Messages of Divine Love (10/10/22): Time-Critical Relationship Reboot

Last week was a giant exhale after all the disruption of the past few weeks. If you were anything like me, you might have been a bit unfocused, inattentive, or preoccupied with some deep feelings about the people we have in our lives. We had to tell ourselves some deep truths about who we need in our lives:

We simply can’t vibe with folks who want everything to stay the same – who think that things were just fine before. We can’t hold them in the same space of energy and it shows. Humanity is too big & diverse for one’s viewpoint to be so limited. There’s very little excuse anymore – we’re exposed to so many ideas that soon we’ll have no choice but to expand and heighten our view. But it is exactly that heightened view that is so threatening to patriarchal control. Because once we see the view from above, the view from someone else’s vantage point, nothing is ever the same again.

We know we’ve been closing the chapter on our past. There’s nothing we can do to fix old grudges that refuse to die. There’s nothing we can do to make ourselves better people back then or undo the hurt that was caused. But we can choose to break the cycles, and illuminate the toxicity of our own patterns to ensure others don’t get hurt in the future. The best we can do is act as ethically, responsibly, and compassionately as we can, knowing sometimes that we won’t get it right. The question is: will we integrate the lessons into earned wisdom?

This phase of our lives opens us to find the people who will compassionately hold us accountable. The folks who will remind us that we are responsible for our words and actions and support our efforts to change. Likewise, we also need those who will honor our consent and prioritize the emotional safety of acceptance and transparency. We deserve people who won’t make a mockery out of our emotions or add shame and distrust into our hearts.

The full moon in Aries is one of initiation, burning away the bonds that are hiding us from our best selves. Aries jumps into action and doesn’t care who judges them for it – they weren’t solving the problem, so we will. This influence is particularly useful so we don’t sit around feeling sorry for ourselves, but instead, we get back into the world to take conscious action that will welcome the best people (for us) into our hearts.

Because I drew the cards from this Queen of the Moon oracle deck when the Aries full moon was at its most potent, the advice here is about how we can get back into the saddle once again. We are hurting, but in essence, we have a blank slate, the freedom to create more love and peace in our lives. What are we going to do with it?

See more below…

Where we are this week


For many of us, the disharmony we felt last week has brought us to a place where we need to make a fresh start of things. We need the clarity of an untarnished point of view. Energetically, this full moon is a reset, taking us back to a space where our authentic desires, emotions, dreams, and connections are as fresh and pure as the morning snow – undisturbed by the world and its messaging. For many of us, this may take the form of a calmed inner child who was finally heard, seen, and protected.

The serenity of newness.

Messages from our Guides


Last week we were told to “do the work”. This is the time to be clear and intentional in all we do. Don’t let communication mistakes lapse into festering wounds. Understand our motives, for willpower, is just channeling our motives beyond thought into action. For example, if we have an intention to create new relationships in our lives, we can’t just passively sit by and wait for it to happen. We must put action behind our intentions. Recognize too where we might be imposing our will on others – creating spells to compel others to act in a way that serves only our purposes.

Willpower = clear motives inspiring action.

Messages from Lady Gaia


We aspire to so much. We have more education and knowledge than many of the generations that came before us. But history is often recorded by the victors and might impart passive biases. Likewise, book learning can only take us so far when faced with split-second choices in the field. Wisdom is the knowledge that is gained through experience and intuition – it is the knowledge and understanding that is earned not through study but through practice and experience. Lives experience matters…especially to Mother Earth. For why else are we human but to truly experience what it is to actually BE human? Bruises, heartbreaks, and mistakes included – for many truths reveal themselves even in our most unflattering moments of pain.

What wisdom have we gained the hard way?

Messages from our Ancestors


What will it take for yus to push past generations of fear to finally resist the stagnation of our lives? Last week we were advised “you don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to”, but that doesn’t mean we acquiesce either. We still have a responsibility to our elders and the generations that came before us to resist the rolling back of human rights, the rise of fascism, and the commodification of our environment. Our ancestors didn’t get us this far so that we can keep recreating the same old patterns they did. We are here to help humanity find new solutions, get off the supremacy bandwagon, to eliminate old programming. We were born to resist.

We owe it to future generations to resist settling for the same old solutions.

Messages from our Future Selves


When we pull out the telescope and look for at our destination what do we see? Are you holding steady on course or are there obstacles and storms in our path? Will the current behavior and beliefs bring us what we most desire? It’s time to take stock of the stories we’re carrying with us into the future. Storms are on the horizon – do we need to reevaluate our direction, adjust for a longer voyage, bring better supplies, or more experienced crew mates on board to weather the storm. Take stock and reassess – even the best-laid plans will need some adjustment to survive the towers that are falling. Just be aware that even when we assess all factors, life might still deliver us somewhere we never expected, but always needed.,

All plans will require adjustments.

Mother Mary


Religions make a big deal out of detachment from the body. They treat our human experience as an empty shell that we all must suffer through in one specific way in order to be deemed worthy of “peace”. They promise peace, not in this lifetime but in the next. And frankly, both Mary and I find that to be a massive cop-out. What it does is absolve us from the sacred duty to create peace in this lifetime – right here and now. It gives us permission to be concerned only with our own salvation – separating us into haves & have-nots. But that isn’t the sacred order of things, is it? It’s just more of the dualistic supremacy that patriarchy feeds us – discouraging us from fully engaging in this human experience. This discourages us from feeling the pain in our bodies, which then stops us from empathizing with the pain of others. It promises individual salvation instead of holistic “we’re all in this together” salvation. Instead, the best resistance we can show to patriarchy is to choose peace in our lives and choose to bring peace to others.

We are called to know peace in this lifetime.

Undercurrents & Final advice


We have more resources than we realize


The ultimate relationship reboot challenge

Even though it feels like we have lost so much in the past few weeks, months, and even years with families & relationships breaking apart, we are assured that we have an abundance of support waiting for us. Without those forces living rent-free in our minds, we now have access to more energy, abundance, help, and motivation than we have had in a while. It’s like the blindfold has been removed and we can finally see that we’re not alone after all. Look at all we have available to us right now. Gather the harvest while we can.

With all of our relationships rebooting right now, we are called to reboot probably the most important of them all: our relationship with ourselves. After all, we are the ones who have to face us in the mirror each day – so why are we constantly carrying on such an adversarial relationship with our bodies, minds & hearts? Why are we sabotaging ourselves before we even get out of bed in the morning? Now is the time to use this reset moment to find love in our hearts for the person we see in the mirror – we’re doing our best.


Even when all is falling down around us, may we remember to hold true to the authenticity we have found in ourselves, in our connection to Source no matter what form that might way. Allow us the grace and courage to finally find the companions worthy of our growth, deserving of our trust. May we find the abundance of love, support, and generosity of the universe through the purification of our own self-love.

I am with you always in love 💖

So may it be.

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