Messages of Divine Love (8/29/22): Generational disruptors

Last week was meant to be all about tarot. I facilitated my Tarot for Transformation class (amazing!) and was supposed to be vending for the first time as a tarot reader. I had been so excited about these events, that I had set aside a whole day just to prep everything I needed. Except something happened: I couldn’t visualize the end result and so all of my best-laid plans spun into disarray. A family emergency pulled me away from the spirals of self-doubt.

Nothing like the universe to come along and remind us of what is really important.

Part of what I noticed in myself this week is that while I”ve had some significant successes of late with my career, I am still reaching for old habits that sabotage me. The biggest one is giving into to mansplainers on the internet. There’s just something too familiar with having to fight my way through testosterone-enhanced allure goggles, the ones that see me more as prey than predator. And so when men take swipes at my intelligence or offer enticingly large gaps in knowledge as they yet again come in to offer unsolicited opinions to ensure they are the center of attention.

While I know I have nothing to prove to these types and often toy with their logical fallacies like a kitten with a wounded moth. I’ll let them think they’re soaring to freedom only to swat them down and watch them bounce around helpless, ensnared by their own desperation. I string these men along on their glossy liferafts of intelligence, the ones that seem more stable but can’t hold water. The minute they have to start operating at my speed, playing my game, they flounder around helplessly begging for mommy. After two prior warnings where I demonstrated objective compassion, he abused the generosity of my healing by continuing the very behavior I told him was unwelcome. Or at least that’s how I justified my disproportionately harsh response in my head, spending over three hours crafting the right message.

I’ve worked very hard so I don’t impulsively react to every man who doesn’t realize how insufferable he is. I mean, who has the time? But when I’m confused, lost, or feeling insecure, I reach for the easy dopamine confidence booster – I know how to weaponize my words into a scythe of intellect. I didn’t have to do that. By relying on old tools of dominance, I let my emotion disconnect me from the intuitive channel of my wisdom. I chose to add the energy of humiliation into the world, so convinced of my rightness, clouding me from how I’m adding to shame in the world, not alleviating it.

And that’s what our guides are warning us about this week – these are the patterns that built the walls of dogma caging us in. These are the temptations that chain us to our worst selves. We were born to shake these foundations, to loosen the structures, to eliminate the toxic beliefs from our future. We cannot continue as we have – we must disrupt generations of toxicity and enmeshment with trauma to create a world that operates through a lens of love.

Each day when we find ourselves willing to hurt others just to make a point – are we really working out of our intuition or is it our bias? Are we seeing the truth or do we only see our own woundedness and cut the truth to fit? Are we meeting people where they are or just locking us deeper in old, shattered states of being? Are we done playing cat and mouse and are we ready to get serious about disrupting generations of these patterns?

It has to start with us.

This week I worked with the Robin Wood tarot, one of my first and favored tarot decks – reliable and sincere in its approach. It never fails to deliver crisp messages of divine love, helping us see within ourselves. This deck is all about seeing where we are part of the problem so that we can right ourselves and become part of the solution.

See more below…

Where we are this week

High Priestess (R)

On the heels of the Justice card last week we have the High Priestess reversed. To me, this is about a clouded, panic-stricken use of our intuition. We might be operating from a skewed point of view or blindfolded to the truths right in front of us. This causes us to see through the lens of our fear or our pride than the lens of true clarity and knowing from the 3rd eye. We need to recognize when we’re trying to make facts conform to our viewpoint stead of adjusting our viewpoint to accept new facts and theories as they present themselves. Intuition requires us to extricate what is our own ego from the elements of our vision and inner truth.

Is it intuition or confirmation bias?

Messages from our Guides

Eight of Cups

After our guides used the Four of Cups reversed to tell us that we know what need to do, I think this week we are finally doing it. We’re finally making the choice to leave a difficult situation, knowing that it drains our cup more than it replenishes it. So now we move forward into the world, perhaps a little bruised and melancholy, but lighter than we might have expected to feel. Whatever it is, it’s done. Like done…done. We are encouraged to move forward with new faith in ourselves. Releasing this situation will allow everyone involved to pursue their highest truth.

Moving on releases us all to pursue our highest truth.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Four of Wands

We really have so much to celebrate and be grateful for. As we continue to live through a pandemic, Mother Earth is reminding us to take some time to truly live in celebration with each other. Many of us are receiving good news, new blessings, and increased abundance – our dreams are slowly starting to come true. By celebrating this energy, we invite more of it. By celebrating our friends’ successes, we bring more love into the world. If we are so powerful as to make something happen for ourselves, imagine the good that could happen if we poured that energy into our wishes for the earth and all of its inhabitants?!

Multiply the blessings.

Messages from our Ancestors

The Tower

I make so secret of my love for the Tower Card. So when this one showed up from the ancestors it was not only a confirmation to me but a confirmation for us. They are telling us that we are their best hope for taking down these systems that kept them locked in survival mode, confined in fear, and separated from their magic. We have the power to heal the wounds made by the past, not to bolster the systems that created them but to tear the whole thing down. Our ancestors confirm not just our own calling, but the inevitability of these systems falling because of our own awakening. For once a truth is seen, the structures that relied on our ignorance will ultimately fail. This is the way.

This was always our role.

Messages from our Future Selves

Six of Pentacles (R)

“Our future selves are telling us that there is a masterpiece inside of us trying to come out, but our talents keep getting misdirected. Who benefits most from misdirecting our talent, our vision, and our voice?” This week we are being shown very directly that someone is taking advantage of our good fortune and healing. Threatening to sap us of the goodness we’ve warned for ourselves, our future selves warn of the clingy hangers-on who are piggybacking onto our success in order to avoid their own inner work. They can succeed without siphoning off our own flow. Be mindful of where our kindness and effort is being used to fill a black hole in their own heart. It will not be sustainable unless and until they likewise pour their generosity into others’ lives too.

Who benefits from our generosity without doing the same for others?

Mother Mary


The message here is so simple – we are stronger than we know. This is not just about taking external forces but internal ones too. Here the woman makes friends with the beast, not in an effort to control it but to coexist lovingly with it. That is the true nature of strength. It isn’t brute force and dominance, but collaboration and a willingness to trust. Here the woman and the lion have built trust. So too we can build on our trust with our own selves, even the beastly demons that we know lurk within our own hearts. This is the bridge between the fall of the Tower and having the strength to set boundaries for people who would use us to stay stuck in an old paradigm of lack.

The strength we carry corresponds to the vulnerability we integrate.

Undercurrents & Final advice

The Devil

Temptation comes in many forms

Ten of Pentacles

Building our legacies here & now.

The Devil card shows up to remind us that temptation arrives in many forms. Illusions of safety ride in on the shattered promises of old paradigms. And when we are flush with success, we are even more likely to fall for empty promises, too distracted by our pride that we fail to align with our highest selves. Here we are warned to avoid taking the easy road, getting wrapped back into our addictions and superficial nonsense. And addictions don’t have to be chemicals like alcohol or opiates. They can come in the form of mindless spending (“retail therapy”), harmful gossip, consuming empty sugary drinks, and internet trolling. We are all subject to these weaknesses – the question is will we remember that we are also in control of them too?

Despite all of this, our guides tell us that we are on our way to greatness. All that we envision for our lives and the legacies we want to build for ourselves are all being created right now. A secure future is available IF we accept our role as generational disrupters and find the inner strength to resist our own blind ambition when success strikes. How can we channel this energy (especially in Virgo season) toward our most lasting goals and legacy-making choices?


May we heed the vision of our hearts with clarity and purpose as we move into new chapters of our lives. As we celebrate the sweet glow of success for ourselves and our communities, may we find the strength to do the work we came here to do without giving our magic to the illusory promises of a dying faith. May we triumph together to build a legacy of love.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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Carl Jung

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  1. […] Two weeks ago we had the same card in the exact same position. I said, “We really have so much to celebrate and be grateful for. As we continue to live through a pandemic, Mother Earth is reminding us to take some time to truly live in celebration with each other.” This week she is reminding us that not only do we have much to be grateful for, but we’ve also laid the foundations of an entirely new legacy for us, for our children, and for our world. Yes, we aren’t seeing the effects, but many intuitive, myself included, have felt this shift coming for some time. More and more people are tearing down old structures and rebuilding their lives with increased clarity, decreased colonialism, and more empathy. Support those who are doing the same – we all can build a better world, but we also need to take the time to celebrate how far we’ve come. […]

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