Messages of Divine Love: Bloom into Trust

May 8, 2023/ The Rose Oracle

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Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

The Rose Oracle holds some special meaning for me – roses are lovingly scattered throughout my whole history, not just in the obvious ways like my name. My wounding has often reminded me of my strength, the immense beauty of my pain hidden behind layers of lusciously sweet-smelling petals but also the sharp pain of my thorns – hence the name SharpSweetBella.

I was reminded this week how often I’ve been using my thorns to keep others away. Finding anything I could to snag them in a lie, draw blood with a scratch, and make them stay at a distance unless they have proven they can handle me. And even at that, if they get pricked, it’s because they weren’t paying attention. My thorns have helped me survive – but it’s also kept me deeply on the outside, estranged from the connections I crave. I am planting new seeds, new hopes for the future – and with it, I am shedding some of the sharpest of the thorns, allowing others a chance to reach me – and for me to reach for them.

With so many storms, and so many changes sweeping through our lives, it feels almost impossible to believe that anything is taking root, but just like the tender shoots are making their way to the surface of the soil, so too is our trust emerging from its long slumber to make its way into the light of day. 

Where We Are This Week

Rose Without Thorns

Sacral Chakra

One of the biggest lessons I hope we all learned from this Mercury Retrograde (which goes direct at the end of the week) is that we each have a right to both our boundaries and our joys, our thorns and our freedom. For once, we feel that perhaps we can finally shed a few of the thorns that kept us separate from others. We can let go of the painful restrictions we imposed on ourselves and finally, blessedly experience a life of trust…or at least the faint hope of it.

Messages from our Guides

The SUn

Solar Plexus Chakra

When the sun starts to shine in our lives again, it takes some time to adjust. More light, more love means more exposure of our vulnerabilities to the rest of the world. It could sting a bit to receive that much attention and support right at first, but eventually, we acclimate. We have been in the darkness for so long, it might take some time, but soon we will come to welcome the warmth of truth and the joys of success. And…as we start to feel the glow of that magnificent sun on our skin, others will see and feel their own light. (pssst…last week we had the Sun reversed in the advice from our future selves)

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

After the Rain

Heart Chakra

The freedom we seek, the freedom we deserve is one of sacred release. We’ve cried, screamed, and wailed through the pains of our past and just like the steam that rises from the ground after a hard summer rain, we feel a sigh of trust sweep through our lives. The catharsis may not have come the way we expected, but still, it left room in our lives to contemplate hope. There is always, always a silver lining. We can have mercy on ourselves – even Mother Earth (who has been cranky all year in these readings) affirms how important it is to take in that fresh new breath of life and savor the blessed release.

Messages from the Ancients

We ARe Nature

Root Chakra

We are rooted in earth – our very biology is meant to live in symbiosis, not competition with nature. The ancients understand this in ways our more recent kin may not. They invite us into communion with the earth, to root ourselves into the beautiful mysteries of nature, the commonalities we share with the living world surrounding us. When we allow ourselves to be in awe of the trees, flowers, sky, and blessed water, we find a depth of truth that can shake and soothe our souls. Whenever you need strength immerse yourself with the interconnectedness of nature.

Messages from Our Future Selves

The Grandmothers

Crown Chakra

The ancestral healing we’ve been engaging in has allowed us to call in “the grandmothers”, the nurturing mother energies that surround and support us. No matter what our relationships are with our mothers in this lifetime, we are being guided by those who want to see the best in us, who want us to succeed, and who want us to carry their memories and stories forward. To become our best selves in the future, we need to invoke the support of these grandmothers who are ready to help in any way they can.

Messages from Mother Mary

the Rose of Venus

Crown Chakra

Listen to the whispers of your heart. They will show you the flow and alignment of life, the sacred balance that was always meant to be a part of our lives. Struggle may be part of the human experience, but we can never truly be separated from Source. It is always available, always there – all we need to do is find our best way, our “right relationship” with that divine alignment. There are many pathways to the divine and when we live in trust we find harmony with all paths. The alignment is always available if we are first honest with ourselves.


The Thorn

Third Eye Chakra

So, even though we start this week recognizing that we don’t have to have our thorns up all the time, that doesn’t mean we should eliminate them. Rather, we’re upgrading them so we deter the people we don’t want while lovingly snagging the people that we do. We’re adapting our boundaries for our growing, glowing selves – so don’t be surprised if we’re in a position where we have to restate our boundaries. This is a good thing and an appropriate theme for the end of Mercury Retrograde.

Final Advice

The Child Within

Heart Chakra

The inner children within us are beyond stressed out at this point – how can they not be? They need a loving Mother figure to reassure them that they will be okay and that she will offer them safety and hope. Mother’s Day is always difficult for those who grew up without a positive, nurturing, unconditionally loving figure in their lives. But the Great Mother knows and understands this and offers her support willingly, but not cloyingly. There is no agenda other than holding us close. There is no promise except to see and soothe us to the extent we allow. There is just love – the pure, protective love we’ve always needed (especially from ourselves).

Parting words from a Geek Empress

This month I got a strong feeling that the Divine Mother’s energy is returning to the earth…or rather resurging to the surface. So many are carrying a torch for Our Lady, a Mother with such immense unconditional love, that we are finally manifesting her into the world, allowing her love to bloom within us, giving us reasons to trust ourselves (and the divine) again.

Of course, it doesn’t feel like that because the events of the past few weeks have us so devastated with grief and confusion. With the weary trauma of daily shootings, a public subway killing, and the inconsistent trust we have in government, media, and each other, it’s hard to believe in love as rich and pure as the Great Mother.

We don’t yet believe she can save us. It seems too big for even her to fix – but then again every problem and obstacle usually does. Yet, there is a purpose to wiping our tears, encouraging us to get back up and try again – she comes to replenish us of the love that the world stole from us with the kiss on the boo-boos. But she gives us the cleansing power of her love so that we can get back out into the world and help her other children. Nothing is ever too big for her if we go forth and share her love with others – each of us empowered to be the hands of love for another. Trust me, it works.

I plan to get back to my Catholicism post this week because our interconnected truths are starting to converge. She is calling all of us to bloom as proof of the strength embedded in our vulnerability. When we pour ourselves into the world with the truth of our stories, we unlock new layers of healing for everyone. Each of us adds color, texture, vibrancy, and shine to an already stunningly vibrant world – so why do we keep insisting on painting ourselves a prison in only black and white?

Remember, I am with you always in love 💖


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