Messages of Divine Love: Beware False Angels

January 30, 2023 /Archetype Cards

Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

These Archetype Cards from Caroline Myss are not messin’ around. A very Jungian deck it has no qualms about showing us the shadow side of life. It will break any illusions we harbor of our own innocence. None of us are as innocent or healed as we seem – so if the feedback of this week’s reading stings, it’s a sign to drill into that chakra to understand why. 

The theme this week is “Beware False Angels”  – you know the ones – who swoop in when everything is falling apart, offering helps, offering assistance…until it comes with strings. A price for their effort, a reward they demand after volunteering their help in your hour of helplessness. The key is – not only to expose and avoid these people but to recognize when we’re doing it ourselves (me included!)

However, you will notice that I focus on three different kinds of false angels – including those who feign innocence to get their way as well as those who are as committed to their helplessness as they are in pain over things that happened to them.

All of this is us as well as others – but specifically this week I have some advice on my Patreon that drills into some of the specifics of this particular message. Join my Patreon ( for just $1 to see more.

See more below…

Where We Are This Week

Damsel (Shadow)

Solar Plexus Chakra

Why do we keep waiting for someone to come save us from ourselves? Whether we’ve been craving the comfort of a parent, the rescuing by a partner, reassurance from our kids, or recognition from our coworkers, whatever it is that we’re waiting for to pull us out of our misery won’t be showing up anytime soon. Not because people don’t care, but because our helplessness doesn’t need them to be our heroes –  it needs US to show up to save the day. No matter the devastation you face, the cards assure us that we can and will get through this – but we have to have the courage to be our own rescuers first.

Messages from our Guides

Hermit (Light)

Crown Chakra

Last week our guides assured us that the era of suffering in silence is coming to an end. Why why the Hermit this week? Because the hermit seeks purposeful solitude, not passive aggressively making due with involuntary solitude. Create space in your day or week to intentionally connect with the Divine through the joyous connection of our hearts. Because while we no longer have to suffer in silence, we still need silence to parse out our suffering from others’, to understand our own voice and experience for our greatest creative endeavors.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

Avenger (Shadow)/ Blank (Light)

Root Chakra

I first pulled these cards two weeks ago – before the shootings in California, before the release of the video of the brutally fatal beating of Tyre Nichols. So it is remarkable to me now that I look at this card and see the truths that lay under the surface. Because especially in the case of Tyre Nichols, the violence that was carried out was in the name of justice – an excuse. An excuse for brutal white supremacy, an excuse for cruel patriarchy, an excuse from colonizer occupiers. Lady Gaia is crying for all those taken through the violent injustice of our false system of justice. However, she warns that we have the choice in how we respond to this – with avenging anger, yes – but do not replicate the violent excuses of the oppressor as we change the world to ensure Black and Indigenous people are safe.  Ultimately, the decision is ours.

Messages from Our Ancestors

Father (Shadow)

Heart Chakra

Last week our ancestors warned of looking a gift horse in the mouth, of letting the perfect outweigh the good. This week, they’re pointing directly to the source of all those problems and dissatisfaction – patriarchy – or rather the source of much of our daddy/father wounding. These wounds, inflicted over generations from fathers to sons, fathers to daughters to their sons, and beyond, have inflected our timeline for too long. Unless and until we confront our legacies of detached divine masculine role models, we’ll never fully overcome patriarchy’s illusions of control.

Messages from Our Future Selves

Child: Divine (light)/Blank (Light)

Heart Chakra

Similarly, if we can start confronting the hurt, loneliness, and anger we have toward those father/Daddy wounds in our lifetimes and legacies, we are ultimately helping the divine inner child to thrive. For those who don’t have the opportunity to find acceptance, love, or support from their parents, it may feel like the process of reparenting falls short of the healing that we want or need. But ultimately it is our own acceptance and love that our inner child craves, that was broken away from them in the past. There are few people in our lives we will spend time with more than ourselves – so investing ourselves in reclaiming lost innocence, creating a safe space for our inner child to run free, the more we’ll find the light of our intuition easier to access and more compelling to protect.

Messages from Mother Mary

Gossip (Light)

Throat Chakra

It’s almost too easy to bond with people over gossip, making that the center point of our relationships with them. Likewise, while gossip may have some grounding in truth (sometimes) by the time it reaches our ears, we’re only hearing what each prior party thought was an important detail to pass on. These are important thoughts to Mother Mary as we approach an era of radical truth-telling. It is one thing to vent about our own lives – to share a bad day with a bad boss, or how we reacted to how someone treated us. It’s a very different thing to presume we have any right or authority to tell someone else’s story for them or to fill in the details of someone’s life from our imagination. This card specifically asks us to confine ourselves to telling only our own truth and to be mindful when we’re filling in blanks with our own biases, presumptions, and half-truths. Concentrate on the boundaries of telling your own truth, instead of narrating someone else’s.


Poet (Shadow)

Throat Chakra

Specifically, this week we need to be mindful of our words. We might have a devastating clap back in the works for the next person who insults us, does adding that reply help anyone? What is our why? Does that person need to hear from us? Why? What do we hope to accomplish? Or are we doing it because we feel entitled for our opinion to be known by anyone who never asked? Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it really needs to be said – they’re missing a critical distinction or we want to defend someone who is struggling. But sometimes, we’re just piling on guilt, shame, and even trauma (some replies, like those to this writer, were cruel and disturbingly violent) to avoid being honest with ourselves about our motives. So each time we’re tempted to reply to everything, to be heard on every banal problem that crosses our feeds, we need to ask ourselves whether we’re adding anything to the conversation or if we’re just chasing the temporary dopamine hit that the reply will give us. Be realistic about how easily our words can hurt others and bring down the whole conversation and take responsibility for where we choose to land this week.

Final Advice

Angel (Shadow)

Heart Chakra

We all have met the false angels  of the world – the people who feign innocence in order to get what they want. They play the innocent. They break up marriages, cause havoc wherever possible. And while I abhor the phrase “playing the victim card” we each have someone specific who comes to  mind when we hear it. Someone who betrayed our kindness, who took advantage of our compassion for their own gain. They may have lied to us, or simply gotten very comfortable with helplessness. And because the hurt is still fresh, we shield ourselves, cutting off anyone who offers any similar patterns of behavior. While normally I might advise us to look within, this week taken as a whole with the rest of the reading, I want us to take the gossip of feigned angels with a grain of salt this week. If you hear their stories, categorize it as “needs more information”, wait and observe. Instead of taking someone’s word for things this week, so straight to the source whenever possible.

Parting words

What better representation of the false, dangerous angels that are in this reading than the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who (get caught up with “Don’t Blink” from the David Tennant era of the Doctor). They take advantage of the moment as briefly as a blink to move in for the kill. Terrifying creatures are the perfect avatar for what I see with the reading this week.

I rarely, if ever give specific, practical advice with these readings, but this week, particularly with the last card along with Mary’s warning about gossip, I want us to be very careful about vetting our information. n particular, I want us to be very careful about donations we make this week, whether it be for candidates or nonprofits, I’m getting a very big warning sign about finances changing hands with people we don’t know personally. Now, normally, big-hearted geeky empress I am, I would advocate giving to anyone anything, but for three days in a row now, as I write this, I’ve gotten the six of pentacles reversed in my daily readings, which is just advising folks to be cautious. Particularly after tragedies and during times of crisis, a lot of folks need money to organize and care for those most in need. This week, donate to those angels you either personally know or are personally known by those you trust.

Here are a few organizations I can personally vouch for:

Parasol Patrol –

 GoFarm –

 Colorado Cross Disability Coalition –

 ACLU of Colorado – 

Remember, I am with you always in love πŸ’–

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