Messages of Divine Love (11/21/22): Companionship for Change

black square in a golden frame against a backdrop of snowy trees with an emblem in the center consisting of rays rays coming from a crystal heart in contrasting colors. "Weekly readings on" is typewritten in blue at the top of the emblem and "Messages of Divine Love" is written in script with neon blue at the bottom.

As a kid, I grew up primarily by myself. I had three older siblings, but they were living their adult lives by the time I had knowledge of them. And while I had friends at school and even a few in the neighborhood, my parents weren’t terribly social, so visits were limited. This meant that for the most part, I played all of my games and toys by myself. This gave me a very active imagination that created plenty of imaginary friends to keep me company.

That this influenced how I viewed God, Mary, and Jesus in my formative years should not at all be a surprise. I had very little experience with outside hierarchies of friendship and family where obedience was demanded instead of bargained. Or where companionship is conditional on adherence to standards I never chose. My little innocent heart believed we all deserve to be seen and heard (which might explain why I show up so loud and verbose in my adulthood) and so I couldn’t fathom a relationship with the divine that was adversarial and punitive; rather, I constructed ways to access the divine that were cooperative and generous with forgiveness.

That is who the divine is to me – God is the parent figure who cares about the big picture more than small infractions. Jesus was the leader on the ground with battle experience who could clue me into the right things to do. Mary was a counselor who would listen to all my woes, hug them out and give me the strength to get back out there. The Holy Spirit was the life force inside me, the soul that delivered messages when I most needed to hear them. The divine were my advisors, mentors, and leaders whom I obeyed not out of fear, but out of trust.

The Catholic priests and religious teachers who advised me in those early years tried to break me of this kind of “inappropriate intimacy” with the divine. They tried over and over to convince me that fear of God was actually a good thing. Yet, how can I emulate God’s Love when all I’m being confronted with are messages of fear, bullying, sacrifice, and scarcity? How can I show up as Love in the world when my internal divine guidance is so out of step with the one that I was taught by Catholicism? How can I show up as Love when all the images of divinity are steeped in blind obedience and disinterested dicta?

When I had my vision in Medjugorje thirty-two years ago, the part I hardly ever discuss is how that vision was the ultimate validation of how loved I’ve been just as much as it was a call to share that love with others. That night in Bosnia, I was never struck with fear, but with reverent awe. I wasn’t lectured about consequences, but given a warm invitation. I was not tossed into hell for my childish crimes of “bad thoughts” or my tentative exploration of my own body and sexuality, but given acceptance for my humanity. I was a kid who was incredibly lonely with parents fighting the good fight as whistleblowers. That vision wasn’t just a calling for the world, it was a validation of the love that made me want to fight for the world.

Since then I’ve learned to pay attention to the signs I see along the way, little moments of validation for the journey. And all month long, this deck, the Energy Oracle, has been practically begging to be used for Messages of Divine Love. Normally reserved only for readings about my soul family, it is very unusual for a deck to be this insistent, this eager to volunteer as tribute.

The immediate relief is that there are no Tower cards this week which is part of the appeal of oracle decks. They give some relief and a much-needed reframing of the tarot’s more dogmatic insights. Because tarot works on a comment thread of ancestral archetypes, none of which are truly universal, oracle cards offer more freedom for both interpretation and emotional responsiveness.

And this deck in particular felt perfect because we are all struggling with calling in our own soul families. When we are struggling with the very basics of what we see in the mirror, this tangles up our direct connection to our own divinity. For if we saw the divinity in our humanity, had we been taught to find divinity in the mundane humanity of our lives, we might not have such a hard time accepting who we see staring back at us. That is the core message this week: Reexamining our worth and value, but more importantly, challenging the gritty scarcity narratives that keep us miserable and alone. The Energy Oracle is here to reassure you that you are indeed not at all alone but quite loved.

See more below…

Where we are this week

Magician and the Mirror

The past few weeks have delivered messages that focus on reclaiming our own magic instead of trying to emulate and repurpose that of others. This week we have been challenged to look ourselves squarely in the mirror to face why this has been such a hard process for us. Why are we hitting roadblocks in this process? The compassionate truth of this card is that our biggest obstacle is our natural reluctance to accept who we see in the mirror. Whatever it is that the mirror is showing us is enough for us to find excuses to not step into our true magical path. Perhaps we were recently reminded of a time when we had a taste of power and let it go to our heads. Or maybe we saw flaws in ourselves that we believe are unforgivable. Or we saw how big we could become and the responsibility embedded in that ambition scares us. However, we can never fully step into our power if we deny love to the being we face in the mirror- our sole lifetime companion: ourselves.

Messages from our Guides

Financial Constraints (Reversed)

Have we gotten so conditioned to poverty and lack that we expect it as a natural consequence of arming in the world? What sort of power have we given to the capitalistic judgments embedded into a system that clearly doesn’t work for everyone? How have we missed opportunities to create and show abundance purely out of our own insecurities, wounds, traumas, fears, and jealousies over wealth? This week our guides remind us that there is more than enough for everyone. We don’t have to hoard wealth to ensure our longevity – we need to shave our abundance with a community that needs it -pay it forward.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Angel of Balance

If we have heeded the caution to rest over the past eclipse cycle, we can expect to see reserves of balance begin to return. The Earth offers her bounty to keep you grounded and centered. And each time we honor our physical needs, balancing our goals against our energy, we likewise honor the Earth and all she provides. No matter how slight on how small, grab at every opportunity to set boundaries and to be responsive to the ones set by others. This is the key to a balanced and restful holiday season. Even if those around us don’t cooperate, setting this example of balance is for our long-term good.

Messages from our Ancestors


The irony of the ancestors using this card, which many of us would associate with the American Thanksgiving Mythos, is not lost on me this week many fun will gather with family and friends to share gratitude, often taking for granted the false narratives embedded in the traditions themselves. The “horn of plenty ” belies a history of taking from others in order to fill that wish for over- flowing abundance. Our ancestors all offer their wisdom to show us that wishes and eventual abundance don’t have to be built upon the pillage of others’ dreams and abundance. How can you actively support this basic premise: there is enough for all of us?

Messages from our Future Selves

Attachment (Reversed)

On future selves assure us that indeed our wishes can and will come true. We are in an incredible stage of growth where we are finally confronting patterns and attachments We are finally learning to let go of the resentments and narratives of a past self. They don’t have to harm us any longer. The insecurities will finally lift. The patterns will feel heavy and will no longer serve. our growth is assured – it’s only a matter of time.

Mother Mary


We are naturally drawn to duality. We want things easy to categorize in yes/ No dichotomies. Our computers are based on a binary code of the language in 0/1, either/or, good/bad, right/wrong formats. It’s why some cling so hard to an explanation of gender binaries. And while the world may be based on these 1-2 dimensional understandings, it oversimplifies the whole purpose of life – which is to find value and joy in the grey areas of existence. Only in wrestling with the space between good and bad do we find who we truly are this week Mary advises us to see where we can grow beyond a dualistic analysis to truly savor a multi-dimensional existence.

Undercurrents & Final advice

Angel of Love (Reversed)

Sometimes we wish so hard for something that we end up pushing it even farther away. Consider how we are showing up in the world as impatience or entitlement. Are there times we are over-focused on our ex or a story of betrayal? Are there times we show through our actions and wounds that we aren’t ready to offer love to another? The easiest way to attract love is to show up ready to accept the grand adventure of love – including but especially patience.

Woman Holding a Heart

It is always risky to offer our heart in an uncertain and even hostile world. But what the world needs now aren’t those who are hoarding their hearts, saving them for a day when the world is finally safe. No, the world needs those who are willing to show up as Love. Because without these people, without us, taking a risk on Love, how can we ever hope to sustain a world that supports the same? We have to be willing to take the first step – to risk getting hurt, rejected, and misunderstood – because it is the bravery of showing up to try that ultimately will inspire others to do the same. Enough of us do this, enough of us take a risk on love by showing our heart, and the world will begin to align with the safety needed for such enormous trust and risk. It feels dangerous because it is, but if we don’t do it, how can we expect anyone else to?


May we take the lessons of the past eclipse cycle and bravely face the vulnerability within. As we learn to integrate new narratives of abundance and collaborative growth, may we find it easier to let go of the loneliness of proscribed scarcity and communal fears. May we find the courage to show up as Love in the most unlikely of places, bringing the light of companionship to new loves and soul family who can help us bring our dreams into collective reality.

So may it be. I am with you always in love πŸ’–

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