Messages of Divine Love (12/05/22): The Gift of Rest

An ongoing theme over the past few weeks has been prioritizing rest, recuperation, and restoration. Healing, for all that it provides us in the long run, can be exhausting in the short term. Whew! And this week we get that message loud and clear, including two extra cards that dropped into the reading with the Work Your Light Oracle deck. This deck is not shy at saying yes/no and “get out of your own way, stupid.” and when it comes to talking about rest, this kind of overkill is about as clear of a message as we can get.

I am taking a note from this reading this week and taking a break from any longer introduction that I normally do with these posts. Honestly, as much as I enjoy sharing my thoughts, it is often what stops me from posting this on time. Now that I’m also posting these readings to substack, I think I’d rather share those insights later during the week – a way to reflect instead of anticipate. Or at least this week that’s where my head is at – reflective and wanting to change things up a bit.

But before I go, I wanted to remind you that I have two classes coming up this month – Gifts of the Trauma Informed Lover on Dec. 15 ($50/person) and Tarot for Transformation on Dec. 27 ($10/person). I will be offering the tarot class again as a 6-8 week offering sometime in the spring, so this is the last chance for at least a few months when the price will likely be going up. Click the links for more information.


Rest is a sacred need that equalizes all beings. Even as we are tempted by our twenty-four-hour world to defy the rest we need, may we heed the call to prioritize our own need for replenishment and rejuvenation. Even as worlds, relationships, and careers crumble apart, may we recognize the grace in moving forward. We open our hearts to our true soul families, those brought to earth in support of each other. As we lovingly release old attachments, we invite the new love to align with our lives, combing to bring peace to our world. May we find the courage to answer our soul’s call and embrace the bold oneness of our intertwined cosmic legacies.

So may it be. I am with you always in love 💖

Where we are this week

share Your voice

How often have we been tempted to share our stories, only to find ourselves quiet, reticent to open our mouths? How often have we noticed people get things wrong about our people and our heritage, making a mockery of what is sacred to us? How often have we witnessed injustices only to not know the right words to speak to make it stop? This week’s card assures us that our voice is not only necessary, but it’s also an utter necessity for our future survival. How can we solve the world’s problems if we’re making assumptions about the root causes, the severity of the harm, or the powerlessness of possibilities?

Messages from our Guides

Star Mother

Our guides offer us the loving embrace of the Great Mother, the mother of us all. No matter what our experience has been with the term “mother”, whether it’s been applied to us or denied to us, whether it was a loving or a painful experience, this card arrives to give us comfort and peace. We are invited to show up as mothers for ourselves, to be the parent that our inner child most needed and deserved. That means doing the holidays on your own terms, honoring the presence and magic of a season of unconditional love and goodwill for humanity. What better time to help us heal than to give ourselves the love we most needed when we were small, especially if that love was absent in our history.

Messages from Lady Gaia


I’m starting to find that the energy I feel from Lady Gaia, Mother Earth is eternally forgiving if tinged with a growing impatience for our ignorance. After scolding us last week for our waste and disregard for her gifts, we are invited to indulge in gifts of a different sort – the playful companionship of one another. This is a social season and while we all still need to take precautions, many of us feel comfortable with at least a small gathering of loved ones to celebrate and make merry. This week Lady Gaia wants us to engage in the sparkly play-making of the holiday season, to engage in celebration and rejoice in our connections. There is power in this too.

Messages from our Ancestors


By pulling at one of the Starseed cards in this deck, our ancestors are pulling no punches in telling us that we are part of something bigger. All of us, every single one of us, comes from “star stuff” as Carl Sagan might say. We often forget that we are each brother and sister, crafted from the same cosmic chaos that formed our universe. None of us are better than or superior to anyone else, including those who believe they are Starseed beings who deliberately incarnated on Earth to help it. Our very physical existence on this planet is a miracle beyond measure and yet we continue to moan about our small jealousies over land, wealth, and status. When in fact, we could be elevating the whole of humanity. When we finally see each other worthy of that shared legacy of an ancient, cosmic connection, suddenly all our other cares melt away.

Messages from our Future Selves

Take a Break

There are a lot of different ways to interpret this card. It can be a current imperative from our Future Selves to take a break now in order to support our oncoming work. Or we can see it as strategic advice for our future success. Fine nuances delivered with a commanding sledgehammer. Elsewhere in the reading, we hear the themes of deep rest reverberate. So, our Future Selves, are telling us to get used to building in periods of rest through our daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal lives. Whether it be for our ultimate health and well-being, or a deliberate attempt to reduce the anxiety of the world by slowing down, this needs to be one of our individual and collective goals in 2023 – we all need a break. Vacations for all!?

Mother Mary

Soul Family

So, who else was feeling that family awkwardness this year? Because Mother Mary is here, not with the mothering card, but the “call in your people” card. She knows we need more support, better support than we’ve gotten in the past. Friends who minimize our experiences while approving all of our bad ideas are sooooo out this year. But what’s in are those ride-or-die companions who aren’t afraid to call you in to be a better person. On the way out: Families who rely on shame, scapegoating, and co-dependency to keep us small. What’s trending: loving soul families that help us make our dreams come true, with compassionate communication and transparent intentions. Our true families will be there when we need them, not conditionally available if it matches their faith, politics, or potential for profit. Do you have a sense of who these people are or have you yet to meet them?

Extra Card


Remember the part in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where one of the contents involves rescuing a friend tethered underwater. Harry rescues someone else’s friend even though he’s not supposed to – because the risk of leaving someone tethered to a sinking ship is bigger than doing what we can to free them. Right now, we are asked, no, told, to start freeing everyone tied to the sinking ships of expectation and illusion. Releasing them from old soul contracts with us, allows them to fulfill the ones they have with others (we all have multiples). Freeing each other from the “forever and ever” promises made when we were eighteen before we knew the world, is a mercy. Giving our loved and perhaps not-so-loved ones a chance to find themselves without our feelings and grudges superimposed over them is just as much a gift to us – for we too should get the opportunity to move forward and know who we truly are without their influence holding us to past mistakes. Who needs release from the expectations of our disappointment or hope?

Extra Card


Breaking past life patterns, confronting internal issues, and prioritizing rest all deserve protection. And in fact, I don’t think we say enough, “We deserve protection.” when bad things have happened. Some of us might presume it, but how often do we actually -feel- it? This card affirms that we are indeed worthy of protection, especially as we engage in this deep healing and rest. However, it also tells us to be that protection for others – as they too heal. Do what you can to ensure your community is safe, prosperous, and thriving with equality and compassion.

Undercurrents & Final advice

Deep Replenishment

Obviously, rest is the significant, overarching theme of this week’s reading. But this card affirms that the transformations and healing that are happening are on a deeper, soul-affirming level. Know that this kind of healing is never easy – just like you have to not oversaturate the parched earth, this is a long-term process. This isn’t something that a bubble bath will cure. We are entering a phase of deep reconciliation on a soul level, which means facing some hard truths. We ultimately must choose to allow ourselves to receive that healing – to face the challenging aspects of ourselves including our biases and emotional dependencies.

Answer the Call

Things are not working out right now because the cost of healing is a period of distraction and overwhelm. For healing to truly work in our lives, we have to uproot everything we think we want in order to suss out the patterns that have been keeping us stuck. That disrupts the careful balance in our world that our goals need in order to grow. Instead of doing cartwheels, holding his goals in balance, this card is losing control, trying to figure out his body again. We might not be truly starting from scratch, but we aren’t too far off.

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