Messages of Divine Love (12/27/22): Remembering our Exalted Balance

It isn’t unusual for all of us to get nostalgic at this time of year. So many reminders hit us over the holidays. The darkness and slowing down of winter make us introspective. The end of the year triggers a flurry of posts reviewing the biggest trends and news stories of the year, memorializing them before we cross the threshold of 2023.

This week’s reading asks us to do much of the same – except it doesn’t just want us to look at the last year, but the last few millennia that have been sitting inside our bones waiting to be released and healed. The darkness we’ve all collectively gone through was to unearth these stories and unbury them from the collective subconscious so that our words and actions today might carry us through to start a radical movement of love, authenticity, and channeled action.

In our retrospectives, we often neglect to look at how we’ve helped fulfill our ancestors’ dreams. Where did we heal intergenerational wounds of broken pride, shattered dreams, and forced separation? How did we tend to our lineage’s trauma, the bruised hearts of our families, and the rotting core of our foundations? How did we dismantle old paradigms and beliefs that hold us back?

The energy that I got from the reading this week reminds us of our ancient roots of divine union. For once upon a time, we didn’t live with the perverted lies of patriarchy or the control mechanisms of capitalism. We lived and loved as a collective force. And this memory is lodged underneath all that heartache and pain, how our predecessors were cast out and exiled for being different. By claiming our right to our own authenticity, we counter those histories, pulling away the layers that obscure us from recognizing our true birthright: Divine Love.

This message of balance is woven through all the messages of this past year, and indeed the direction my calling has brought me over all this time. I cannot think of a more fitting end to 2022 than reclaiming our experience of the divine that lives within us through our bloodlines and our past lives. The Messenger Oracle offers us a relieving message of reclamation if we choose to embrace it. And if we let that guide our faith into the new year, we’ll find 2023 to be a year of relieving clarity.

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Where We Are This Week

Embrace the Masculine

Solar Plexus

We have been training for this! This is our moment to finally step forward with a renewed sense of self-possessed, assertive authority to speak up for ourselves and stand up for what is right for us and our communities. This is the essence of the Divine Masculine or divinity in its active state of conscious follow-through. We’ve been through the darkness, we’ve received the love offered to us, and most of all, we’ve found healing during these tumultuous 2022 days. All of that to bring us to a moment where we each have a duty to stand up for ourselves and each other. When we see true suffering in the world, how can we channel our power to address it? When we see injustice in our families and communities, what are we doing to redress it? Now is the time to bring the light of action to our lives to finally execute our plans for a better world in partnership with the divine masculine within ourselves.

Messages from our Guides

See the Truth

3rd Eye

We are constantly being bombarded with messages urging us to “invest in ourselves” by purchasing a $2000 seminar that is promised to change our lives. Yet, our guides this week want us to look past the flashy aesthetics, the curated feeds, and the AI-generated copy to see the values underlying all these offers. Not every offer is worth considering, just as not every guru is worth following. This week our guides are asking us to activate our deeper, higher selves to discern the smoke and mirrors from the real substance of our generational and personal work. Recognize where we’re being fed a line that ultimately reinforces the very structures we’re here to tear down.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

Embrace the Dark (R)

Root Chakra

No doubt that we’ve been through a lot in our lives and especially over the past year. With so many of our important relationships and structures crumbling, it’s easy to get lost in the dark, moaning and wailing over our pitiful state. But in all that Lady Gaia gives us a gentle reminder not to neglect those who have been helping to guard our light, sitting with us in the dark, dead of our hearts waiting for us to emerge. Now is a time to shine some light on them, especially after being deprived of it for so long ourselves. They deserve care too.

Messages from Our Ancestors

Show That you Care (R)

Heart Chakra

As a polyamorous woman, I’ve gotten my fair share of comments about how “liberal” I am with my love. “Everyone else is happy with just one person, why isn’t that enough for you?” As if limiting our love is the ultimate way to demonstrate it? I have found the more love you give, the more you are able to receive. All year, our ancestors have been begging us to listen to their experiences – the stories of parental neglect, spousal control, and tense friendships that lack trust or safety clutter our personal and global history. In a time where the world needs so much love, what is the use of hoarding it all for ourselves until we find the perfect, deserving partner, child, or family member worthy of it? Withholding love only makes us more bitter and brittle in the end.

Messages from Our Future Selves

know you Belong

Crown Chakra

In the wake of the great waves of awareness that have been sweeping through our culture, we have perhaps placed too much of an emphasis on exclusion and un-belonging. We have gotten so wrapped up in our primary identities that we forget that our differences are what make us stronger – like Starfleet. Our future selves warn that we’ve been so self-conscious of our differences, that we’re using that to reject those who offer us a space to belong. Our shame over our imperfections and differences causes us to self-select out of belonging anywhere, keeping us in a default state of separation and anxiety. Be intentional about creating room for differences in our backgrounds and identities and accepting the offers of belonging even if they aren’t a perfect fit.

Messages from Mother Mary

Hear the Ancient Ones

Throat Chakra

Normally this position would be a bit cheeky, sarcastic, and playful. but this time it’s dead serious – Mary wants us to use this week to truly tune in to our ancient stories – our own histories, our own families, our own ancestors. But she also wants us to take a big-picture view of history – to listen to the ancients who have been crying out through their children across the globe – we need to stop these patterns, specifically the patterns where we reject or withhold love unless it meets an impossible standard of perfection – how well did that work for people in the past? The ancients are whispering their wisdom – we just need to stop talking long enough to grasp it.


Let Two Become One

Heart Chakra

The undercurrents this week flow with the spirit of divine union. It reinforces that our natural status should be one of divine balance with the dichotomies of our world. A balance between light and dark, masculine and feminine, and even good and bad. Because only through the experience of the other can we see a true mirror into ourselves to understand Who We Really Are. The key to flowing through this week is to catch this undercurrent of exalted balance

Final Advice

A new Day Dawns (R)

Root Chakra

A self-fulfilling prophecy is defined as “an expectation or belief that can influence your behaviors, thus appearing to make the belief come true.” When it’s acting positively for us, we call it manifestation. When it’s working negatively for us, we call it self-sabotage. But in the end, it is a psychological principle that aligns with the advice, “You get what you give.” Here, we get what we choose to see in our world. If all we see is the hardship, the paranoia, the lack, we begin to believe that this is all we’ll ever see. We have to dare to allow ourselves to dream of a better world. That doesn’t mean we abandon our quests for justice or neglect those who are suffering, but rather, we are asked to believe – to have faith that we are part of building a better world. For if all we see is our own hopelessness, we energetically will only recognize those that align with this core belief – so change the underlying beliefs that inform of vision and dare to see things a new way. For a new day is dawning, we only have to recognize it as such.

So may it be. I am with you always in love 💖

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