Messages of Divine Love: An Example of Healing

March 13, 2023/ Psychic Tarot for the Heart

Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

A funny thing happened when I was buying a replacement Psychic Tarot deck by John Holland. This Psychic Tarot of the Heart kept calling to me. It has been for years. I’ve had it on wish lists every year, but no one took the hint. So I decided to gift myself with both decks – thrilled to get to know perhaps a more heart-centered deck than even the one I had been using.

Set up similarly to the Psychic tarot, this is read more like an oracle deck – meanings are mostly upright and there are no court cards. Instead, just like the Psychic Tarot, there are chakra cards, making this a great deck to use for the Chakra Readings & Reiki clearings I offer. Already it is fitting in quite well into the rotation, delivering a message this week that picks up where last week’s ends.

Where We Are This Week

Just Breathe (4 of Air/Mental/Swords)

Throat Chakra

About midway through the week, as we had yet another stagnant day of clouds and low energy, I realized I misinterpreted the card last week. I had been envisioning little holes poked within each of us, but really, it was just all the energy getting sucked out of the collective room. We’ve been fighting for so long, holding up our shields for so long that sometimes it feels like we’ve lost sight of what it is that we’re even fighting for anymore. This card is asking us to take a big step back to reconnect with our spiritual selves. Even if it’s just pausing to breathe for one fully conscious minute, it helps. We start this week intent on tending our own garden.

Messages from our Guides

Heal (Star)

Throat Chakra

Whether we know it or not, others have been watching our progress with keen interest. We are a few steps ahead of where they are. We have been through healing that they are just now starting and they are looking to us for evidence that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For all the hope we think we need for ourselves, we are also now a light for others. So what messages are we sending to those who are looking up to us for evidence that things can get better? Specifically, what parts of our story have been influenced by forgiveness – whether it is a story of how we forgave others, how it felt to be forgiven, or finally forgiving ourselves. – others need to hear this humbling part of our story. Let the forgiveness shine through.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

Control (Strength)

Throat Chakra

The strength that we need right now is not dominance but self-control. How much time do we allow our anger, fear, or frustration to steal from us? How often are we constructing arguments against every possible critic? How much time do we offer to others’ opinions when it’s clear they’re trying to goad us into overreacting? Thinking about all the things that have been draining us, how much of it is because we don’t exercise some simple methods of self-control. Stop giving the other side more ammunition – in fact, the biggest power move this week is to show them how much control you really have over yourself.

Messages from Our Ancestors

Daydreams & Decisions (7 of Water/Emotions/Cups)

Third Eye Chakra

Our ancestors are curious why we keep dreaming so small when we have a larger, more connected, more supportive world than they ever had. Some of us have been keeping ourselves small out of a displaced desire to honor the sacrifices of those who came before us. Our ancestors are telling us, quite directly to stop limiting our daydreams just because others had it worse than us. For only in the full breadth of imagination can we find equitable and peaceful solutions for all? Don’t let history stop you from dreaming.

Messages from Our Future Selves

Choose your Battles (7 of Fire/Spirit/Wands)

Throat Chakra

In looking at the sources of our drain last week likely many of us found that social media, the news, and the battles within our own families are part of the problem. The solution that serves our highest selves right now is to exercise wisdom in choosing our battles. Much like the message from Mother Earth, we are asked to conserve our energy by exercising some self-control. Use the acronyms “WAIT” (Why am I talking?) and “HALT” (am I Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired?) before responding to people online. Set boundaries for yourself about which battles are worth showing up for and which ones you need to ignore.

Messages from Mother Mary

Balance (Temperance)

Sacral Chakra

A major card this week with a major message, “you know heaven is genderless, right? It was just meant as a starting point on which for you to build a world of equality. How can you expect to be ready for a greater role in the universe if you won’t even balance the energies of masculine/feminine within yourself, how can the heavens trust you with more?” Instead of using gender identity to divide and conquer, we can be infinitely fascinated by all the beautiful ways gender is expressed regardless of what physical, reproductive, or genetic attributes we have. Can’t we just embrace the divine expressions of self we all bring to the table? Imagine how our ancestors might have been had they felt safe to be their full & complete selves? Imagine how many stories have been lost to history because people chose to erase instead of listen? Connect the dots between the advice of the ancestors and the advice of our future selves – there is a story that matters here.

Extra Card

Teach (Emperor)

Crown Chakra

Some have been reluctant to share their knowledge and wisdom because they’re worried that a) it will be rejected as not good enough or b) that the student will surpass the teacher. Both of these concerns are connected to ego – egos that were damaged by parents and an education system that revered certain types of achievements over others. However, we don’t have to have credentials to share what we’ve learned about our own lives. We are always the authority in our own lives. And now that we’re positioned to teach others – to serve as a light for others – we need to take responsibility to share without the need for ego validation. So what, if the student surpasses the teacher? This is the way.


Trust (The Fool)

Root Chakra

This is how I knew this deck was right on point – because last week the undercurrent was the World – the end of a cycle in our lives. So fitting because this week is about new beginnings in our lives. They’re subtle now, just taking shape under the surface – like a seedling, reaching for the light, reading to sprout the first signs of life. The best thing we can do is take the leap when it presents itself, trying that the universe has our back. For this, more than anything is evidence of our healing – the willingness to leap is finally returning.

Final Advice

Sadness & Isolation (3 of Mental/Air/Swords)

Heart Chakra

Make no mistake, the advice this week is challenging because it’s hard to believe that we can be a light for others when we are still hurting so much. There is pain and heartache all around us, which only makes us want to wall ourselves off from others, pushing them out so we can isolate and wallow in our disappointment by ourselves. But…we need each other. We need to hear the truth of suffering, and expose ourselves to the sanctity of others’ vulnerability this week. Share your grief instead of holding it all in cautiously to yourselves.

Parting words from a Geek Empress

It’s intimidating to think that people might be looking up to us, especially as we look over the past three years of vulnerability. Things have fallen apart and in some cases, it feels like we’re barely coping. So how can we possibly be a hero to someone else? How can we show up as an example to others without feeling like we’re imposters? Because we’re not expected to show up as perfect, but we are expected to show up as honest.

What the world needs now isn’t a hero that stands above everyone else but who stands with us. Who has faced danger and lived to tell about it. They need proof that it’s possible, even if we’re not yet at 100%.

That reminds me so much of our beloved Peter Parker. He didn’t ask for those powers, but now that he has them he feels a responsibility to do his best to live up to them. He fails sometimes – epically – but that doesn’t stop him from doing his best. Part of why we are inspired by him, especially as played by Tom Holland, he is the spark of eternal hope that makes us believe in our own better nature too (which is why the end of Infinity War pretty much wrecked all of us). We are asked to embody that this week – even when we feel battered and broken, because our model of survival matters and can help others.

Remember, I am with you always in love 💖

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