Messages of Divine Love: The Pain We Pass On

May 22, 2023/ The Rose Oracle

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Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

I have to be honest – this week’s reading threw me a bit. Sooo much resentment came pouring through. Patterns of cruelty masquerading as discipline haunting our world right now. Bringing up bitter old resentments that then start cycling back to the beginning all over again. 

But more than that, this was the 2nd attempt at this reading, not the first. When I pulled the first set of cards they were in deep conflict, enough that I felt I had to redraw the card. but of course, no matter how well I shuffle every time I rethink a reading, some of the same cards sneak back in. “I said what I said”. Here the main card that came back, in the same position was the Queen of Swords with Mother Earth. 

This isn’t a card I relate well to. The Queen of Swords is usually too severe, too silver-tongued to appeal much to me. This is why here, with Mother Earth, it’s notable. There is so much wrapped up in this card – a fierce call to action – one so important that she had to tell it to me twice. This message, however, will land differently with everyone who sees it.

So, I wanna hear from you, what do you see in this card? Complete the equation. (No wrong answers – share what your intuition tells you!) 

Queen of Swords + Mother Earth = ???🤔

Where We Are This Week

the Hermit (R)

Third Eye Chakra

I have a love/hate relationship with the Hermit card. While most of my life has been spent as a social butterfly who flirts between groups and is a bringing of integration and connection, the past five years of my life have been spent in relatively comfortable isolation. It’s been a safe, healing space for me. But, even I have to admit that all that isolation has deprived me of the rich, contextual education that socializing and sharing my knowledge could offer. Isolation, for short periods, can be a deepening, refreshing examination of conscience. But when we get stuck there, in our heads, wrapped up in whatever stories we’ve allowed ourselves to believe, we treat the rest of the world with suspicion, dread, and insolence. We need the context of our connections to grow. Like night giving way to daylight, we need to come out of our caves or suffer becoming the same ignorant fools who drove us to isolate ourselves in the first place.

Messages from our Guides

The High Priestess

Crown Chakra

Last week on Twitter some guy tried dismissing me by using my tarot work to invalidate my experience both as an attorney and as a queer woman. And of course what he gets wrong is that while I listen to my intuition (for which tarot just helps me find the right words), it is my knowledge that makes me powerful. But it is this blanket dismissal of intuitive gifts and thus invalidation of women’s experiences by the wounded masculine that is the original sin of patriarchy. Our guides are telling us that we all have the intuitive gifts of the high priestess, the goddess waiting to be tapped into, waiting to be called into action. Unlike Wheel of Time, this isn’t reserved only for some of us but is available to all of us. Even if we can’t differentiate our intuition from our anxiety yet, there are people like me who can help untangle those threads so you know who you are versus who society told you to be. Seek out the intuitive signals of your guides to get through the week. You are more intuitively aligned than you might think!

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

Queen of Swords

Throat Chakra

I’m underselling it here. As I mentioned earlier in the post, this card was so important that it had to be said both times I drew the cards – in the same position – that’s just not normal. But it’s deeper than what I put on the graphic – it isn’t just that communication is key to our leadership potential – it’s that our leadership must be built from the art of communicating with integrity. It’s almost too big of a topic to cover here. It’s about being precise & accurate with your words/data. It’s about giving others a chance to be heard. It’s about maintaining one’s own independent opinion as well as knowing how, when, and why to communicate it. It also means calling out injustices wherever we see them instead of intellectually cowering from the challenges ahead. But as I said, I want to hear from you – what does this card, as commanded by Mother Earth, mean to you?

Messages from the Ancients

King of Cups (R)

Sacral Chakra

We all know a guy like this – the sour grapes guy. The curmudgeon who was beaten with a switch once a week and “turned out just fine” 😟He’s the one who goes on one bad date and then swears off dating forever. He’s the one who is out there advocating for “no nut November” so he doesn’t have to face how his parents shamed sex to the point where he loathes himself for feeling desires at all. But it also isn’t isolated to a he – for there are many women out there who are policing people’s genitals in bathrooms and banning books all because they can’t face their own brittle, fragile sexual jealousies. Discipline that is synonymous with cruelty is why I felt so much resentment pouring from the cards this week. Our ancients and ancestors are begging us to realize the damage that this did to them and that they did to us. If we face it, we don’t have to pass this pain on to others – but right now we live in a collective that is replicating this on dangerous levels. But stopping the patterns requires an emotional honesty that many are resisting – address it in yourself first.

Messages from Our Future Selves

King of Swords

Solar Plexus Chakra

On the one side, we have patriarchy’s hydra swollen with resentment and bitterness and on the other, we have the strength and confidence of truth. Don’t mistake this as emotions vs. logic game because a) nothing is ever that simple and b) it still plays into the women’s weakness vs. men’s superiority set-up that is at the heart of the patriarchal lie. No, this is about the bitterness of disappointment, uncertainty, and deprivation against the integrity, compassion, and certainty of wisdom. The wise king hears both what is said and what is unsaid. The wise ruler consults experts and ensures the people most impacted are heard as well. The compassionate sovereign knows when they are acting out of selfishness or greed and course corrects, providing themselves with enough advisors to ensure they minimize these personal crusades to do what is just and good for the many. The worthy leader is the one who doesn’t pass their pain along to others – that isn’t leadership, it’s just hazing.

Messages from Mother Mary

eight of Pentacles

Root Chakra

Technically this card is always sideways in the reading, which I generally negate as the balance between upright/reversed. Here I wanted to show the reversed side to highlight the crossed wands – however, when laid out, the crossed wands point to the reversed king of cups (ancients) and the open ones point to the king of swords. The message for me is quite clear – when we encounter delays in our plans or difficulties in manifesting – look at where we are directing our energy. Are we placing it in the hands of fear and conformity, like colonization taught us to or are we directing ourselves toward the wisdom to be gained as our highest selves? Mother Mary is telling us to pay attention to the tensions when they arise and listen to our intuitive self for the answer. Don’t fret about the delays – this will take time.


The Emperor

Throat Chakra

I have been serving on boards since I was sixteen years old and have written more vision and mission statements than I care to detail. These statements don’t just tell others what that organization stands for – it is also a guidepost to illuminate the choices we need to make for the larger good. This is something we very desperately need right now. For if we are to step into a leadership role in any capacity in our lives, we need a guiding set of principles, a mission that informs our decision-making, and a vision we want to share. Right now the Emperor is commanding us to decide what we stand for – to set those principles now, to write that vision now, to start that mission today. For this must be at the foundation of it all: what are you here to do?

Final Advice

Nine of Cups (R)

Heart Chakra

Anyone who has been around kids will recognize the stubborn pout of a child that threw a tantrum over not getting what she wanted. Yet, even after getting it, she turns away in defiance now refusing to accept anything, even help. This cycle of self-punishment and denial is an expression of the resentment I discussed earlier in the post. The cruel jibes, the teasing that turns degrading, the gaslighting, the “discipline” that was used as a cover for sociopathic harms. Closing off our hearts to the offered healing won’t win us any gold stars – at least not from the people who matter. It is up to us to release ourselves from the hardness of our hearts. It has been and always will be our choice – but choose we must.

Parting words from a Geek Empress

A few weeks ago I rewatched Wheel of Time – I have no opinion on the quality of the adaptation since I haven’t read the novels *yet* but I find it to be an intriguing study for my books which have some similar albeit very different themes.

For instance, in the world I am building magic is available to all, but some are just more naturally gifted at their particular clan’s gift than others. Leaders are chosen not by genetics but by suitability to lead in these times, highlighting the qualities of the clan’s code. Masculine and feminine exist in all peoples, again, it’s just a matter of expression. The ebb and flow of gender is a constant and so within one lifetime and he/she/they/ze combination can happen at any time and in any order and for absolutely no reason whatsoever. So the forced, gendered fighting in season 1 of Wheel of Time would be entirely irrelevant for my novels (I would hope!).

What is relevant here is that our world is being torn apart by two different polarities – the bitter and angry resentment of the past and the inclusive, integrated, and luminous love of the future. One will win out and tear us apart if we let it. And in that…we will not win, not really – for what type of integrated people would we be if we choose to leave people behind in their suffering. Wouldn’t we just be creating the same problem?

OR we can try another way. We can hold our ground and wield truth with courage. Drawing all the magic in union with the Earth, not in exploitation to her, so we can protect those we love, and shield our people against the storms. Each time they try to break us, they get a new shard of our love working our magic from within. For if we believe that love is more powerful than hate, we need to be mindful not to embed our hate, but to shower the earth with more of the love we share.

Remember, I am with you always in love 💖


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