Messages of Divine Love: A Push Forward

February 27, 2023/ Unofficial Schitty Tarot

Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

I really can’t say enough about this deck. The Unofficial Schitty Tarot is just so on point. This is one of the few decks where I feel the cards enhance and even extend the meanings into some terrific trauma-informed territory. If you’re familiar with the characters each one feels like a perfect personification of both the character and the meaning. It is clear Heidi Page, Ashley Brock, and Mat Edwards took great care in developing this deck. You can get the deck from the Hippie Juju Boutique Etsy store.

One of the things we love so much about the Rose family is that despite all their individual and collective flaws, they are trying. Trying to find ways to connect, trying to find ways to work through humility and vulnerability 🫠 and what I’ve found in the few readings I’ve pulled with this deck is that it’s willing to laugh with us in this grand comedy of life.

Just the energy we need to end this major Saturn in Aquarius cycle that started in 2020.

Where We Are This Week

Seven of Cups (R)

Solar Plexus Chakra

How many of us have spent some hardcore time contemplating the “Path not taken” over the past month? Specifically, how many of us have been contemplating what our lives might have looked like if others hadn’t made the choice to traumatize us? I’ve been there more times than I can count and this illusion of imagination eventually becomes its own distraction. We mourn for the child we might have been if we had families who accepted and loved us, or if we didn’t have bullies who made life miserable. But that unfolding alternative universe does nothing to help us fix ourselves in the present. In the end, those comparisons to phantom versions of us only make us feel worse about where we are today.  It is time to stop chasing the ghosts of what might have been and give our attention and love to the person we are now – we survived so much and we deserve gratitude instead of more “not good enough” filling our heads.

Messages from our Guides


Crown Chakra

I have always viewed Temperance to be about the process of finding Balance. Like the excited patience of the alchemist to process, combine, transform, and analyze disparate pieces into a new whole. What I love about this card is that this process takes time. It often humbles us – we might over-pour one ingredient and have to start over again. It surprises us – we stumble upon a discovery we might not have without the “mistake”. It frightens us –  these methods contain great power and responsibility. And ultimately it delights us – we never knew balance could feel so thrilling, so freeing, so powerful, and awe-inspiring. Embrace this process this week and have fun with the idea of finding that perfect balance in life. Expect to fall but dust yourself off with laughter. this is the beauty of life at work. Trust in yourself.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

King of Cups

Sacral Chakra

Mother Earth is pointing to the emotional integrity it takes to lead with diplomacy, to achieve peace. The King of Cups is who you want to have on your side when facing conflict with opposing forces. He finds a way to broker peace, not by rattling his swords or setting the world on fire but by sharing a cup of commonality – showing us what we have in common. instead of obsessing over differences, when our words and actions demonstrate commonality, connection, and relatability – that’s when people know we “get it”. I cannot overstate how important that basic level of trust is in all of our conflict and decision-making processes. Mother Earth’s advice this week is to cultivate that kind of emotional integrity to ensure our actions, words, and intentions show us more of what we have in common than reinforcing the division by difference.

Messages from Our Ancestors


Root Chakra

Last week our collected ancestors pointed to deep cellular healing. This week they show us that all of this was worth it because “new life” is now growing within us. New inspiration, new insights, and new ways of being are being rebuilt inside each of us. A new world is growing in our hearts and it will take shape in the weeks and months to come. This is a beautiful blessing of renewed life, resurrected hope, and divine intervention that has our ancestors celebrating more than I’ve felt them do in a while. All this hard work was for a collective creation that is bigger than any of us.

Messages from Our Future Selves

The Chariot

Solar Plexus Chakra

It is never too late to get started. There is so much great imagery in this card – Alexis teaching David how to ride a bike is such an endearing demonstration of this week’s theme. It doesn’t matter where we are, or how well we know the path ahead, we can’t get anywhere if we’re constantly waiting to be told what to do. No matter how wobbly we might feel it’s time to do that hard thing, to get started on that project, to see the success we can create for ourselves. Our future selves tell us the time is now to get on that bike and take that first step into the unknown. And what I see is how this journey, no matter how uncomfortable it feels right now will unlock the rest of our confidence to truly shine bright.

Messages from Mother Mary

Four of Swords

Root Chakra

Mother Mary hasn’t been as snarky this year, maybe because we’re finally starting to listen. Except when it comes to our patterns of rest. We still have to work to do so we aren’t overburdening our system with people-pleasing tactics and overwork. A critical factor in our future success will be carving out time for us to just be human and rest. Sleep in for once, and let the dishes go for a night. We aren’t machines – be human.


Seven of Swords

Third Eye Chakra

Remember, this card is pulled from the bottom of the deck indicating the hidden meaning, the hidden forces at work. This week there are lies and deceptions in the undercurrent that just don’t feel right. They are in the collective story – it may have started with bigoted assumptions that have turned dangerously malicious (like all of the drag show bills this year) or it could be gossip that now has every throwing their mal de ojo 🧿 daggers at us. Whatever it is, do some 3rd eye awakening this week to ensure we are awake and aware, especially of what we passively consume.

Final Advice


Crown Chakra

The Death card is such a great way to describe this week. This is the last week that Saturn is in Aquarius, so we are tying up loose ends with this transition (check out this post from Nylon for more info) that signals the end of a huge cycle of growth. We are not the people we once were this time three years ago. Allow the death of the old to welcome the promised rebirth. Find a way to honor this necessary step

Parting words from a Geek Empress

Oh, my friends, I am just so happy about the messages this week. Yes, there is deception…but we already knew it was there. Yes, we have some big planetary things coming up, but it’s all to release us from the past, and make us more resilient for the exciting things that are coming up for us. Yes, we’ve been through a lot over this past year, but be honest…would you even recognize where you are today?

The universe is giving us a much-needed push out the door, challenging us to do the thing we thought was impossible. Sure we might make a fool of ourselves…at first. But the first steps are always the most challenging, aren’t they?

The biggest thing is to not get discouraged…even if everyone laughs at our wobbly start, at least we’ve proven we dared to try!  but we have so much good energy and support on our side right now. Prepare to make mistakes, but know that the right people will come to our side to help. Mourn the death of our prior selves, but do it in such a way that it celebrates the steps it took to get us here. We are finally at a launching-off point – we should be so damn proud of ourselves this week!

Remember, I am with you always in love 💖

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