Messages of Divine Love (8/15/22): And so it begins…

Background of sunlit flowers with gold frame in front with pink writing that states, "Weekly readings on" on top of frame  and "Messages of Divine Love" in neon cursive on bottom with emblem resembling a starburst in the center.

We made it! We really did. So many of us are moving on this week from old habits, limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, destructive patterns, and exploitive jobs that I personally think we all deserve some celebration and remembrance. And while the energy of the cards acknowledges this need, indeed, they urge us to mourn some of what we’ve had to walk away from, it’s rather on the work of what we’re building discouraging us from indulging the navel-gazing of the past.

But to be honest, that feels a lot like this:

All work and no play…is what I say. We can spend the rest of the week on the reading’s advice regarding the work ahead of us, but what I care about more is taking a moment to just exhale and realize how far we’ve come.

Many of us have been gearing up to mentally leave a situation, person, or value system for so long that it felt like it might never come, right? For MONTHS, I’ve been posting encouragement and for months we’ve been diligently doing our work, feeling the hard feelings, and now, at least for me, I feel like we’re actually done with it.

Last week I worked on a monster of a post about the Resurrection of my Love after self-sacrifice. The moment the story started to flow out of me, I realized how long it had been since I had truly felt so free and self-confident, so unburdened by the imagined feelings of others, especially with my writing. Normally I carry the weight of others’ opinions, ‘blog posts shouldn’t be longer than 800 words’ and ‘the title should be snappier‘ which fuels an unhealthy relationship with self-doubt. I get so full of others’ perceived opinions, that I forget that I’m here to do something that is wholly my own. I can’t live my life or run my business someone else’s way, I always have to find the Janet Way.

As admirable as that level of independence and authenticity might seem, the work of finding those ways is arduous, difficult, and honestly, more data-driven than folks might think. I was encouraged as a kid, both by my scientific parents and my initial ambitions to be an astronaut, to conduct experiments, track my progress, and observe patterns. So while it might appear that i”m outwardly rejecting the advice of others, it’s because it’s experimented with their ways, I’ve tried them on for size and given them the benefit of the doubt and they simply don’t work for me.

Finding my way didn’t just happen, it was the result of hard work, and struggle and it often required me to overcome barriers without the luxury of help or the ability to delegate. It’s required me to humble myself with my mistakes, apologize when I’ve let people down, and have forgiveness for when I want to give up. But ultimately, it took courage in my own vision, confidence in my own abilities, and an openness to learning from failure that made me successful at the “Janet Way” of doing things.

The message of hard work contained in this reading this week wouldn’t be so hard for me to swallow if I wasn’t already exhausted from sacrifice, I am traumatized by lack, and fed up with encountering obstacles in my path. And I’m not alone. We want to get started on our new paths, but we are all starting to realize that we will need to rely on people more and not less if we want those dreams to come true. No one person can do it alone.

This is why it’s important for us to look around at each other and notice where we’ve each been struggling, recognizing what we had to sacrifice to be able to stand tall within ourselves. That didn’t happen overnight. And one thing we can do for each other is simply sharing our congratulations. We don’t need to know the specifics of someone’s struggle to praise them for just having made it this far. All of us have had to struggle, and all of us have had to go it alone for so long – even just a simple “I’m glad you’re still here fighting with me,” is the positive reinforcement we need when the path before us is unknown, but the one behind us is too painful to go back. We deserve a moment to celebrate how far we’ve come individually and together.

This week’s deck is from a Kickstarter I supported: The Unfolding Path Tarot by Athene.  I am just so in love with it already. It’s very…honest and sincere, but also optimistic and hopeful. It acknowledges the shadow side of the cards but insists on being read upright only, offering a refreshing clarity. I hope you enjoy it!

See more below…

Where we are this week

Eight of Cups

Whatever we’ve been asked to walk away from over the past few weeks and months, we’re finally ready. If we haven’t done it already, we’re about to. This card is more than just saying goodbye, it’s choosing to not look back either. We have gotten everything we could from this experience, whether it’s a job, a particular relationship dynamic, or a past trauma whatever it is we are assured it has run its course. There is no more wisdom to be gained from, looking back at what might have been. It isn’t easy for a reason. But every journey of love always includes some loss. Mourn appropriately.

Background of sunlit flowers with Eight of Cups tarot card in front of it. Card with green background shows a figure with a hat walking away from eight tumbling cups into the night. Words "Where are are this week" in pink over a black ribbon.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Messages from our Guides

Ace of Pentacles

Our guides are celebrating that we’ve started this new chapter in our lives. We are creating the best version of us as we speak. All of the seeds that we are planting right now will ultimately create safety, abundance, and joy for us all. We’ve been released from the attachments to the old and we’re ready and able to manifest whatever we want into reality. However, remember that this is the energy of the new – so be sure we aren’t just recycling the same old small dreams, but instead are daring ourselves to live up to the promises we’ve made ourselves.

Background of sunlit flowers with Ace of Pentacles tarot card in front of it. Card with coffee colored watercolor background shows disembodied black hands in emerging from clouds at the bottom with painted pink nails figure holding up a large gold coin with pentagram surrounded by lilies and pink roses. Words "From our Guides" in pink over a black ribbon.
A new start is upon us.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Nine of Wands

We have incarnated in this lifetime in order to bring healing, – but the forces of the world are constantly nagging at us to take the easy route, to wade sorrowfully into our own woundedness so much that we forget all the healing we’ve fought to have. Friends, that fight matters. Because as systems break down, as Mother Earth has to fight to protect herself, we need to be steadfast in our resolve to heal the intergenerational wounds, the scars left on the emotional and physical face of the earth. Each of us carries wounds, sometimes the self-inflicted wounds of hatred, jealousy, and entitlement, sometimes the traumatic memories of marginalization by systems that would rather discard our vulnerability rather than admit responsibility for creating it. Now, more than ever, we need to stand our ground, because what is right is hardly ever easy.

Background of sunlit flowers with Nine of Wands tarot card in front of it. Card with red watercolor background shows a black woman dressed in white/blue robes wielding a staff with a red crystalline tip. Either other wands are arrayed in a line behind her held up energetically with lightning.  Words "From Lady Gaia" in pink over a black ribbon.
Stand our ground.

Messages from our Ancestors

Seven of Pentacles

Another Seven from the Ancestors this week. Last week it was to remind us to choose the path that stirred our souls the most. But this week they’re reminding us that in order to have that path, we still have to put in the work. For example, if my dream is food justice (it is), then I need to ensure I’m putting in the effort, investment, and consistency to ensure that is the outcome. Look at what we’re putting our time, talent, and treasure toward. Is it helping us grow the world we want? What actions can we take to ensure that it is exactly what we intend? Our ancestors are telling us that if we pour ourselves into these new endeavors, we’ll see big rewards. But first, we have to persevere through hardship, trial & error, and the risk of uncertainty to get there. We’re strong enough and our ideas are good enough to succeed, but now is nose-to-the-grindstone time.

Background of sunlit flowers with Seven of Pentacles tarot card in front of it. Card with seven large sunflowers behind a smiling white woman with a blue shirt, brown apron and metal watering can.  Words "From Our Ancestors" in pink over a black ribbon.
Time to put in the work.

Messages from our Future Selves

Ten of Wands

While much of the energy of this reading this week is about struggle, it’s tempting to see this card and get discouraged. What? More work? 😰 But here, what I see is not just my struggle, but the struggles of others. The relevant question from our future selves is “Why allow one another to struggle when we have the power to help?’ Here we see a woman struggling with her bag – something I can personally relate to living in Chicago during college. Yet, where is the help? Often this card is depicted as “oh well, you not only get more struggle, but you get to get it alone too! WooT!” But what I see, particularly in this position is that…even though the world has conditioned us to believe that our struggles are only our own, our interconnectedness and empathy know differently. We have all been this woman before – we know what it is to struggle, so why do we force so many people to go it alone? Our future selves warn us to recognize the common struggles and do what we can to offer help or just create a world with more of the same dogged independence that has caused so much trauma and hardship.

Background of sunlit flowers with Ten of Wands tarot card in front of it. Card depicts a woman struggling backwards up a set of pink tinted stairs, dragging a bag of 10 small red crystalline tipped wands, Words "From Our Future Selves" in pink over a black ribbon.
Why do we have to struggle alone?

Message from Mother Mary

The Hanged Man

again with the cheekiness, Mary points out that as we leave behind these old chapters of our lives, it’s important to recognize and honor the sacrifice of self that was required in order for us to move on with our lives. This is a sign that our vow of trust to the universe has been heard and our lightened load will give us the emotional enlightenment we need to guide our next steps. We took a chance to see things from a new perspective. And as we start to see beneath the surface of the past, we will ultimately find a way to a better future.

Background of sunlit flowers with The Hanged Man tarot card in front of it. Card depicts a woman hanging from a branch by a ribbon tied to her foot with rays of gold coming from her head. Words "From Mother Mary" in pink over a black ribbon.
Seeing the world through new eyes.

Extra Card

King of Cups

The theme of the summer has been the rebirth of the divine masculine, especially as avatars of toxic masculinity are facing more consequences for their manipulative greed and coercive control. Here, as if to remind us in the midst of wildly immature masculine figures in the news, there are more and more who are coming online who represent the emotionally open, deeply mature masculine. We are not only recreating him in ourselves, but we will inspire his growth in others. This is the masculine presence unafraid of emotional truth, vulnerability, and karmic depth. He has wrestled with his own self and found peace. He is the divine masculine we cultivate in ourselves when we choose depth over surface-level attributes. This card is reminding us that he’s on our path, waiting for us to make room for him in our lives by giving less of our time and attention to the false leadership energy that has actually done some terrible things for the world. How can we show up and embody this energy right now?

Background of sunlit flowers with King of Cups tarot card in front of it. Card depicts a man in business casual clothing sitting on a chair with a cup in his hand at the bottom of the sea with fish swimming nearby and a shipwreck in the background. Words "Extra Card" in pink over a black ribbon.
Where there is discord, look for those who are spreading harmony.

Undercurrents & Final advice

Background of sunlit flowers with Four of Cups tarot card in front of it. Grey, bearded muscular man sits against a tree with his arms folded. Three cups lay discarded while a hand offers him one that shines within. Words "Undercurrents" in pink over a black ribbon.

Four of Cups

Be careful what you wish for (pt. 2)
Background of sunlit flowers with Seven of Pentacles tarot card in front of it. Card depicts a darker, older woman with white hair dressed in robes covering her head. She carries a staff, and lantern with spikes arrayed behind her head. Words "Final Advice" in pink over a black ribbon.

The Hermit

Go within for strength.

Last week I wrote, “Sometimes our dreams are so impossibly out of alignment or imprecise that when our manifesting net draws it in, it brings a bunch of junk we didn’t anticipate.” Well, grumpy-puss hipster man here is dissatisfied with the three IPAs he’s had today and so he gives up and ignores the magical blend of sour, sweet effervescence that he was really craving. Don’t let temporary discontent or discomfort blind us to the offered blessings. Remember that we’re responsible for the consequences of what we’ve manifested. Think it through, be more precise with our intentions, otherwise, we’ll be too burned out from the extra energy we expended fending off what we didn’t want that we won’t care when our dream-comes-true walks through that door.

Our ability to trust our inner guidance will become even more critically important in the next few months. Anytime we’re leaving behind old grooves in our lives, life has a tendency to push us right back where we started. And just like my mom used to tell me whenever I got lost in a store, “stay put”, this is the advice this week. If we find ourselves spinning in circles, unable to focus, struggling to resist the addictive patterns of the past, then it’s time to anchor into one’s own wisdom. Mediate, find solitude, go for a walk by yourself and just listen for what your heart truly wants, not what the world is demanding that we conform to. The doubt we face often are outside forces that have been trying to push us back into the holes we so painstakingly crawled out of. Return to the solace of our connections to source. Our intuitive clarity starts within.


We leave the selves of the past behind, landing in a new land of vast possibility and infinite potential. May we recognize our shared struggles as we work together to construct new worlds of life-giving truth and compassionate action. May we have the courage to hold steadfast to all the earned wisdom our lives have given us so far, as we shake others out of their slumber of denial. May we see one another not as rivals, but as spiritual conspirators each adding our innate gifts to the larger healing of humanity. May we find strength within and celebrate the healing that has already flowed through our lives.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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Carl Jung

What you can expect

We’ll start with analyzing a few cards together to warm up our intuitive muscles 🏋️‍♀️ before exploring some common themes and practicing interpreting cards through new spreads each month.

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