Messages of Divine Love: There is Always Something to Love

March 27, 2023/ Unfolding Path Tarot

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Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

Have I told you how much I LOVE supporting Kickstarter tarot decks? Some of my favorite decks have come from early Kickstarter which gave me gems of preciously crafted art and words that helps the creators’ dreams come true. The Unfolding Path tarot by Athene Noctua (preorder yours here) was one of the decks I sponsored last year. The problem with having a lot of decks is the balance between having too many decks and not enough time, so I haven’t gotten to use it as much as I would have liked by this point. But it was just soo beautiful in its design, and elegant in its layered signals that I couldn’t resist pulling it for this week.

Spring is here and the designs and messages held here to give us a boost of hope, a reason to find gratitude in our lives. The theme this week unfolds by taking us through a journey showing us how our walls only expose our distrust of our own vulnerability, to the lessons that there is much to celebrate, even modest successes help to light our way. But we have to cut through the tension, bringing attention to the obvious conflicts that motivate us. Recognizing that sometimes we’re not going to get the closure we want and need – we should keep going anyway. Such powerful images this week that I wanted to keep the background as simple as possible to help you see the beauty within.

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Where We Are This Week

Queen of Swords (R)

Throat Chakra

We have been under fire for so long that our “cold as ice” routine is starting to become both predictable and transparent. By constantly building walls of logic around us, we’re building up excuses to keep ourselves from opening our hearts and facing our vulnerability. We’re not fooling anyone with this ice queen drama where we nitpick and find fault with every effort to connect with us. When everyone else can see our obvious resistance to love, then it’s time to start taking down those walls of separation

Messages from our Guides

The SUn

Solar Plexus Chakra

Our guides are always in our corner, cheering us on, even when we’re feeling at our worst. Even though we’ve been through hell and back, we see the return of our light – a return of the sunshine, quite literally after the spring equinox (at least in the northern hemisphere), we find reasons to smile, celebrate and venerate our successes. Be proud of yourself and don’t shortchange how much you have grown and blossomed.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

Five of Wands

Root Chakra

There is a tension that is driving through our world right now. Things that once were helpful are now holding us back. Our need to support ourselves financially stands in conflict with our highest selves. We’re fighting not just a battle within, but we see the inherent tensions of the world threatening to snap at any provocation. While this card acknowledges the inherent difficulty surrounding us, all year, this position has been invested in action – and here we’re being invited to be the ones to either put our weapons down or come through and bring awareness to the inherent discord – for only in voicing it and bringing awareness to it, can we come up with a cooperative, rather than the competitive solution.

Messages from the Ancients

The World (R)

Heart Chakra

It’s normal to feel a sense of incompleteness when we are moving from one way of life to another. That in-between space can be difficult to navigate when we are still clinging to the hope of a closure that might never come. Some of us are waiting on apologies that require twelve more seasons of maturity to create. No one owes us a goodbye or a promise of improvement. The more we cling to the disappointments, the more incomplete we’ll feel in this new world of ours. Now is the time to let go and allow spirit to take us to a more satisfying, heart-centered future.

Messages from Our Future Selves

Ace of Swords

Third Eye Chakra

Believe it or not, we are on the verge of a breakthrough! Our ideas are starting to take root, starting to sprout into something beneficial for our highest good. Our future selves are cheering us saying, “don’t stop now! Keep going.” The crackling excitement of success is right around the corner.

Messages from Mother Mary

Three of Cups

Crown Chakra

Good leaders know that they didn’t get here on their own. There were mentors, lovers, family, colleagues, inspirations, and even competitors who challenged us to be better and to achieve our greatest successes. Even if things didn’t end the way we wanted them to, now is the time to call in the true believers of our cause and recognize them for the support they’ve given us. The best way to soothe the pain of an incomplete victory, an imperfect escape is with the balm of the love of “our people” who will be in our corner. These are the keys to our future success – our truest connections.



Sacral Chakra

With last week’s passage card, if you’ve been feeling like the world is upside down and it feels like people suddenly forgot right from wrong, you aren’t alone. So many of us are feeling that right now – like someone turned off the gravity. Two factions have emerged. One that thinks it’s a conspiracy against them, sharpening their knives, out for blood. Meanwhile, the other side sees themselves as crusaders against a divine enemy – that if they just release the others from their delusions by stacking up the consequences against them to temper them back into reality. Can you tell which side is which? Which one is right, and which one is wrong? Can we let go of our attachment to “our side” long enough to see the cyclical nature of how this fight starts and ends? All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.

Final Advice

Five of Cups (r)

Heart Chakra

There is always a reason to hope – always a reason to believe. The easy thing is to point out what is wrong with a situation, and what is missing from our experience. And the more we focus on that, the more we continue to find reasons to believe that is the only thing we’ll ever have. Keep crying over spilled milk and you’ll see it everywhere you turn. The world continues to needlessly trigger our desires for more, our perseveration on lack, and our avoidance of suffering. It taunts us with artificial comparisons, false competitions, distinguishing the worthy from the unworthy in our lives. Instead of falling for that trap, instead find something worth praising, worth smiling about. Every situation presents an opportunity to find goodness, beauty, and love. So when the world is getting you down, find gratitude for the evidence of growth you’ve found in the world around you and in yourself. Have faith – brighter days are coming.

Parting words from a Geek Empress

One of my biggest pet peeves is the geeks who invite themselves to someone’s party just to start a fight or take a dump in the middle of the dance floor. It goes without saying that I have a great love and respect for Star Trek: Picard, particularly as it wraps its final season with this explosive storytelling with the Star Trek: TNG cast. But consistently, when I say I’ve found something to love with every season of Picard, someone invites themselves to the party to throw a “well, actually” mansplained backhanded tantrum at the show, writers and fans – creating that awkward record-scratch moment where everyone’s staring around like “who invited that guy?”

The only relevant question is, “did it connect with you?” And frak yes, it does. I found myself rooting for Raffi and Seven the way I do my friends in the queer community. I loved Rios and his hidden hero worship. But most of all I saw my dad’s resistance to aging, his reluctance to confront his own shadow hidden in the confines of his past in Picard. I don’t care if every word, shot, or reference was perfect – because it hit a human note that has been so necessary in the Trek world. The night he went to the hospital, we made a promise to watch Picard together after moving to hospice. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it through the night. So that night, my husband held me as I cried, watching Picard and saying goodbye to this inspirational giant in my life.

It doesn’t matter why we love things – only that we hold ourselves open to embracing them when it shows up. It isn’t anyone else’s job to judge our love, only to leave room for it to exist – to restrain themselves from snuffing it out just because it isn’t what they love. And frankly, if there is anything that my dad, and indeed, Star Trek has taught me is that love doesn’t require perfection, it only needs a dose of pure affection to hold our hearts.

Be well, my friends. Remember, I am with you always in love 💖

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