Messages of Divine Love ( 9/19/22 ): Force vs. Power

It was a really good thing we were given the message ” you are worthy ” this past week because we were definitely tested. The internet went off the rails in its relentless critique of black bodies inhabiting new versions of characters we were conditioned to view as white. We’ve been trying to force ourselves into pre-defined categories that ultimately just bind us to old patterns of the past. Whether it be the confines of gender, race, sexual orientation, or what we view as “healthy”, we get upset when people defy the boxes we’ve tried to categorize them in. But that kind of disruption to our nice, neat organizational hierarchies is exactly what is called for in the world we’re creating.

That’s in a world that truly values equality we recognize the boxes are just illusions meant to separate and divide us. They are lies fed by patriarchy and white supremacy, by religions and governments to create classes of deserving and undeserving. By controlling how these lines are drawn, who is included vs who is excluded, these structures are created to protect power. They label nonconformists as “deviants” and punish those who step outside the pre-determined roles we’re supposed to have. Just like in Loki, the variants who defy their cosmic programming to be heroes or winners are “pruned” to make way for the conformists, those who unconsciously play into the master plan under someone else’s control.

Americans are good at talking the talk when it comes to “freedom”. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, freedom of marriage to our chosen beloved. And yet, for all of our good talk about freedom, we’re not great at honoring when someone is exercising theirs. We reject their exercise of freedom because they’re from a category that isn’t supposed to be free – they’re supposed to be on a leash, they’re supposed to be tethered to a particular, social role that helps us feel superior to them. We “prune” them through our knee-jerk cancellations, all because they deviated from the path we decided they belonged to.

That doesn’t mean we can’t hold people accountable for clinging to opinions that ignore objective facts, it’s that we’re often quick to reject whatever threatens our sense of superiority over another. We’re quick to reject arguments that poke holes in our own. We’re quick to reject characters that don’t resemble our head cannon. We’re quick to cancel anyone who points out that the Emperor has no clothes. We talk circles around our point, using every fallacy in the book because the priority we place on being right is often more important to us than any priority we place on equality and dismantling the comforts of supremacy. We’ll even force a confrontation, force someone into silence, and force a result all to pre-emptively prove ourselves right.

But force is not power. True power cannot be taken, only given away. True power cannot be forced, but offered. True power cannot be controlled, only channeled. This is a core lesson we are all learning right now. Our manifestations aren’t arriving because we forced a square peg into a round hole, it’s because we shifted our tools and priorities to align with our true source of power within, Love. We are finding true love not because we coerced someone into a relationship with us, but because we offered freedom and trust and it was reciprocated with gratitude. We are finding success not because we stepped on others to get there, but because we held the door open for others to take a seat with us at a collaborative table (or maybe that’s just me 😊)

This week’s reading employs the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong, a great deck to show us our mirror image – what we think we’re projecting vs. what’s actually being said. Here we are being shown the difference between divine feminine power (aka intuition) vs. toxic masculine control (aka bullying) and how the latter will eventually succumb to the former. but first, we’ve got to retrieve what was taken from generations before us, find grounding in the traditions that honored earth’s rhythms in order to truly align with our power again.

See more below…

Where we are this week

Queen of Cups

This deck has always been playfully poignant so it’s no surprise to me that we start with a literal mermaid queen with the Queen of Cups. She is wise and trusting, open and transparent in her intentions. Considering one of the main themes of the Little Mermaid is about the destructiveness of trying to be someone we’re not, this card offers us a glaring reminder that authenticity may feel vulnerable, but ultimately it is our greatest source of strength. For only those who are comfortable with vulnerability have the strength it takes to offer welcome to the excluded without requiring conformity. Providing sensitivity to the senselessness of the violence inflicted on our fellow humans. This week the cards acknowledge this need for a caregiver figure who offers us comfort and welcome, inclusion and sensitivity, qualities we sorely need in our life this week. And yes, that means embodying the kind of inclusivity that welcomes Ariel as a black woman.

Authenticity as a source of strength.

Messages from our Guides

The High Priestess

Our guides point us to High Priestess, the rise of the divine feminine in our lives. Recalling that “the divine feminine” isn’t confined to cis women, but about a balancing of the dualistic energies within ourselves. We have been fooled into believing that there is weakness in following our intuitive wisdom, that it lacks rigor, courage or strength. And yet, how much suffering could have been avoided if we HAD actually trusted the messages from our subconscious trying to escape through our dreams, or the knot in our stomach as we assessed others’ plans. Our guides remind us that rejecting our cyclical, feminine cosmic wisdom is more about the programming of patriarchy, requiring that all knowledge be controlled, contained and meted our based on worth – we are ALL worthy of sharing in this wisdom together. Pay special attention to this Mercury Retrograde cycle and aligning ourselves with this upcoming New Moon.

Listen with our intuitive wisdom.

Messages from Lady Gaia

The Emperor (R)

This week mother Earth warns us of the toxic masculine urge to control everything and everyone in sight. Represented by The Emperor reversed, we are all too familiar with patriarchy’s power hungry lies. We see it in the proposed anti-abortion legislation. We see it in the anti-sex crusades. We see it in the “go back where you came from” epithets hurled at immigrants. We see it in the trans exclusive radicalization of gender essentialists. Every single one of these is borne out of the white supremacist, toxic masculine, heteronormative, gender conformist toolkit. Arguments are constructed out of fear of losing power, violence threatened upon those who deserve liberation from the chokehold that confined generations that came before us. Mother Earth is pointing to her abuser – a twisted, mad little Emperor is getting away with it – are we just going to here and do nothing? Or are we going to finally help Mother Earth take back her people’s sovereign voice?

The Emperor has no clothes.

Messages from our Ancestors

The Hierophant

Our ancestors point, ironically, to the Hierophant but here it is to point to our own spiritual authority and our own guidance. Consistent with the major arcana message from our Guides, we are to trust in our own faith, our own intuition, our own spiritual direction. Even if our faith was informed by an organized faith that we’ve since outgrown (like my Catholicism) it doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hold value. We need to consider “what do I actually believe?” Uncover the traditions of our ancestors and elders (like me bringing back the ofrenda) and see which ones fit well right now. This is about integrating older traditions that still align with our values and spiritual direction. Stick to the structure of how we’ve been able to access spirit in the past.

Rely on tried & true ways to access Spirit.

Messages from our Future Selves

Three of Wands

Our future selves see the value in the connections and opportunities presenting themselves right now. For me this card has been about channeling our resources into a larger good, especially projects that serve our callings. Here our future selves show that not only can we harness and direct the energy we have, but when we collaborate with others, we find even more energy, even more fire to fuel our dreams. All of this is for a purpose that we haven’t even dreamed of us yet. Even the unfortunate delays serve a purpose. Find meaning through the application of our skills and knowledge, growing with research, deepening our vision, and broadening our horizons. Follow the inspiration that speaks to our hearts, but don’t shut out those offering their help – all help & knowledge is worth having.

Channeling our resources by calling in our teams to help us.

Mother Mary

Four of cups

Mother Mary uses the Four of Cups to show us how our resentment is getting in the way of our dreams. Our grudges and disappointments solidify into an iron wall of resentment preventing us from seeing the good in our lives. For example, I have good reason to be angry at Catholicism, but it offered me an incredible relationship with the Divine through Mother Mary. She didn’t hurt me, the leadership of the Church and it’s sexist, homophobic policies hurt me. Especially when our ancestor are pointing back to tradition it’s a hard pill to swallow and few of us want to find value in the symbols and practices of institutions we thought we left behind. Practicing gratitude is the antidote to our hard feelings – don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Undercurrents & Final advice

Seven of Pentacles (R)

Burnout spreads us too thin.

Two of Wands (R)

Don’t borrow trouble.

With the Seven of Pentacles reversed in the undercurrents this week, we need to be cautious about what we’re prioritizing. Our efforts are a bit scattershot, distracted, and unfocused. We’re jumping at shadows and half-assing our execution as a result. This is all about the burnout we’ve been facing. This has been an exceptionally hard month of transition & loss for some, delays and misunderstanding for others. We need to take some to sit down in what remains of Virgo season to organize ourselves. Engage in a sort of reset ritual before the Equinox to soak up the rest of this powerful earth energy, grounding into the soul of earth itself in order to maximize our efforts with less stress, trauma or confusion.

The Two of Wands reversed delivers a strong rebuke against trying to force anything this week. The channels won’t align well thanks to Mercury Retrograde being more mischievous than that scamp, Loki. Be very wary of how our impulsive reactions actually manipulate our opinions, how assumptions combine with insecurity to compel us to force agreements, coerce cancellings, and serve our victimhood narratives. Instead of relying on things like love spells that ignore the other person’s autonomous right to consent, use our energies to pray for alignment with our highest selves, to make us an agent of good in our relationships, projects and workplaces. Any attempt to force things will boomerang back at us with a vengeance.


May the blessings of Divine Love find give us comfort this week as we open our hearts to new and old ways of accessing our intuitive wisdom. May we have the courage to reject the messaging of a dying patriarchy as we boldly create a world that welcomes authenticity, collaboration and equality. We trust in our intuitive gifts we as we model how to approach the world with discernment, patience and curiosity

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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