Messages of Divine Love: All Knowledge is Worth Having

March 20, 2023/ Sacred Forest Oracle

Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

After all the intensity over the past few weeks, I wanted to choose an oracle to give us a bit of a breather. These decks often are the balm that takes the sting out of all the sharp soul advice we’ve been given. Particularly, I was drawn to the Sacred Forest Oracle by Denise Linn. Each card is lovingly illustrated with magic and gorgeous detail. I love using this deck when everything seems hopeless, it’s been a light in the dark, a deep mysterious forest to find the hidden treasure within.

We need this kind of reassurance with all the astrology of this week – the Equinox today, the New Moon on Tuesday (at 0 degrees Aries), and Pluto moving into Aquarius (briefly) on Thursday (Read more here). Even for those who don’t believe in astrology, it’s impossible not to see the tendrils of another January 6th forming in the mealy mouth of Donald Trump and his followers. The same actors, the same stage, the same call to arms to protect one of the most grossly incompetent avatars of patriarchy from justice.

Remember, accountability is an act of love. So, even though the energy of revolution, fear, and chaos is activating all around us, we have to approach this week from a space of self-love and amazement at the magnificence of our interconnected world. More than ever, we need to believe in the beauty of our dreams, cultivating a safe space for our communities so we can build something better than we could have ever imagined. No matter how bad it gets, remember all will be well.

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Where We Are This Week

Ancient Oak Spirit – Strength

Solar Plexus Chakra

Last week’s reading focused heavily on the throat chakra to help us connect back in with our roots. I was tempted to view this one as the root chakra, but the emphasis this week is being able to stand tall already confident of our roots, and already aware that with each passing day, we are growing stronger, deeper, and wiser in our connection to our ancients and each other. We are far more powerful than we were. We have an inner core of strength that is shining brighter than it ever has. Don’t despair if you feel tested this week, just notice how unbothered you are by the drama. We have less fear, fewer excuses, less sensitivity, and better boundaries than we have before. Whenever we are feeling weak, all we have to do is remember this secret strength nourishing us from within.

Messages from our Guides

Enchanted Fern Grotto – Refuge

Root Chakra

Our guides echo what we’ve heard all winter – to prioritize rest and replenishment. This week they’re reminding us that if we’ve been listening, we’ve carved out a safe space for ourselves with our chosen family, our communities our online presence. Whenever it feels like things are getting too intense, there’s nothing wrong with retreating to a space where you feel appreciated, loved, and cared for. This, too, is sacred. The test often is whether we’ll choose to accept the safety of support and help.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

Dragon – Power

Crown Chakra

I placed this with the crown chakra this week because this isn’t just simply about reigniting our fire, it’s about taking back our power from those who would rather see us disconnected from the source, shuffled into line, like obedient little children. Friends, this week Lady Gaia is calling us to summon our inner dragon to take back our power. We’re commanded to soar higher than we ever thought possible to break chains, shatter silos and crush conformity that keeps us from our full and authentic selves. This isn’t a call to arms, but a command to stand in the strength of the collective consciousness to protect our world from the forces that would keep us from our highest selves. Instead of igniting our worst fears, it’s time to show the world who we really are.

Messages from the Ancients

Elves – Playfulness

Sacral Chakra

After all the heaviness last year with the intergenerational trauma the world was processing, it’s been relieving to feel this lightness from the “ancients” (how I will refer to the “ancestors” right now). The ancients are encouraging us to play – to let the inner child frolic with its own “spring break” type of mischievously fun energy. It may seem counterintuitive given all the energy this week, but we have permission to play, imagine and laugh to get through the week.

Messages from Our Future Selves

Air Spirit – Knowledge

Third Eye Chakra

Use this time to gather intelligence to improve your next steps. Float above the fray and the drama for this week and see what is happening from a higher point of view. That doesn’t mean we abandon our responsibility for what is happening in the world, it means that each time we are tempted to get drawn into micro-aggressive arguments and name-calling, we need to take a step back and see what’s influencing things. Don’t take things personally this week, just add them to your observations and make the necessary changes based on the data you collect.

Messages from Mother Mary

Wood Nymph – Beauty

Sacral Chakra

To encourage the hopeful vision of the world that we most want to see, we should be conscious to surround ourselves with beauty and to share words of beauty to encourage others. Yes, that means we have to supply some of the beauty we expect to see in the world. We need to bring it into our awareness and energetic space to show how ready we are for a world that recognizes its own inherent beauty and value. That means, instead of just liking someone’s art, we’re commenting to tell them how much it touches our hearts. It means buying ourselves flowers to freshen up our space. It means doing what we can to infuse the energy of new life into our daily existence.

Extra Card

BlueBird Spirit – Happiness

Heart Chakra

It’s such a small and simple signal, but this little bluebird offers some welcome reassurance that all will be well with the world again. It might feel chaotic, and it might feel like so much is breaking apart, but the renewal of life in this springtime clash of powers assures us that life continues no matter what. Look for small signals of reassurance this week. Likely, we’ve already started seeing some of these signs (like a favorite song coming on just at the right time or wisdom delivered by a child, or even just the rainbow of a prism catching our eye in a moment of doubt. Look for these signs this week – feel free to share in comments any signs that you saw and how they impacted you.


STanding Stones – Passage

Crown Chakra

We are entering an era of great change and deepening wisdom. With the transits and energies this week in particular, if we are feeling challenged, pressured, or tested it is not a setback, but rather a threshold, a final exam before we move onto the next phase of life. Remember the messages through now have been talking about ending one chapter and beginning another. This is the final step. We have nothing to fear – this isn’t a matter of judgment, but of confidence in the pursuit of our new path and a commitment to finally growing past those old beliefs we’ve been slowly eliminating since last year. We are ready – trust the initiation and initiation.

Final Advice

Wise Woman of the Grove – Grace

Root Chakra

This week throws accelerant on revolutionary chaos that illuminates our most challenging beliefs and systems. Only by setting fire to some of our most sacred (but outdated) beliefs can we see the whole pattern of choice around us. Yes, this won’t be easy, which is why it is even more important to trust the wisdom and knowledge we have gained so far. There is so much misinformation, misdirection, and misappropriation happening at all levels of the world, that we have no choice but to anchor into the truth that has already served us well. we have been given tools, techniques, and insights that will serve us well this week. The more we allow ourselves the grace of those new tethers into Mother Earth, connect with our own inner wise woman, we can sustain ourselves through all the sudden change and social instability coming through right now.

Parting words from a Geek Empress

This week I use the phrase “all knowledge is worth having”, one of my favorite quotes from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart (which is due for a re-release this summer!). It might be a little hard to swallow right now in this misinformation age, but everything we experience, everything we read, everything we see and understand, hear and feel becomes part of the fabric of who we are. And each of those collections of experience and knowledge informs our future selves. Anytime I’m fed information whether it’s knowledge I’ve sought out (a class I’m taking) or ability I’ve passively gained (like in a trivia game) it has always proved useful later. It helps me recognize misinformation, challenge my biases and critically examine our world from a new lens.

This week we’re likely going to see more misinformation, including the kind generated by AI for political persuasion. This is why it’s important to root into trusting what we have already been given and to use this to create a sense of safety, protection, and hope.

Remember the “Be an Example” last week? Well, that can take the form of sharing that knowledge and showing people how to engage with our wildly playful selves to float through until next week. Think of this as the slow-mo leap from one world to the next. The best we can do is enjoy the view from up there before the real work starts.

Remember, I am with you always in love 💖

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