Messages of Divine Love (10/17/22): Best laid plans

Ever have that moment in your life when everything is great and things are finally starting to grow in the direction you want? Especially after trauma and loss, grief and failure, the tender spark of hope is barely visible, just barely growing into the fire that can burn down all your obstacles. You’re sparkling with possibility and think “finally! things are going my way!” Then something swoops in and sucker punches you blindsides you out of nowhere, throwing all of your plans into disarray. And each time you pick yourself up, it feels like the disruptive forces only get stronger, harder to ignore. It’s not just me, right?

These distractions are some of the worst reminds of how susceptible we are to the delicate balance within. We get self-conscious and begin to lose faith thinking that hte universe is out to get us. And while memes and podcasts assure us that the universe will provide for our needs, we know that we’re often just one failure, setback or delay away from giving up entirely. We encounter the same struggles as before and find ourselves stuck in the same patterns – but not because the universe doesn’t have our back – it’s because we don’t.

Embarking on a dream or pursuing a new vision can be scary and isolating. There’s nothing to guarantee our success. Most people don’t understand what we’re trying to create and often we fall down rabbit holes of what others tell us what they think we should be doing instead. I know I’ve felt that both in doing these readings every week as well as in writing my novel. I get distracted by everyone else’s opinions, but the one I need to listen to most is my own. Because if I don’t believe in my own vision, how can I expect anyone else to want to purchase my services, believe in my book or support me in the ways I need? There is a delicate balance between asking for help and following someone else’s vision. The energy of this month is about making room for the former and decommissioning the latter.

This week’s reading makes it unequivocally clear that when we encounter these setbacks, these old patterns, we react out of our patterned reactions. The world knows how to get us to stand still and it knows how to get us to back off of our great ideas. And with relationships especially under a lot of pressure right now (some of them breaking apart entirely), we are a little too ready to blame everyone else or to deny the existence of a loss, failure or hurt at all. It’s okay to let the emotion out – for the prevalence of swords this week tells us that we need to be decisive about our futures. Are we going to let attachment hold us back or will we finally cut those bonds and embrace freedom?

As a reminder, last week I wrote:

We know we’ve been closing the chapter on our past. There’s nothing we can do to fix old grudges that refuse to die. There’s nothing we can do to make ourselves better people back then or undo the hurt that was caused. But we can choose to break the cycles, and illuminate the toxicity of our own patterns to ensure others don’t get hurt in the future. The best we can do is act as ethically, responsibly, and compassionately as we can, knowing sometimes that we won’t get it right. The question is: will we integrate the lessons into earned wisdom?

This week’s reading with the Crow Tarot by M.J. Cullinane, delves into some tough talk during difficult times. Crows aren’t very comforting animals – their screeches aren’t often mistaken for love songs. Yet, the harshness of their cry often mirrors our own apprehension, like a worried mother sending her child to school by themselves for hte first time. “Well, be careful out there,” followed by a detailed list of directions and landmarks was my grandpa’s way of telling us he loved us. The more we hang on to the attachments of expectations we never chose, the more we keep ourselves from achieving the greatest balance of all – our own magnificent growth and awakening.

Sometimes the universe has to send us clear signs that the small things we’ve been worried about are nothing compared to the impact of falling off our chosen, authentic path to enlightenment and love.

I have now been posting these messages to my blog for a year now! It’s been a beautiful year of sharing more of my spiritual self publicly. So I wanted to try out a new format with updated graphics with the theme already listed. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

See more below…

Where we are this week

10 of Swords

The explosions of the last Mercury retrograde are starting to settle out. Relationships have ended. And no matter how we’ve tried, we have come to the point where we must accept that things won’t ever be the same again. We are not meant to stay put – and sometimes that means we have to make endure some very painful endings to move forward into our best selves. The more we hang on, the more pain we are willingly subjecting ourselves to. Unfortunately, the only way out of it is through it.

Messages from our Guides

2 of Pentacles

We are balancing a lot of different balls in the air – juggling spiritual growth with business success, family harmony with social comfort. We have so many priorities and so many people we need to please that sometimes we forget that true balance is found in the process of becoming who we really are. That means not always adjusting ourselves to meet everyone else’s expectations, but deciding for ourselves what the biggest priorities really are. Is it keeping peace with family members who refuse to accept our truth? Or is it tending the connections that support our highest selves?

Messages from Lady Gaia

King of Swords

The position of this card doesn’t just refer to Mother Earth in terms of environmentalism, but also in terms of our physical existence here on earth. We don’t have time to muck about in the drama, we have to cut through it all with a winning strategy. We need to keep a logical, level head and make measured choices about the future. Now isn’t the time for passionate clap backs, but a strong strategy for our future, collective success. If it doesn’t serve our vision, it doesn’t need to come along for the ride.

Messages from our Ancestors

Ace of Swords

We have some amazing opportunities coming up on the horizon that has our ancestors very proud. But we have to be able to be realistic about what it takes to make those dreams come true. Taking a pragmatic approach to our new ideas, and pruning them with care will help us from getting overwhelmed by the enormity of possibilities awaiting us. Take care to make the right preparations, to cut through all the illusions so we can clearly see what’s ahead.

Messages from our Future Selves

Ace of Wands

Whether we know it or not, new tendrils of growth are rising from the ashes of all the towers that have come down around us. A little sprout of beauty will emerge from the cracks, impossibly reaching toward the light. We are about to begin a beautiful story that will craft a narrative of passion, joy, and fulfillment for years to come. Whatever is taking shape is just starting to grow today. It is all taking shape exactly as we are right now. This is our sign to keep going – the narrative’s just getting started.

Mother Mary

Five of Wands

Mother Mary knows that we’ve been getting hit from all sides, all around us. But if we’re honest with ourselves we already know which battles are worth fighting. The ones that bring us closer to our goals are worth the effort. That doesn’t mean we battle it out with an abusive spouse if our dream was to be married with kids. It means to leave the jerk, stop fighting for that hopeless toxicity and instead free ourselves to focus on the battle of healing. If we find ourselves distracted by the world right now, It’s likely because we’re stretched too thin. Let’s start by limiting the number of battles we choose to engage with so we can focus on the ones that are worth it.

Undercurrents & Final advice

Eight of Pentacles

We are the experts in our own experience and especially in our own vision. We know what we want to create, so we need to get to the business of doing it. That means perfecting processes, aligning details, scheduling deadlines, and meeting goals. We’re crushing it, in fact! This card assures us that not only do we have all the skills we need to make our dreams a reality, but we are best served if we keep our heads down and watch the details to ensure we can adjust to any storm that comes our way. This is a card of motivation and confidence. Trust me, you already have what it takes to be a success – all you have to do is believe in yourself.

Queen of wands

No matter what we have been through we are fierce AF and that commands respect from anyone who hears our story. We’ve been through a lot – we didn’t abdicate responsibility when things got hard. We didn’t shrink from our shadow when it reared its ugly head. Friends, all is going to be well. Not only are we going to rise like the sun, but we’ll shine just as bright – we already are. I can feel your glow from here and I am so, so proud of you all. For all the trauma, shame and guilt, we are still here, surviving, beautifully thriving enough to be concerned about others – and let me tell you, that’s a sovereign I’d want to follow!


We know that life has been far from perfect, but in the chaos of the storms, the changing of cosmic seasons underway, may we find comfort and confidence in the growth we have experienced. May we exercise the patience and courage it takes so that we are not distracted from our shared vision of compassion, integrity, and freedom for all. May we take the lessons of this week and release our attachments to shame and paranoia to make room for the support of our continual success.

So may it be. I am with you always in love πŸ’–

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