Messages of Divine Love (11/14/22): Danger! Old Systems Collapsing

Spoiler warning: We have the Tower card…again! And I’m the kind of dark goddess tarot nerd that I don’t at all get upset when I see the Tower, instead, I feel called to show up and shine.

I am no stranger to the Tower card. I’ve written about it extensively, including for my 40th birthday. And as I approach another birthday, this time my 45th, I am reminded of just how often I’ve survived the Tower in my life. I can count the number of times it felt like the world was crashing down around me, how devastating and unthinkable it all was. But once the dust settled and I got over the shock of it all, every single time, clarity shone through once again.

The opaque structures that were once meant to strengthen and preserve our innocence, make it impossible to see the landscape around us. The cinderblocks prevent us from seeing what else is available, insulating our self-knowledge, and reinforcing our isolation. We all outgrow these structures eventually, usually triggered by the unwelcome intrusion of adult concerns into our safe playgrounds of childlike imagination. Such as the innocence that is lost when we lose a close family member at a young age, or we realized our parents lied about Santa, or we find out that superheroes weren’t real, we go through a little death of self. Time and again we go through these little deaths to the sense of self we build on top of our own fallible belief systems.

Each crashing realization brings us closer to understanding our truest selves, giving us a chance to find the true north and build better structures, beliefs, and goals. And sometimes we’ll get it right and other times we might turn the dial too close to cynicism, hurting our ultimate goals of oneness and loving justice. Sometimes, a structure will come down and we just use the same designs and materials to rebuild it exactly the same way only to find it had all the same weaknesses as before. Other times, we’ll try a completely new idea and take the gamble that it might all come crashing down. But that’s the beautiful thing about where we are right now. We have the freedom to try our ideas and draw others toward the solutions we offer; likewise, we have the freedom to help others execute their ideas. We don’t have to go through any of this alone.

This week I turned to the most Scorpio deck I own, the sharply intuitive Fantastical Tarot. It is one of my oldest decks (if you look closely, you can see the worn edges of this deck in the photos). It is the deck I turn to, especially this time of year when I need a no-nonsense approach to the world. This deck lays it out with piercing clarity – we are at the end of a chapter of our lives but also at the end of a volume in humanity’s overall story. We are asked to give up our illusions and face the reality that clinging to the past, and conserving old ways of being, will only result in danger as these systems collapse around us.

See more below…

Where we are this week

The Tower

If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know that I ain’t afraid of no tower card. In fact, it’s central to most of what I do. Even for someone as invested in public policy systems as I am, even I recognize and embrace the need to let go of those systems, to vacate a tower before it falls. That is what is happening for us this week. In fact, we’ve had a lot of the Tower card in these readings this year – a welcome surprise for me, but a testament to how difficult the year had been for everyone else. This card serves as a warning that we now need to vacate the systems we once blindly relied on. They were built for a different time and place than where we are now and what we need as a society. If you feel that pin-prickling hair-standing-on-the-back-of-your-neck sensation to “get out” – this is our sign to listen to that instinct. Now. The tower is coming down with or without our permission or preparation.

Messages from our Guides

King of Swords (R)

As if to answer the next natural question, “which systems are in danger”, the guides deliver us the King of Swords reversed. The cold, calculating dagger of cruelty as control is dying and no longer holds the sway it once did. We no longer have to fit into terse molds of masculinity and femininity. We no longer have to hide our differences or be removed from society for our divergence. Gone is the era of the intellectually wounded, coercively insidious tactics of patriarchy. They are being revealed for what they are and the fireworks will be spectacularly to behold. Just remember that as these power structures die away, we must replace them with more nurturing, transparent, and accountable forms of leadership. Are we up to the task?

Messages from Lady Gaia

Four of Swords

Lady Gaia is doing all she can to remind us to rest during this season. No matter how brilliant our ideas, or how clear our leadership channel is, we are still human beings living a human existence. We still need rest, replenishment, and integration to slay our foes of patriarchy. And all of this work is hard. This is a more forceful warning than the usual “you should think about resting”. This is “rest now before I have to force you with illness or injury”. So, if we’re serious about our partnership with Mother Earth, we need to surrender to our physical natures.

Messages from our Ancestors

Seven of Swords

Where last week our ancestors spoke to us of playfulness and healing the inner child, this week we are confronted squarely with the injustice of betrayals within our lineage. That doesn’t just mean those who were oppressed and prevented from exercising the important freedoms we have today. It’s also about rooting out those systemic loyalties that cause us to steal others’ cultures and ideas, practices, and customs as our own. How are we perpetuating the same colonizer ideas and how are we resisting doing our own work to overcome those ancient, loyalties of injustice.

Messages from our Future Selves

Knight of Pentacles

Knights are the action-oriented, self-proclaimed saviors of the deck. They are ride-or-die for their dreams, acting in alignment with their element/suit. Here, the Knight of Pentacles knows precisely what needs to be done. The knight has been through battle before and has learned a thing or two. They apply their lived experience to every task, applying not just their book knowledge (Air) and their passion (fire), but pouring the painful lessons (cups) into applied action. They have a plan, and they’re ready to engage in every obstacle that comes their way. Our future selves assure us that we are resourcing precisely what we need to make our dreams a reality. Use this time wisely so we are at our best when we’re called into action. It will be sooner rather than later.

Mother Mary

Two of Wands

We are finally reaching a space of synergy. Not only do we have the spark of a good idea, but we’ve somehow managed to convince the people around us to believe in it too. For me, this card this week shows that when we show up with authenticity, we are bound to start calling in others who are similar, who see the same things, and who want the same things as us. We are building not just strong relationships and business partnerships, but we are forging new communities and identities that demonstrate who we are beyond the two-dimensional application of labels. We each have a vision and magnetize others to follow our lead. Mary praises us as one of our most faithful believers.

Undercurrents & Final advice

Four of cups (R)

This is the “boredom and discontent” card. Or the “you always love what you want ’til you’ve got it” type of disappointment. The past regrets and broken promises of others don’t have to sour our entire vision for the future. In the undercurrent this week we are advised that old memories, disappointed hopes, and fractured promises don’t have to carry bitterness unless we choose it to. It doesn’t negate how those things hurt us, how those people let us down. But we don’t have to add bitterness to the poisons of the past. We can instead recognize that those hurts taught us that we ARE worth more than how we were treated. They taught us the value of our own self-love. And above all, they never have to have power over us again. Let go of grudges and regrets before they poison the rewards on the horizon.

The Magician

Last week we were advised to focus on our own magic instead of emulating the magic of others. It isn’t that the magic others possess isn’t informative or helpful, but none of us can or should carry the talents of another. We have our own path to walk, journey to interpret, and skills to wield. It is only when we are standing fully in our own power that we will genuinely find liberation and ascension into those higher realms of understanding and relationship with each other. An ongoing theme in my readings is the emotional integrity of rising in our own authenticity. So, instead of listening to what every Instagram guru tells us to do, instead of borrowing from someone else’s good idea, let’s instead focus on supporting each other as we rise in our own power, to do our own thing. Because when we are one with the universe we realize how much each person’s magic matters.


As we were each shaped by the structures of older times built for older dreams, may we recognize this time of upheaval and collapse as the final stages of a necessary reset. May we have the patience and fortitude to listen to our bodies, choosing to rest in times of great turmoil. May we recognize our role in eliminating patterns of injustice and betrayal by creating a life framed with transparency, love, and integrity. May we recognize the great power we have as survivors from the fall of many cultural Towers in our lifetimes. We were born to lead with our embodied magic. May we show up with the courage and compassion most needed for these times, including prioritizing our own well-being to endure the times ahead.

So may it be. I am with you always in love πŸ’–

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