Messages of Divine Love (8/8/22): By your command.

By your command…

Maybe it’s because I’ve been getting caught up on Westworld, but this week’s reading feels like it carries almost a sci-fi vibe with it this week. I get this audacious human vs. robot vibe, which for me feels so much like the prize fight between humanity’s integrity and vulnerability vs. patriarchy’s strictly coded control. So it’s hard for my mind not to get drawn toward Battlestar Galactica, Westworld, Blade Runner and so many other classic stories bearing these themes – because it’s about the creator vs. the creation, a battle for superiority. And I can’t help but feel the divine masculine reaching out to get my attention this week.

Themes of the divine masculine have been jumping out at us all summer – trying to squeeze their way back into our hearts. It offers a dazzling, but nearly unbelievable alternative to the toxic masculine energy that has infected so many of our hearts. We associate the term “masculinity” so deeply with stoic, suppressive strength that we fail to recognize that it is actually about being able to stand tall within ourselves, to command our lives with inner authority – not to snatch control away from others, depleting their power to supplement our own. It is about standing within our own power, unthreatened by the power of others. It’s about coexistence and empowerment just as much as it is about achievement and truth.

But that isn’t what we experience from the “masculine” archetype. We get excuses like – “boys will be boys”, and “it’s a cutthroat world out there”. We hollow ourselves into shells of protection to protect ourselves from impulsive violence. We obey the anticipated judgments of others because we “should” all over ourselves in a blind race to be accepted. We get locked into cells left to survive on the empty echoes of competitive failures and ambitious regret. We have to battle it out for dominance in order to stay safe. We want more from our lives, we know more is waiting for us, but we just can’t seem to tap into that inner fire that will propel us forward – because we’ve been convinced that this is just the way it is.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

I’ve seen and experienced these themes so much in my own life these past few years and especially the past month. I have struggled for a long time to be all things to all people. Because I know my brain operates differently than others, the achievement became how I kept myself safe, especially in the legal and policy realms. No one could tell me I thought “wrong” when my grades proved otherwise. But because of that, I always thought my achievements weren’t won “the right way” so I’ve often fought against imposter syndrome. I got so caught up in comparing myself to others that I conveniently forget that I’m incomparable. There is no one who can be me or understand the world the way I do. My dad used to call it my “Rose-colored glasses” (pun intended).

But it’s exactly that kind of wonderous spirit of service that the toxic masculine (aka patriarchy’s kool-aid) drains away from us. It introduces self-doubt. It calls perspectives like mine “soft”, dismissing them as unworthy. It pits us against each other so that we’re constantly competing for something – romantic attention, academic achievement (we are literally ranked in law school), financial success, professional promotions, grant funding for life and death projects, and social media likes. Our days are packed with competitive messaging…because when we view each other as competitors we are less likely to sacrifice the ego for the needs of the many.

No, the toxic masculine wants attention, it wants praise. It demands exclusivity. It is so jealous of competition and it must dominate and control in order to feel secure. The world must obey or suffer the consequences. It is focused on punishment and lack, withholding basic needs in order to coerce compliance and self-reflexive allegiance to its shitstorm worldview.

Remember, the divine masculine isn’t just about masculine-identified people, it’s about balance with the idea of the divine feminine – two polarities of humanity that need to exist in balance in order for us as individuals and our global community to be whole. Where the divine feminine guards the mysteries of the unknown, the passageway between life and death, the divine masculine rules the realm of the known – fighting for justice, truth, and integrity. The divine masculine aligns with the inner needs identified by the intuitive feminine to actualize and make that growth happen. The toxic masculine is a gritty haze over the sunshine, warmth, and empowerment that is projected by the divine form of the masculine.

And this week, our blinders are coming off. We’re seeing through the cloudy whispers of a toxic masculine through the Psychic Tarot by John Holland. We peer past the messaging of patriarchy’s shadow to see the threads of our lives that rest firmly in our control. All we have to do is reach for them, take hold of the reins and start steering ourselves in the direction of our highest, divine selves. This is fortuitous with the Lion’s Gate portal today on 8/8 (which is also my mom’s birthday – someone I admire for how she takes command of her own life).

The universe is ready. All we have to do is state our command.

See more below…

Where we are this week



This week and especially today, we are in the best place to assert that deep, Leo growl and take control over our lives. We are the ruler over our own great lands, sovereigns, in and of ourselves. At the start of this week, we are stepping into a divine masculine place of, internal authority – of responsive, thoughtful, and strategic leadership. This is the healed and healthy masculine at work in our lives. We are taking responsibility for ourselves and our own actions, words, and even thoughts. We recognize the responsibility we bear for co-creating this world with other sovereign people. The healed masculine within us knows how to both set and honor boundaries. We are now strong enough to build a better world and we no longer fear accountability. This week our intentions flow from a state of deeply healed action.

Taking command of our lives.

Messages from our Guides


Hanged Man

I speak the language of sacrifice, sometimes too well and sometimes with empty arrogance. The willingness to see what others might see is a gift, but it’s also a curse. Because in trying to shift our perspective, we adopt someone else’s rather than simply observing it from a distance. We get wrapped up in the worst-case scenario of “what will they think of me?” instead of believing in ourselves enough to keep going forward. This week I really get a sense that our guides are saying How can others know your gifts if you won’t invest in yourself enough to show them? All magic requires a sacrifice of some kind – applying our time/talent/treasure, swallowing our pride, making a fool of ourselves, risking failure or loss. But this is the cost of manifestation – a sacrifice of our old selves, our old fears, our old failures. Especially in this week of the Lion’s Gate portal (supercharged today 8/8) as we pour our energy into manifesting our intentions. It’s time to put our money where our mouth is, to detach from the judgments about the past in order to hear the whispers of the future.

What are we willing to sacrifice?

Messages from Lady Gaia

Firm Foundation

Four of Coins (R)

Mother Earth acknowledges that we’re likely feeling a bit of freefall right now, particularly when our material security is concerned. Inflation and monkeypox have people worried, carrying the weight of both the country’s ambivalence with it and an exhausted “we should do something” collection of solutions. We see once firm foundations slipping so we’re grasping at individual security instead of building ways to strengthen each other. Lady Gaia warns that we’re so busy with our self-protective navel-gazing that following our noses will only make us curl into separation more deeply, cutting us off from the true prosperity of resourcefulness we have in each other. Don’t be too proud to ask for help and reassurance.

We don’t have to go it alone.

Messages from our Ancestors

Choose Wisely

Seven of Cups

Our ancestors celebrate how many options are open to us that weren’t open to them. We live in a world that is slowly dismantling the barriers around gender, race, sexual orientation, and disability. Even the barriers constructed to keep us from our intuitive wisdom & magick are starting to come down. There is a warning that with so many options, there is a temptation to choose something right now. Again, those are messages embedded within the toxic masculine which requires decisive rather than considered action. Instead, our ancestors advise us to take our time. To consider the road ahead and choose wisely. We can always choose again, but with other messages about investing ourselves in our dreams, our ancestors want us to know that we have their support in truly considering the path that stirs the soul. When we are ready, we have to be ready with our full hearts, not ones full of half-doubt.

Choose the path that stirs the soul.

Messages from our Future Selves


High Priestess (R)

The unhealed feminine archetype depicted here jealously reacts out of her woundedness, performing hexes on people who earned a promotion. She wants to learn magic to learn how to bend others to her will, thinking it will soothe her wounds, enacting spells meant to help her avoid facing herself. This also refers to the lightwashing, spiritual bypassing types who use their magical gifts to obtain superiority over others, who stir mobs of fans to go after competitors and the creators of the content she stole. She profits off the divine feminine archetype while solidly dancing on the tether of patriarchy’s marionette strings. As our own spiritual gifts emerge, we are warned to approach them with humility and generosity, kindness and respect. Our future will be dismal indeed if we don’t compassionately confront the tendrils of patriarchy still embedded in our own motives and implicit bias.

Don’t dishonor our spiritual gifts.

Message from Mother Mary

Emotional Withdrawal

Eight of Cups (R)

I’ve grown to learn that Mother Mary talks through me the way she talks to me – with blunt compassion and clear but sassy signals. This week is no different because she rarely talks through reversals except when necessary. Every time we’ve been tempted by the allure of a new, authentic life, we’ve been held back, planted back on familiar soil, looking off in the distance, waiting for what might have been. Instead, Mary is asking us to confront what our attachments are to this fallow land. Where we are today cannot sustain us for all time, so what is keeping us locked in this space of never-enough/too-much that prevents us from leaving the situation to pursue a more authentic life?

Growth is when the risk of staying outweighs the risk of the unknown.

Undercurrents & Final advice

Fulfillment of Wishes

Nine of Cups (R)

Be careful what you wish for


Wheel of Fortune

Embrace the natural cycles of abundance

Having owned two businesses and carried responsibility for several nonprofits and teams, I can say with certainty that as a heart-centered leader one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is “be careful what you wish for”. The competitiveness of patriarchy lures us into wanting what other people have, without seeing the true costs of those dreams. Yes, we might have wished for more grant funding for that project, but look at all the onerous reporting that goes with it! 😭Yes, I might have wanted to promote my business, but now I have all these spambots following me and I’m shadowbanned! 🤖 Yes, I might have wanted a McMansion, but I didn’t think through the tax consequences or monthly expenses associated with owning such a large piece of property 😰This is a classic “eyes are bigger than the stomach” meets “kid in candy story” sort of problem. Sometimes our dreams are so impossibly out of alignment or imprecise that when our manifesting net draws it in, it brings a bunch of junk we didn’t anticipate. So, if our dreams are showing up messier and more weighty than we would have liked, we need to be more precise with our ordering. Work with vision boarding to hone in on the desires that best support our highest, not greediest, selves.

We can make room for the divine masculine in our lives by honoring the natural ebb and flow of our cycles of abundance. Right now, taking advantage of the Lion’s Gate Portal energies in our intentions, we better align with the natural cycles of the earth as well. The divine masculine leads with confidence and inspires trust by empowering the leadership of everyone else. Embody this energy by embracing this magical time of confidence and inspiration. Dare to dream a bigger world, mindful to purify our vision so we make room for joyful cosmic co-existence. And just as the Sun gives way to the night and the moon, finding balance within these rhythms for ourselves is the key to happiness.


In the glow of the August sun, under the gaze of the Lion’s Gate portal, may we honor the natural cycles of the Earth through the cosmos, realizing that the divine balance that exists in the universe includes our own lives. May we believe in ourselves as much as we want others to believe in us. As we co-create this world together, may we command ourselves with honesty and fairness to ensure the empowered growth and interconnected abundance of all.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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