I still carry about money on a week that I was making some in my business and with my readings. Almost like I needed to feel what success was, how replenishing it felt, while simultaneously forcing me to see what I use to block that feeling, that elation, that manifestation.

Just as insistent was the deck that I chose this week: The Archangel Power Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Divine. I haven’t touched this deck in several years I think. It just never really spoke to me. But this week it was calling out, asking to be used, insisting that it was the only true way to give this reading this week. I did a few test readings to see if it would work and each time, every time, no matter how I shuffled and cleared the deck, the same damn card kept popping up – you can see it in the overall message. likewise, when I posted about this, here’s how it showed up in my twitter feed.

The universe is not messing about – we can manifest anything we want. We already know what to do, the question is, will we have the courage to do it?

See more below…

Where we are this week

Five of Michael

Time to get out of our own heads and just admit what isn’t working. The more we keep trying to achieve what others want for us, the further out of alignment we get with our own selves. It is time to unburden ourselves from the baggage we’ve been dragging around town. If we needed a sign that something isn’t working, this is it. We cannot receive all that the universe has for us while we’re still dividing our time between what we want and what keeps us locked to an old vision of self.

It’s time to admit when it’s not working.

Messages from our Guides

Queen of Rafael

When we listen to our hearts, we learn to recognize the voices of our guides. Even if the message seems impossible, even if it seems unbelieveable (trust me, I know!), our guides are asking us to listen to these little psychic nuggets of knowing. Listening to our heart means listening to the messages that are being shared for us in the myriad of languages spoken by the universe. For me, it’s noticing when certain numbers are being repeated, crows outside my window, a surprise spring rainstorm, roses in my path or certain quotes that are specific to me. When we know the languages the universe talks to us in, we’re better able to know when our heart, the conduit for divine love, is needing to be heard and heeded.

Trust our signals and messages.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Five of Ariel

Lady Gaia shows up with compassion for us. Many of us are struggling with money, career, health, family – all defining aspects of our physical existence. But so many of us still carry shame and self-loathing for asking for help. That shame often keeps us from seeing that others have walked the same path, perhaps are walking it now, and can offer assistance. We aren’t alone. Even if it’s a trade of services – I’ll do your grocery shopping for you if you’ll help me organize my bills – we each need and can offer something to help others. There is no shame in asking for help – gracefully receive it with gratitude and offer what you can to others in return. Lady Gaia doesn’t want us to suffer alone – reach out and receive help.

There’s no shame in receiving help.

Messages from our Ancestors

Nine of Rafael

Now is a great time to make those wishes. We don’t have to dream the same dreams as those who came before us. We can honor the past by bringing a more authentic version of humanity into the future. Fortelling of dreams fulfilled, the ancestors who visited today asked to share the prompt “What are we collectively dreaming of?” We have the power to dream incredible truths, but do we devote our imaginative energy toward those higher realms of being? Instead of indulging our imaginations in the toxic edgeplay of a near apocalypse, instead, we can devote ourselves to seeing and declaring the best of humanity in our dreams. Rid ourselves of the fear in order to create a future based on love.

Dreams can become reality.

Messages from our Future Selves


Why do we ridicule optimism? Why can’t we allow ourselves to dare to dream of a brighter world? Our future selves are encouraging us to take the time to truly interrogate the problems of our past so that we’re not letting them infect the dreams of our future. We can apply lessons learned without letting anger or anxiety dictate the terms of our future. This week we need to challenge ourselves to see beyond the meager cynicism so popular in our culture so that we can create something brighter and wholly new.

Dare to dream of a brighter world.

Final advice:


Let go of impulse and ego to see solutions.

Queen of Michael

You know exactly what to do.

When we look at the problems of the world, how often are we dreaming of solutions that are just regurgitations of what we’ve seen and done before as a society? We believe movies and tv show us that leadership includes the ingredients of cruelty, greed, vengance but not empathy, collaboration or healing. So even when simple, peaceful solutions present themselves, we’re so wrapped up in the constant activation of our trauma responses that we overthink the balance – adding in our negativity, suspicion and ego into the equation. If anything, this week, we need to exercise temperance over our interactions, especially with conflict. We need to be wary of adding volitile elements into our week and need to avoid the impulsive, ego-driven, defensive reactions in ourselves – and try to minimize how ofte we do it to others too.

This card speaks for itself. It was so insistant that it be included in this reading that not only did it come up three times in a reading, but also three times on Instagram – this very card. So let’s just make it super simple: We already have the right answer; we already know what we are being asked to do. We’re asked to make the choice that honors our talent, our drive, our destiny. We are asked to say yes to ourselves.


May we find courage to follow our intuition and listen to the messages of the universe. May we trust the answers that we are given, the directives that are delivered so that we may reach a place of universal love, the fulfillment of our highest selves. Together may we dream a world rich with hopeful vision and overflowing with optimistic action.

I am with you always in love πŸ’–

So may it be.

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