Messages of Divine Love: Every Step Counts

February 20, 2023/ Starseed Oracle

Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

I took a risk using the Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell this week. The last time I tried, there was an intense reaction, so much so that I couldn’t even post the reading. See, I have a complicated history with this deck after the feelings of betrayal I’ve encountered with those who claim to be Starseeds. I questioned whether to use this deck at all, thanks in no small part to the spiritual bypassing of predominantly white spiritualists who use this concept to turn their backs on their humanity.

But if I am to heal some of the past hurts and traumas, I need to heal this one as well. I exist to show us that our humanity is embedded in us, an inescapable part of us. And as such our humanity is meant to be the foundation upon which we “ascend” to higher levels of consciousness. In their zeal to “get to 5D consciousness,” these prominent spiritual accounts are quick to abandon their humanity rather than fully integrate it into a higher level of seeing the world. The reading this week makes it very clear that not only does each step matter, but skipping steps will only give us more of the corrupted world we wanted to escape in the first place. 

Where We Are This Week

Activated Earth

Crown Chakra

With all the back and forth of the past week, the slingshot reminders of our past coming back, we’ve reached a stage of sacred surrender. The only way we can make sense of the past few weeks is to trust that the universe is giving us what is in the highest divine order. Indeed, this is what I feel strongly whenever I think about this card – all of this is intentional, part of the path we have to take toward a more enlightened Earth. Honor the places we are drawn toward.  We have to be activated at the deepest, most cellular level to seize our power, to stand in our embodied truth. This means we have to trust that even in the wake of the ridiculous name-calling we’ve seen in our world, all of this is meant to push us closer to our most heroic path.

Messages from our Guides

Baby Steps

Third Eye Chakra

When I was tempted to reach for the book on this one, a clear voice sounded forth, “Dear ones, we know it has been a rough road. Dodging hazards and avoiding dangers in your life. Repeating old patterns and confronting ancient harms. It seems like it is never-ending, but trust that there is a purpose to this path, a reason for every step we’ve been guiding along the way. Trust that you are never alone, dear hearts, for we are always ready to help, to show you signs to remind you you’re on the path. Skipping a step in this cosmic spellwork will only bring us right back around again to the same lessons. Even if it doesn’t feel like progress, it is.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

I Remember

Sacral Chakra

The blessings of this card this week are a gentle, but consistent reminder to remember, on a cellular level, who we really are. We are made of the same material as our sun, moon, and planetary neighbors. We are related to the biggest and smallest creatures that lived in our history. We share DNA with a cosmic family of possibilities. So why on earth would we think we are so very limited in helping Mother Earth? This week, Lady Gaia invites us into a radical reverie of memory – to delve into who we really, truly are – from our families and physical make-up to our interconnected truths with all things. We cannot escape the beauty of ourselves.

Messages from Our Ancestors

Deep Cellular Healing

Root Chakra

Even our ancestors echo this truth – we need deep, cellular-level healing. We need to get the rot of malicious trauma out of our RNA so it stops infecting our daily lives. We need to root out the source of our anxieties, the truths behind our misgivings, and the fears anchoring our hesitation. But most of all, we need radical forgiveness for those who came before us, who sometimes had no other safe option but to absorb the hurt, pain, and karmic debt of generations – passing their pain, their sins, and their victimization on to us. But when we remember who we really are, we wake up to the cascade of transformation available to us.

Messages from Our Future Selves

star Bathing

Crown Chakra

This is one of my favorite cards in the whole deck – the image of floating, staring up at the stars, recognizing our place in the grand fabric of life. Our future selves promise us the awareness of the perspective, of recognizing how necessary we are in the constellations that will guide our people to a greater awareness, a deeper truth, and a more resonant harmony with the universe. This awareness is available to us now if we just stop, look and listen.

Messages from Mother Mary

The Cosmic Heart

Heart Chakra

The magnificent truth that Mother Mary offers this week isn’t delivered with a sneer, but with a smile. She embraces us in the folds of her heart, giving us each a room, a sacred space to shine within. She sees us, loves us, and shares her vast warmth with us whenever we call. All she asks is that we in turn share those gifts with others, at the very least our loved ones. For if we want to live in a world based on hope and love, we have to embody it. And the easiest way to do that is to share the energetic connection of love we have been given. Because the whole point of love isn’t to collect or hoard it but to share it and let it grow.


Inner Earth

Throat Chakra

We are seeing the collapse of our old world in real-time. It’s important therefore to construct an “inner earth” to be a sanctuary from the storm. We need each of us to project the vision of what we love and cherish most about our earth, the magical essence of all we want to preserve, protect, and reconcile so that the universe can help us find the means, the way, to show the steps from here to there. When in doubt, trust the cycles of the earth. New life always emerges after every fire, storm, and eruption. Give it time and create an inner sanctum that cannot be harmed by the collapses around us.

Final Advice


Heart Chakra

We are living in a radical time where portals of the heart are opening. Small cracks in the armor expose the raw nerves, the bleeding soul of our humanity. If we dare to engage, we could be transformed, and taken to a new level of understanding and awareness. However, we have good reason to feel apprehensive – we are carrying great burdens, arrows slung at our backs every day. But if one such portal opens to you, trust that there is a reason for it, a rationale awaiting on the other side that can illuminate the path. And it is okay if you’re not quite ready yet – they will open at different times and no lesson will be lost – every step counts. So, if you are in a “regroup and replenish” phase, know that these portals will wait as long as we need – the choice is always ours.

Parting words from a Geek Empress

This week isn’t about progress, it’s about the process.

Capt. Janeway has learned the hard way that sometimes, no matter how tempting a shortcut may be, the only way out of a bad situation is straight through. Smart, strategic, and at times a little cavalier with her intuitive read of things, Janeway will take a shortcut if it means her people get home sooner. However, some things, no matter how intelligent or efficient we are, must be learned in a certain way and through practice and experience (much like Seven of Nine learning social skills).

Progress can’t always come at the expense of the process. We’re told specifically this week that not only are shortcuts not available through the mess of the world we’re in right now but that when one is offered it’s just an off-ramp to nowhere. Opt for the long way of doing things this week – check your work, make sure you took every step, close your circle, and master the process.

“Everything is falling together perfectly, even though it looks as if some things are falling apart. Trust in the process you are now experiencing.” — Neale Donald Walsch

Remember, I am with you always in love 💖

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