Messages of Divine Love: Just Live.

January 3, 2023 / Osho Zen Tarot

New Year, new format.

First, let me just thank you for sticking with me weekly, month after month. Some of you have been here for years and have witnessed the holistic evolution of my life to be a more public healer than ever before. You are why I am here, why I continue to show up and share these messages. So thank YOU!

I wouldn’t be if I wasn’t looking for ways to improve these readings. After doing these for over a year, I have learned so much! Not only do I love doing these readings, but they offer me a way to connect with people across networks that feels wholesome and true. Lessons over the last year helped me hone this into a more consistent offering, without it taking up my whole day/week anymore, leaving more open to doing readings and working on my book.

As you can tell, I’ve been playing with the format over the past two months and think I’ve settled on some changes that feel supportive of what I want to create and promote in 2023: a vibrant and fulfilling life. That means cutting out the comparisons, cutting out the guilt, and actually just savoring every moment I have with both intention and openness.

Here are the changes you’ll see:

  • No long preamble – just a quick introduction to the deck, why I chose it, and any relevant first impressions from the reading
  • Each card has suggested chakras to activate/heal. if a particular message speaks to you, focus your work on that chakra to support that message.
  • A short summary replaces the blessing
  • The post will be updated with links to Patreon and Substack where you will find a deep dive & personal Messages of Divine Love.

Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

This week I picked the Osho Zen Tarot. This is one of my favorite decks to start the new year off right. Not only does it really look at big-picture themes and messages that I love, it also is willing to poke fun at us delivering a not-so-gentle clue-by-four to the head when we need it.

See more below…

Where We Are This Week

Healing – King of Water

All Chakras

To start 2023, we have the King of Water preaching to us about Healing. For anyone of a spiritual bent, 2022 was an accelerated timeline of healing that I’m not sure any of us could have anticipated would play out the way it did. I mean, even if I had known I needed to release a lot of things in my life, I hadn’t realized how deeply certain relationships in my life would be tested and ultimately proven to be toxic and maladjusted. If you were similarly humbled by the sudden onset of difficult healing, feelings squeezed on all sides, this card offers a welcome reprieve with a message of mastery over our own selves, our own healing. We not only have cleared some major hurdles in our lives, but we’ve also finally made room to heal ourselves, to show up as the healer we most need for ourselves. We step into this week as the embodiment of healing for a new earth.

Messages from our Guides

Flowering – Queen of Rainbows (Earth)

Heart Chakra

Immediately when I saw this card, I was taken in by its tender celebration of life. Not only are opportunities for abundance starting to pop up all around us, but we are also finally coming into our own. The seeds that we planted ten years ago, in the wake of the “2012 Transformation” are now starting to flower and show their true light and potential. We are closer to the fruition of our dreams than ever before. This card invites us to take stock of the past ten years and what has changed. How is your life a realization of your dreams? How did you redefine your experience these past ten years? Would you even recognize the life you have now? How have you flowered and bloomed into the exquisite being you are today? How can you celebrate and honor that experience this week?

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

Participation – Four of Fire

Solar Plexus

To build anything real, we’ve got to actually show up and participate in its creation. Having a marvelous idea is one thing, but nothing happens if that idea isn’t communicated, activated, and even challenged through examination and testing. We do not exist in a vacuum, so for an idea to become a reality, we must build its foundation IN reality. This is about the unity and harmony of our own energy first – mind, body, heart, and soul – toward our goal, then it’s about activating the same in others to contribute their energy to a bigger whole. This is what Mother Earth requests of us – to put all of ourselves into our goals, to show up and actually participate, and to be present in all aspects of ourselves in all things. Are we truly present with the people, concepts, and practices we say we prioritize? This card simply says, “either show up or shut up”.

Messages from Our Ancestors

PATIENCE – seven of Rainbows (R)

Root Chakra

We cannot rush the process. Our expectations of immediate gratification, certainty, cost-benefit, and reward-burden dichotomies are inhibiting the natural growth happening around us. First, we are impatient with our own healing, expecting to get something for nothing – a quick fix for the terrible feelings we’ve been suppressing. Then, we are impatient for change in the world. We have been planting seeds for over ten years and only now are we starting to see the flowering – not even the deliverance of the fruit. Gestation takes time. For we are only now recognizing our own blossoming, little plucks of cherry blossoms in spring don’t yield results until late into the summer. So…let things happen by their natural progression – this is how we return the earth to its natural bounty and rhythm, by honoring the divinity of natural timing. Stop trying to force everything.

Messages from Our Future Selves

Maturity – Ace of Rainbows

Sacral Chakra

The blossoming we are experiencing right now is just the start, just the pure, blessed beginning of everything. The abundance that will come to us this year will continue to perpetuate and grow as time passes. The more we fall in love with life and the world around us, the more we experience how bounty is self-sustaining if we allow it to be. So, be unconcerned whether you’re getting “results” the way we think – what we need to worry about is whether we are in alignment with the openness we need to receive all that is being offered to us. A few months and years from now, we’ll know that all of this painful patience has been worth it.

Messages from Mother Mary

Guilt – Eight of Clouds (Swords)

3rd Eye Chakra

Mother Mary’s message always serves as a bridge between the advice of our past (ancestors, and elders, who hold our emotional heritage) and the advice of our future selves (our rational higher selves who are retrofitting our success into present action). This week she hints that we are viewing the world through the distorted lens of guilt. It clouds our judgment and especially how we see ourselves, constantly performing for others’ approval more than out of our true conviction. How many of us are impatient because of old worries informed by past mistakes? We need instant gratification because we feel guilty for spending time on our dreams, and for being imperfect or messy. Instead of letting nature, including our own natural process, take precedence, our guilt convinces us that if we can control the outcome, finally we’ll find acceptance. And yet, it is the need for external validation that drives the pressure we feel. We rush the process of gestation because doing something well isn’t rewarded as much as doing something that hits the algorithm correctly. Let go of the needless, self-pitying guilt, and soon the impatience and need to control how others see us will dissipate and allow us to be more present in our lives.

Extra Card

Traveling – Eight of Fire

Root Chakra

This extra card warns us to be prepared to start moving in the direction of our dreams. All that we wanted to manifest, all that we wanted to happen will start arriving faster than we know what to do with ourselves. Therefore, it’s essential in this waiting period of Mercury Retrograde, to take only what we need with us. From a literal jet-setting schedule to the internal busyness of managing our dreams, the practical realities of our dreams coming true need to matter right now. Take one step after another, one bite at a time, and savor all that is arriving.


Politics – Seven of Clouds (R)

Crown Chakra

An ongoing theme in 2023 will be to resist the temptation to become the enemy. As frustrating as our current political scheme is, we must resist the urge to bring out the worst in ourselves to counter the worst in others. Take it from someone who has worked in politics, it isn’t worth it to use underhanded, dirty tactics. Victories won this way are fleeting at best, destructive at worst, and almost always empty. We keep consuming such empty, ugly tactics because that’s what victor’s story of humanity tells us to believe. But the best victories I’ve ever had, the most satisfying and meaningful were the ones that I won on the merits, where I didn’t shame or cajole, coerce or intimidate, but simply showed up with an argument based on lived experience. Because when you’ve encountered humanity on its worst day, you know that sometimes kindness is the most effective tactic in any toolbox. This year, reward those leaders who promote this value – even when standing up against a popular crowd – follow those who are kind, not those who are spewing venom indiscriminately.

Final Advice

Friendliness – Two of Water (R)

Root Chakra

Shoutout to all my recovering people pleasers out there – this card is dedicated to you. It is time to stop pouring ourselves into others’ lives in order to save, reform, or be accepted by them. We aren’t getting anywhere in this codependent dance of passive-aggressive expectations. Be very aware of who we are pouring ourselves into and why. Are we expecting change? Or are we true companions on the journey? Are we expecting approval or are we standing free of attachment to the result? It is time for us to let go of the counterproductive relationship we have with our own need for approval that causes us to enmesh ourselves in others’ opinions. It’s time to untangle ourselves from our insecurities and stand in our own power for once.

Parting words

What I loved about this reading was the spectrum of color that was displayed across the layout. The rainbows offered in both the cards’ colors and the prevalence of “earth” aka Rainbow (Pentacle) energy in this reading were truly beautiful to see. We are starting the year with a reverence for the full spectrum of life. We can channel this energy if we choose to truly value our rich diversity and work for the liberation of all to experience the same awe.

So may it be. I am with you always in love 💖

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