Messages of Divine Love (10/24/22): Let the Sounds of Joy Surround Us

After the last few weeks of upheaval, I am so proud of us do survive. Relationships have especially taken a beating that I didn’t anticipate, even with some of the best astrology friends sounding the alarm. I’m the Queen of #RelationshipReboot – I could weather any storm. But what I didn’t expect was the sense of upheaval about my sense of family. But, now that I’m on the other side of it, I begin to see the value of it coming up right now.

Look back at last week’s reading

I have been talking for a while about the fall of patriarchy, including our collective duty to create structures that dismantle the harm that has been forced on us by these old lies. Part of that journey is by reclaiming our sense of safety & security by healing the wounds left behind by intergenerational experiences of trauma and lack.

A few weeks ago I posted about my own experiences of lack and how they informed both my work as a disbility attorney, but also my experience of burnout. It has been a long, but glorious road of reclamation as I’ve found ways to reject old stories of poverty and lack, risk and ruin from both sides of my family. In confronting the old narratives of family, I was able to reconnect the stories that matter – the ones where we persevered and learned from our past, instead of giving up our dreams to fit in.

We are living in a time of extraordinary change and remarkable progress. However, too many algorithms exist to predict, supersede, and manipulate our opinions that we need to use this time to rewrite our stories, influence our own narrative, reject the prefabricated choices made by patriarchy to funnel us into their unending masquerade of lack. Rejvet the voices that say “you’re never enough” and instead, use yours to show the world what it is missing- your authentic self.

This week, as many us start early voting and mail in ballots, it is critical for us to make our voices heard. And while I have my political persuasion, all I really care about is that all is us show up to participate. For there will be no security in our hearts if w abdicate responsibility for making our voices heard.

(I am participating in Trek the Vote 🖖, a nonpartisan effort to get out the vote and ensure the availability of poll workers to ensure a fair and involved democracy. It isn’t too late to get your Starfleet assignment!)

I felt called to use this Chakra Insight Oracle deck this week to give us some insight into the energetic wealth of healing we need to collectively do.

What was most remarkable about this reading, as you will see with my preview video on Patreon all the cards came up reversed. This was wild, especially for a deck that doesn’t normally read reversed. That and all the chakra card themes (sacral & root) were all on the right side – which I associate with healing the divine masculine within each of us. As you will see in this reading these are core issues that patriarchy has obscured structurally in our lives.

This week’s theme centered on healing the diving masculine within us – particular our feelings of shame and insecurity about our dreams and desires. While there are throat chakra messages – those are the prescribed treatments for the align security and desire we specifically need to heal our own sovereignty.

I have now been posting these messages to my blog for a year now! It’s been a beautiful year of sharing more of my spiritual self publicly. So I wanted to try out a new format with updated graphics with the theme already listed. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

See more below…

Where we are this week


After all the turmoil we’ve had, we’re invited to take some time to truly hear all the magnificent rhythms and harmonies around us. From the laughter of our children, to the swish of the ocean waves, there is music all around us. Be deliberate and aware of the music we hear both in the ordinary sounds of our daily lives to the concerts we dance at with people who share our passion for that artist or style. Listen and be soothed. Find your own rhythm and add your own harmony.

Messages from our Guides

Physical Health

Quick check-in from our guides making sure we’re taking care of our bodies. Are we getting enough rest, enough to eat? Or are we neglecting our bodies during all of this? Do one thing this week to take care of our human vessel…arrange that dental appointment, call in your prescriptions, eat an extra veggie, take a walk in the sunshine or even snow. Listen to what your body needs and provide it with joy and sincere love.

Messages from Lady Gaia

Gut Instincts

Lady Gaia wants us to connect back in with our gut instincts and intuition. Too long we’ve been running scared, trusting people outside our souls to guide or protect us. But we are fierce beyond measure. We have survived some very real trauma and lived to tell the tale. No one else gets to dictate our lives – all the we need to do is tap into our intuition and listen to that fierce lion within.

Messages from our Ancestors


The people who came before us needed more compassion than they received. Which meant they had less compassion to give to our families and communities. It all started somewhere – the choice to withhold compassion, tenderness, understanding and love was a deliberate means of manipulation that created trauma. Choose to break this pattern and live with more compassion than our ancestors had in their lives. This is the true power of our time here.

Messages from our Future Selves


The only harmful thing about money is the importance, judgment and energy we attach to it. Money is an inanimate object, a form of currency we chose – but it did not choose the unequal distribution or unfair manipulation of its energy. That is up to us to solve. When we address our broken relationship with money, reconcile that it is not inherently bad we find that what we most fear is how it’s been used to hurt us, or we see our own potential to hurt others with it. By addressing our sacral and root chakra issues with currency and exchange, we can heal this energy for others too and create lasting abundance for all of us.

Mother Mary


Mother Mary tells us to sing our song, to make ourselves known to the work. Share our thoughts & feelings. We have important work to do but we can’t do it by remaining silent and scared of our own voice. Express ourselves creatively and assertively. This also means, yea, voting. Taking responsibility for forming and sharing opinions that support our ultimate goals.

Undercurrents & Final advice


The world has shoveled a lot of shame onto our desires. Whether it be a desire to be loved, a sexual desire for exploration or an impossible dream, we have gotten too used to hiding the dreams we have, the people we love and the passions that drive us from the peering eyes of the world. There’s nothing wrong with privacy unless it’s motivated by shame. Heal the sacral chakra wounds related to shame for our simple, complex and ardent desires.


We’re not getting through he eclipse energy of this week without grounding and being present with ourselves. Resist the urge to escape this week and instead, be utterly present with life. Listen to music with deliberate awareness. Let the wind dance in your hair. Hold space for folks who are grieving. Taste every morsel of dinner. Live your life as a form of meditation.


In the wild winds of autumn, may we honor the natural cycles of our bodies, sharing the nourishment and comfort of compassionate presence. May we feel joy in the simplicity of sound, be moved by the sy, phony if humanity and find moments of release that heals the judgments we have found about money, inequality, and lack. May we find the courage to speak up, the humility to listen, and the reverence to do both with sincerity.

So may it be. I am with you always in love 💖

If you want to connect with your intuition, I invite you to sign up for my upcoming class!

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Carl Jung

What you can expect

We’ll start with analyzing a few cards together to warm up our intuitive muscles 🏋️‍♀️ before exploring some common themes and practicing interpreting cards through new spreads each month.

The class is limited to 20 participants.

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Can’t wait to see you in class!

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