Poetry: Sparks of Heart

A poem for past & future lovers from the remnants of my polyamorous heart

Anyone who is polyamorous knows about the phenomenon known as New Relationship Energy (NRE). That googly-eyed, so-in-love sensation of possibility tinged with life-changing transformation.

Now, I’m normally the kind who tries to temper my experiences of NRE because I’ve seen it go awry so badly. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love…and I mean, LOVE what falling in love does for my life.

This is a recovered poem from back in 2008/09 when I was falling in love with my partner of 15 years, Warrior (AudaciousGrowth). It’s so marvelous to find this on the same day as this full moon in Gemini energy – recovering a part of my past in order to power my plans for the future.

I have cut myself off from new love for so long that I sometimes have to reach far into the depths of my soul to remember exactly how transformative falling in love has been in my life.

Which is why today, only nine days before my 45th birthday, it’s timely to find this reminder – because in the coming year, I know I want to fall in love all over again.

Sparks of Heart

The glow compassion still etched on my storied face

the rage of enlightenment beating through my rattled mind

the scent of the last embrace still moist on my hybrid skin.

The flavor of conversation still dripping from my silvered tongue

the essence of patience illuminated in my cosmic path

the solace of togetherness still calm in my studied reflection.

The prickling of separation still tethered to my heart’s conscience

the urge of passionate amens hinted throughout my sunset days

the scratch of choices still contained in my Holy Spirit.

The hope of our masterpiece now lightens my misbehaving burden

the bliss of whispered vows awakening my worshipped vision

the anticipated enchantments forever alive in our final kiss.

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