Messages of Divine Love (5/9/22): Checking back in with the Divine

Weekly Messages of Divine Love: a big picture overview for the collective with messages from our guides, Mother Earth, our ancestors, our future selves, and Mother Mary.

Who else felt patriarchy’s weaponized paternalistic reasoning take hold when we discovered the leak of a majority draft repealing Roe vs. Wade emerging from the Supreme Court (showing up just in time for Mother’s Day)? Who else felt the backlash of power and control, the snatching away of equality and freedom? Who else sees that this is patriarchy’s way of punishing us for the egregious sin of deciding what to do with our bodies? Who else sees the ugliness and greed of a dying belief system lashing out in desperately cruel and increasingly irrational ways?

A cornerstone of my personal faith system is autonomy. We are each the experts in our own lives and experiences and therefore, only we have the power to make the choices that are right for us. As a disabled woman, only I know how long I can stand or how far I can walk. I get to establish my own boundaries and limits for myself. As a queer Chicana, only I know what my family history is and which emotional wounds need to be healed. As a survivor of sexual assault, only I know what images, words, and actions are triggering my trauma. These are all decisions I get to make on a day-to-day level. And if I choose poorly, I usually have to feel that too.

But when it came to reproductive choice, especially when I was wanting a hysterectomy to finally cure the immense pain I was enduring each month during my periods, it seems others decided they knew better than me about what I wanted or needed in my life. Never mind that each month I would bleed through a pad an hour. or that I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk or concentrate for hours at a time, the first three doctors I talked to all refused to even consider a hysterectomy unless nothing else had worked. Have you tried Advil?

See, they all thought that I should fight to keep my uterus because I “might want more kids someday”. Might? Because I might want more kids someday? I was over forty, had a history of miscarriage, and had a high-risk pregnancy with gestational diabetes, but I MIGHT want more kids? In a not-so-subtle way, they had decided that I just hadn’t thought this through enough. They decided they knew my life situation, my ambitions, my finances, and my kids’ needs better than I did. They spent all of ten minutes with me only to dismiss me as hasty.

My priority as a mother is to create a safe space where my kids could find the language to tell me what they needed and wanted. I need to know when it’s time to step back and recognize that they deserve the same kind of autonomy. But I’ve also taught them that their choices can have consequences for others, consequences those people didn’t get to choose – it is our duty to recognize the potential impact of our actions and mitigate future harm. I taught them to take responsibility for how they show up in the world, but to also recognize and honor others’ autonomy too, insofar as it doesn’t harm others.

While certain groups claim to speak for God, they are not speaking with the voice of Divine Love. For true, Divine Love says, “I trust you to know yourself.” It recognizes that we are a symphony of autonomous choices and that without those choices, that free will to choose our words, actions, and ideas, we wouldn’t be who we are. It recognizes the perfection of our fallible humanity and preaches the futility of using shame as a motivator. Divine Love recognizes our inherent equality, our soul’s integrity and does not attempt to control, only to communicate, connect, and care. Divine Love honors boundaries and doesn’t coerce action. Divine Love remembers that none of us are better than the others and that we’re all just doing our best to become our best selves. It loves us as we are while encouraging us to rise to become who we really are under all the trauma, bitterness, and pain.

Last week we got a direct message to “Uncage the Goddess”, which is where a lot of our attention and energy has been going – to actively resist the caging of our right to autonomy and reproductive choice. This week, we’re being asked to bring it all back inside, reset and focus on the core of what really matters. The Oracle of 7 Energies, the deck I use each and every day for my own daily readings, aligns with chakra themes that show us how we can work with the core energy of these card positions. In fact, it’s almost like they’re reintroducing themselves to us to make us aware of how we can use these energies to stay in alignment through all the storms and threats on our freedom.

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Where we are this week

Quieting the Mind

Throat Chakra

One of the beautiful advantages I find with this deck is the simplicity of the messages. Where are we this week? we ask. “Quieting the mind” is the humble reply. How many of us got caught up in overthinking things last week? Especially given the emergency state of affairs that the Supreme Court put people through last week (was that only a week ago??), we collectively are in a place where we need to slow down, check back in, and give ourselves permission for a little bit of peace. While the fights around us are important, we need to allow ourselves breaks from the constant outrage. We cannot carry it all on our own and often once we settle back into ourselves through mindfulness, we often find new answers to the questions we seek. And this position’s message will always start with “turn inward and make room to listen to yourself”.

Turn inward to reset.

Messages from our Guides

Into Me I see

Sacral Chakra

Who is the one person who has been with us the whole time and who is going to be with us until the end: ourselves. So why are we so bound and determined to hurt the relationship we have with that person, that constant and loyal companion? Why are we so quick to beat ourselves up when it only takes us further from the self-acceptance we long for. The guides are always here to deeper our level of intimacy with ourselves. For when we are comfortable with ourselves and how we show up in the world, we make it safer for others to do the same. It all ends and begins with our ability to be vulnerable to ourselves, which our guides know and understand and will always prioritize.

Becoming our own best friend.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Sacred Reverence

Crown Chakra

Lady Gaia invites us to apply sacred reverence to all that we do, all that we consume, and all that we aspire to be. In harmony with the earth, we can do anything, but too often we’re practicing indifference toward her and her gifts. Mindless consumption harms us all. To understand the messages of earth, we must approach our physical world with sacred reverence, humility, and curiosity. When we hold a spirit of awe and gratitude overpouring in our hearts for the preciousness of our physical experience, we can truly realize heaven on earth. For when we approach our physical reality with the same presence of spirit we show our guides, goddesses, and gurus, we honor the spirit of all species that reside here, making our heavenly (Crown chakra) selves align with our root in joyful union.

Approach our world with sacred reverence.

Messages from our Ancestors

Ears Wide Open

Throat Chakra

Our ancestors are speaking to us all the time. they are calling out to us in the wilds of our imagination, the mundane routines of our daily lives, and especially in the surprising moments where we are hit with commonalities in our stories. How many women who came before me in my family suffered under similar harm as me? How many of the children of my family suffered messages of shame but grew up to be adults dishing out the same? What did they have to give up to fit in and how did it impact my generation? There is great value in listening to the stories, re-examining them, and bearing witness both to what is said and what is unsaid. This position asks us to engage in deep listening including freeing ourselves of any assumption, and choosing to hold presence without needing to be the center of attention, these are the emotional lessons this position will always offer us.

Sharing the gift of deep listening.

Messages from our Future Selves

A Deep Breath

Root Chakra

The future is unknown. Sci-fi writers and psychics can do their best, but the future will always depend on how we manage the fear of the unknown. It’s scary to risk anything right now. We get caught up in endless what-if statements. What if the business doesn’t work out? What if I fail? What if all of this is just wishful thinking? Our fear actively finds ways to keep us from that future. And make no mistake, this is patriarchy’s goal. In fact, the specter of harm that could come from one supreme court decision is just another way to keep people from realizing their dreams, from actualizing the inner protocols we need to reach our highest, brightest, best future. By keeping us locked in our fear, our worry about what could happen, we are weighed down by the fight for survival, and it feels unsafe to dare to reach higher. Our future selves acknowledge that although we have it hard, facing our fears to believe we can manifest a better world is the best use for all of us. Take a deep breath – recenter ourselves and ground into this vision of our highest truth – for we’re not done yet.

It is only our fear that threatens our destiny.

Message from Mother Mary

A Merry Motive

Solar Plexus Chakra

Mother Mary is always going to gently ask us to check in with our motives. Often, when we are facing disappointment and delays, annoyances and fears, we need to check back in with how we answer our why? When we understand what actually drives us, and what makes us get out of bed in the morning, we find clues as to how to piece our way back to ourselves. She helps us at the crossroads between our past and our future. And by illuminating what drives us, we can find a way to push through the fear to reach our highest selves. Her sincerity and earnest love make it possible for us to see ourselves as we truly are – dirty laundry and all. And if we look deep enough, we’ll find which motives are pure expressions of the soul – and which ones were the debris of wounds accumulated over time, she helps us separate the ego from our choices with a good, honest gut check.

A compassionately honest gut check.

Undercurrents & Final advice

The Land Between (3rd eye)

The threshold between what was and what will be.

Endless Possibilities (3rd Eye)

The only limit is our imagination

We often get anxious when we’re in between. We’re not comfortable in limbo. But right now, that’s where we are. We’re in the in-between stages of metamorphosis, of destiny-making realities. We are leaving an old world behind, one that provided comfort and succor, but at a steep cost of freedom and integrity. But we are moving into the unknown and it’s scary, like crossing those suspended bridges between lands. And yet, this is part of the process. We must become comfortable with the threshold of what was and what will be. The more we wait for certainty, the more painful the journey will be. For not everything can be predicted or controlled. And this card encourages us not to give up just because we can’t see the full path yet – it’s still under construction and our choices will determine what we find on the other side.

More of that new destiny materializes the more steps we take in the direction of our dreams. For when our choices demonstrate a willingness to engage in healing the past we create endless possibilities for our future. Each time we heal a wound we’ve been carrying, we open ourselves to a new potential within ourselves, a new strength, a new skill, a new idea about ourselves that helps the universe know what opportunities to send us. For each time we reclaim more of ourselves, know ourselves, and act in harmony and reverence for our collective selves, we expand the availability of such an immensely bright future. The only limitation is our own imagination.


May we find harmony and grace in the introspective quiet of our own hearts as we reconnect with our true selves, repairing the damage this world has done to our inner lives. May we approach all new experiences with both awe and reverence, for each experience is a divine opportunity to truly know ourselves with integrity and joy. May we be open to new possibilities but patient with the process.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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