Messages of Divine Love (8/1/22): Flowing with Compassion

The themes of compassion, love, and freedom ring proud and true this week with encouragement to open our hearts to love, and to trust the universe to deliver the right people, and the right situations to us. Truly, our own healing can be a light to others, but we have to unlock the cages around our hearts to find that.

This week I’m skipping the long, personal monologue in lieu of a longer reading down below. I plan to write a separate post about my hopes and fears about stepping back into the world with a renewed hope and openness to receiving love. And ooof…it’s scary. But who would I be if I didn’t take a chance on myself? Anyway, more about that next week.

When I went to do the reading this week, something was different about how I approached my invocations. I added the Hail Mary and Our Father prayers, something I haven’t done in years. When I saw the Mother Mary card, again, I knew it was true because it was a bit too much on the nose with that gentle sassy humor I’ve always felt from her. But this time, it was more of a deadly serious tone: an “urgent and important framework for understanding the difference between Christ and Christians”. Ever since my own vision in Medjugorje over 30 years ago, when there is a special effort made to give me a clear and direct message, I have learned to drop everything else to make sure it comes through exactly as I saw/heard/felt/experienced it.

You can read my full channeled content below (and a more integrated explanation will come to my Patreon soon). The essence is what many of us already know: Christians get Christ wrong all the time. But what matters is that we hold the spirit of what he was about, divine union and oneness, and embody it with every fiber of our being. Only then can we detangle the grip that patriarchy has on the earth that keeps dragging us down in the muck. When we embody love, true love where all of us are free – we can do literally anything.

In working with this Magick of You Oracle, I truly love what a gracefully resonant deck it is. The guidebook comes with rituals inspired by each of the card messages – great for a new moon/full moon card pull, which I’ll have to try this month. I truly loved getting reacquainted with this powerful communicator of a deck.

See more below…

Where we are this week


Cultivate Love

We are reaching a critical point where instead of generating revenue we need to focus on generating love. No amount of technological advancement will make a difference if we don’t have the ethics of love to guide us in how to use it for the betterment of all. Do you know how much money love could save us? For example, providing people with supportive housing is far cheaper than the billions we spend each year on services that don’t actually end homelessness. Likewise, more “love” at work (which looks like support, accommodations, reasonable hours, etc) would save us billions in the annual health care costs that are related to burnout (estimated at $7 billion). Perhaps if we cultivated more love – in our hearts, labors, and our policies – we could actually enjoy the abundance we all want for ourselves and each other. This is an optimistic sign and during this week of the Lion’s Gate portal, even more, important for us to activate it. Love really can and will change our world when we intentionally make room for it.

Believe in the power of Love.

Messages from our Guides


Let chance play its creative role in your life.

Our guides are asking us to let go of the reins a bit, to ease up on the throttle, and surrender some of our control back to the divine. Some of life’s best experiences come from chance encounters, the unknown, and the unexpected. When we try to control for every contingency or worse, try to manipulate the results, we lose sight of all the blessings that are already coming our way. And while I’m the first person to acknowledge that healing from trauma urges us to take control of our own lives, eventually, someday we’ll have to place our trust in the universe. Otherwise, we’ll stifle all the ways healing could present itself to us. Stop trying to control the masterpiece that we think we’re building and allow the serendipity of mistakes, accidents, and oops to bring us fresh perspectives and people. Not everything can or should be planned – in fact, some of the best creations came out of taking a risk and placing trust in the universe.

We cannot create without trust.

Messages from Lady Gaia


Compassion for Others

Mother earth will never stop reminding us that we belong to each other.  Inclusion and community care should be our minimum basic default, not some lofty, unreachable aspiration. We treat compassion as if it is a rare commodity, that only special “chosen” people have. And yet it is within us all if we choose to dramatically shift our focus away from loving people because of a shared nationality or identity and instead drop the pretense of limitations on how love can show up in public. We are capable of so much more. The time is right to do some outreach to remind people in our communities that we’re there for them, that we see them. Now is the time to practice some cultural humility and listen more than judge, recognize that we don’t know it all, and lend our support to the communities most impacted by policy issues to direct the fight for change.

We belong to each other.

Messages from our Ancestors


Let Love Grow

Are you sensing a theme here? Some of us are holding onto ghosts of our pasts, entangled in old memories that keep us closed off from love. Maybe we are putting our love lives on hold after a significant other passed or we’re carrying an obsession about “the one who got away”. When we withhold ourselves from even entertaining the possibility of a new kind of love, we are just clinging to an illusion hoping it will sustain us. But it won’t. We need love to survive. And we can still honor the love we’ve had for others when we realize that “there are as many forms of love as there are moments in time” and it will forever remain precious and protected even when we open our hearts to others. For the love we hold for one person can never truly replace or supplant the love we feel for others. The true nature of love is always expansion, not contraction.

Let go of the ghosts of past loves to free ourselves for new love.

Messages from our Future Selves


Perfect Acceptance

None of us look or act the way we think we should. We think we aren’t being productive enough, hustling enough to “catch up” to where we assume others are. When we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, we forget the dynamic beauty we have added to the landscape of life by just being the perfect humans we are. Only in perfect acceptance of ourselves and the world around us can we truly unlock the hidden treasures that await us in the future. We must accept our place in the here and now (no more spiritual bypassing) in order to truly recognize our interconnected truths and find the perfection in this world worth fighting for. This is the world we were called here to create one of deep oneness and shared acceptance.

We’re right where we need to be.

Message from Mother Mary


Everything in perfect balance

With oracle cards, I usually try to harmonize what I’m seeing in the card with the intended meaning from the author/artist. I try to ensure both meanings are present in my write-up. However, while this one aligns quite naturally, I felt it was important for me to share what I channeled with this card which feels so aligned with how I experience my calling.

Mary’s message here is clear – no matter what we may have suffered, the balance only comes through the application and prioritization of love

What follows is what I channeled with this particular card with some additions since I posted this to Patreon in its raw form yesterday. I hope even those who don’t subscribe to any Christ symbolism in their own spiritual beliefs or practice can still find wisdom here:

  • What many get wrong about Jesus is that they forget he chose this. In his heart, in his soul, in his words, actions and thoughts. He was in complete balance and alignment with his purpose.
  • While he had the temptation in the desert, the opportunity to escape his fate, he chose not to. Sometimes we need to sacrifice to help the rest of humanity move forward.
  • Yes, he was victimized, but he knew he had to suffer in order to demonstrate to humanity how transformative love can be – it was powerful enough to turn the most ignorant, useless hate into literal rebirth – a balancing of energies. He passed through the deepest darkness to forge a new life.
  • What many get wrong is that they focus on his individual suffering, the hate he endured – trying to point fingers and lay blame. They dismiss the love and generosity he gave even in his final moments – or they parade it around as proof of his singular, masculine strength.
  • They would rather use their power to point fingers at others and control their words, thoughts, and actions than to use it to unlock the rusted gates to their heart to expand, include, and empower through the example Jesus gave.
Christ Consciousness has always been about Divine Balance
  • They forget that he is a symbol of the divine union – Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in balance with each other. He fed the poor, clothed the naked, and healed the sick. He tended to the vulnerable and in so doing he symbolized a transformative balance of divine masculine leadership with divine feminine healing.
  • Like most movements, the contributions of women to his movement were utterly forgotten or ignored. Of those remembered, we usually only see Mother Mary and Mary Magdelene, labeled the Madonna and the Whore, a gross oversimplification of the women they were or the roles they and other women played. Notice how these stories have been twisted to serve a certain outcome.
  • And while it broke Mary’s heart to see her son, her beloved boy, stripped and humiliated, tortured and crucified, she knew as well as he did that this was a necessary step for humanity – “bringing balance to the force” so to speak.
  • And her love is also transformative.  For she is the guardian who helps us transform through suffering and loss. She holds us in her impossibly accepting embrace and weeps with us, but shows us how to stand back up, how to keep loving through the tears, to transform our grief into a new hope.
  • Jesus’ message is revolutionary even now.  That we can use our own trauma & suffering to provide healing & hope. It seems simple, but few recognize the true power of that one transformative ability.

Extra Card


Set Personal Boundaries

This card popped out as I was shuffling and I thought it was a useful symbol of what stops us sometimes from engaging our compassion and love – our skin gets prickly and we have our hackles up. But this is also an assurance that by setting our boundaries we are declaring to the world how to treat us. If others treat us badly because we chose to set a boundary, then we know they aren’t trustworthy enough to be in our inner circle right now. And when we enforce our boundaries we are systemically removing problematic-for-us people and behaviors from our sphere so we don’t have to be so hyper-vigilant anymore.

Suffer no fools.

Undercurrents & Final advice


Transform the Way you See


Make your Dreams Real.

In the undercurrent this week are asked to try on a new lens. Perhaps instead of seeing everything so black & white, or good vs evil, we could see the blended shades of grey where most of life happens. Likewise, when we gaze at the world through the eyes of curiosity, we stop asking “what is wrong with you?” and instead ask “What was the story that led you to this moment with me?” When we transform our perspective, expanding it through loving consciousness we open ourselves up to new ways of living, new magical ideas to inhabit and especially new context for the people we encounter. I feel strongly that the events this week are part of a longer-term strategy by the universe to help us see through the eyes of love.

Again, love doesn’t have to be a far off fantasy. It could actually be a reality. Start finding ways to make love a tangible reality in your life whether it be through more kid & partner hugs, swiping yes on a new date or having that heart-to-heart with that sibling or friend who has been distant. We can’t step into new relationships if we don’t bother to show up for them. Find a way to meet people where they are, pushing at the edges of our comfort zone – because that’s where the real magick happens between people, connecting us in impossible and life-bringing ways. But first, we have to stop expecting everyone to come to us and we need to take a step toward them too.


Beautiful, blessed Mother of all, please help channel the strength to keep our hearts open even when the world is so intent on closing them. As we continnue to bear witness to the suffering of the world, allow us the wisdom to pour our love into tangible transformation for our communities, families and souls. Help us let go of the foolish obsessions of the past, and lay the skeletons of guilt to rest. May we embody the interconnected fulfillment of Divine Love.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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