Messages of Divine Love: Courage to Confront the Heart

February 13, 2023/ Star Trek: TNG Tarot

Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

I am using the Star Trek:TNG deck, out of respect and love for one of my favorite casts coming together this week for the final season of Picard. And what a fitting theme considering last season’s storyline. So often Picard was told “you must have saved planets from that guilt”. He hung onto the pain of losing his mother, the story of her passing and began to heal his heart enough to take a risk on love.

But he had to confront his wounded heart first, and so do we. We have some support available, like Picard who still has Seven & Raffi (spoilers) but we are also painfully aware that some support won’t ever be available to us the same way ever again (Rios & Jurati) and some support grows with us nourished by our light (Guinan).

No matter what this final season of Picard brings us, I am convinced we will see a lot of these themes in the weeks to come both on and off the screen.

Where We Are This Week

Hanged Man (R)

Third Eye Chakra

We cannot walk out of awakening with our previous biases intact. This lesson is going to hit many very hard this week. Some have been in denial, using spiritual practices to bypass the truths that have been revealed to them. Much like the character of Barclay, who escapes into his holo worlds to avoid the hard work of confronting his own social anxieties, all we’re doing to is burrowing into our problems while wearing the appearance of enlightenment and awakening. While we might be successful in convincing others of our progress and that we’ve “done the work”, spirit is telling us that we will no longer be able to hide under those convenient illusions and excuses. All will be revealed soon. Soon we will have no choice but to confront the truth.

Messages from our Guides

The Lovers

Heart Chakra

The message this week is both terribly complex and exquisitely simple. First, in our material world, we have relationships entering our realm that our guides are giving us an enthusiastic green light. Because we were focused on the heart chakra last week this feels like part of our healing journey. But second, because it’s O’Brien and Keiko (who I love as characters but feel are not the best couple) I’m not necessarily seeing a harmonious romance, but one with conflict and stubbornness, like tangling horns to make each other better. If it works for you, fabulous, but don’t expect any material romance borne out of this to be anything more than what you need to level up. A third layer is about our relationships with our guides – our relationships are growing stronger, we’re able to hear and feel them on a level we haven’t been able to before. Encourage these connections to spirit. Finally, it is about our relationships with ourselves. Our guides asking us to be our own best friends – to fall in love with ourselves…to find the courage to love ourselves.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

The Moon

Root Chakra

Ensign Ro is a beautifully complex and layer character. Her past is often worn as both a badge of pride and a chip of resentment sitting on her shoulder. For her to show up as the Moon isn’t some wispy Moon Goddess energy, it is Dark goddess energy in all her forms. She is unknowable and wholly unpredictable, seeing all with both her bright and shadowed face. The advice this month is to re-ground ourselves in the rhythms of the moon. This waning moon, use it to examine your own complexities and inner contradictions.

Messages from Our Ancestors

2 of Cloaks/Wands

Crown Chakra

Each choice we make creates a branch of commitment in the timeline of our lives. It creates a fork in the road for those who might either need to follow in your footsteps or rescue you from the dangers of the road ahead. Likewise our choices will inevitably intersect with others, which may or may not cause harms we cannot control or predict. Ensure that we make choices aware of the responsibility we have for their outcome no matter how intentional or not.

Messages from Our Future Selves

6 of Bat’leths/Swords

Root Chakra

It’s hard not to see Worf in every one of this suit. But what I see in this card is when Worf clings to the pain of his family’s dishonor, a yoke he slings over his back to punish himself even though he knows he had to make an impossible choice to keep the Klingon Empire intact. It’s a wound he continually revisits even after his family’s honor is restored, a choice that impacts how he parents his son and how he performs or prioritizes his duties. Here, our future selves warn us that some consequences are unavoidable. no matter how much we punish ourselves we cannot choose how fate will land for each person. We cannot save anyone if we don’t also save ourselves.

Messages from Mother Mary

Heart Chakra

4 of Cloaks/Wands

Because so many relationships have been breaking apart, I want to make it clear that the intention is to give you and them freedom. And to push that point Mother Mary, with her loving advice, is telling us to not rely on the same old supports or communities we once did. We are growing and so are they. Some relationships are meant to fizzle and fade. We can love but when relationships require us to hold on to outdated aspects of ourselves, are they really going to help us grow the way we need to?

Extra Card (s)

Sacral Chakra

The Devil (R), 8 of cups (r), Tower

The very thing that is standing in our way right now is denying responsibility for our own pain. The ways in which others betrayed us, devils stole our hearts from us, old patterns are victimizing us – we’ve created those stories into neat little towers that we can hide ourselves in, hoping to stay safe from scrutiny. But we can’t hide from ourselves. And the more that we make what happened to us the center of our story (I know, I’m looking at me here too), we confine ourselves to these towers of blame – most of which only keep us separated from the lessons we need to understand from a healed version of ourselves. Because, to inhabit those towers, we need to carry that pain like a badge of honor. We gotta show it anytime we want to open the doors or authorize visitors. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when that tower does fall, the people we blame won’t be the ones who have to pick up those pieces – we can choose to do this for ourselves now. what this position says is that liberation could be ours if we choose to see ourselves beyond the identity of our pain.


King of Cloaks (R)

Throat Chakra

Let’s face it, on a good day it’s impossible to impress a Romulan – much how it might feel to never be able to impress certain bosses. And because so many of us have been subjected to arbitrary criticism and shifting goal posts, this card is advising us to not replicate those toxic tactics when its our turn to lead. Authority can twist people’s minds and hearts. So this week, we will likely be encountering these tactics in our lives. The temptation to do what was done to su will be strong, but remember that no matter how charismatically we package impossible expectations, that doesn’t make them any better than the ones that were imposed on us. The cure for the undercurrent this week is compassionate listening – for the last thing we need is to become the tyrants we abhor.

Final Advice

Knight of Starships/Cups

Heart Chakra

One of the most refreshing cards this week, the advice to valiantly fight to keep our hearts open. To boldly go where no relationship has gone before, but while preserving our boundaries. The best thing about Nella Daren being the symbol of this card is that sin her budding romance with Picard, she never compromised her needs or boundaries to be in that relationship. And when it started to require that either of them do that, they both ended the relationship peacefully. The love we should want and give – is the kind where equals value the wholeness of who we are without forcing us to cut off parts of ourselves to fit their expectations.

Parting words from a Geek Empress

Here’s lookin’ at you, toxic masculinity…

Still of Descent Part I. Photo via

Star Trek: TNG fans will recognize Lore, Data’s brother, as the Devil right away. In fact, now would be a good time to revisit “Descent, Parts I & II”, the cliffhanger that kicked off the final season of TNG, to get a handle on the dynamic at play this week. Cut off from the Borg after the the crew’s interference, Hugh, who has never had to form relationships in the collective, is easily manipulated into following a leader who will give them an outlet for all that pain of disconnection while feeding them a constant message of “I’ll make you perfect” (aka superior to those who hurt you/left you behind). While the Enterprise crew owes some responsibility for the mess, by appealing to the individual pain of disconnection, Lore is able to give these lost Borg a sense of belonging, which of course is meant to only serve his will. He uses the allure of emotion – to feel something, anything even if it’s only anger – to pull his brother, the normally ethically and supra-conscious Data, into the scheme.

Does any of that at all sound familiar? 🤔

“Only we know your true, secret pain,” they boldly proclaim in the copy for their next $80 ‘seduction techniques’ class, “We’ll teach you how to be a twue master of women so you’ll never be have to settle for a [insert status-driven, misogynistic noun to describe women] again.” They name call those who don’t support their lies and even issue regular backhanded compliments to the men who legitimately deserve healing. By pushing that same bullying narratives from school, they keep men locked in their pain. By making pain central to their message, they fish for anyone who is lonely, rejected, cast out from whatever status they think they should have. They want someone to blame. they think “tough love” is the answer – they seek to shame and control to enact their pain on others. You see them all over social media making it a rallying point. The hurt is so central to the identity that even after all their problems seemingly go away, they still consume the lies of “not enough” that keeps men locked in this toxic programming. They make it a rallying point – that even when the loneliness, rejection and belonging are all cured they still hang on to that pain – lest the lose the identity they forged with the fourth grade boys’ room version of community – the only one that lets them believe they aren’t to blame for any of their problems.

But true growth requires us to grow beyond the safety blanket of blaming our pain on others (“it’s all someone else’s fault”) and taking responsibility for growing past those initial identities to become the heart-centered leaders we were meant to become. Even inn TNG, Hugh grows past the pain that Lore is selling to fight alongside the same people who recklessly left him lost and alone. Ultimately in Star Trek: Picard we see ultimately that Hugh became a leader who prioritized empathy, curiosity, and courageous service. Soooo much closer to perfection than Lore could have ever achieved.

Remember, I am with you always in love 💖

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