Messages of Divine Love: Don’t Borrow Trouble

April 10, 2023 / The Pulp Tarot

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Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

I was hesitant to use the Pulp Tarot this week because each time I’ve used it over the past week it’s been sharp, bitter, and a bit melodramatic. But honestly, even though we need some comforting messages, we also need some direct truth that will get our attention. And this reading does that.

But before we get to this reading, let me share a small annoyance about the world we are entering this week. After finding out that Substack is being suppressed by Twitter where I have over 3000 followers, it is even more important than ever that you find ways to connect with your favorite creators in other ways, on other platforms. Support their projects, and email their newsletters to your friends. You’ll find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Mastodon more often and on Twitter far less. It is time to start creating more intentional connections that provide the transparency and safety we need for our future.

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Where We Are This Week

Five of Swords (R)

Third Eye Chakra

It is easy to think the worst, to focus only on the small defeats we’ve suffered, but just like we found out in the “surrender” episode of Picard, sometimes it’s when we surrender to the present that we find the strength to fight for the future. This card this week is admitting that we’ve suffered defeats, both personally and collectively. But that is not the end of our story. It is only the beginning, only the first steps of a new chapter. We’re still trying out our new armor, wielding different tools than ever before – hysterical hopelessness and anger won’t bring us the future we deserve. Instead, learn from this and adjust accordingly.

Messages from our Guides

The SUn

Root Chakra

Remember back in 2016 when we were told that we were overreacting to Trump as a walking egotistic disaster? Well, there are too many who have fared worse – their lives and safety at risk…and every day it feels like the world is spiraling out of our control. So, hear me when I say that when our guides say “Fight like your lives depend on it,” it is not an overreaction. The world is changing rapidly – and the onset of panic will bring out the worst in many. All around it has become dangerously similar to our worst fears, dangerously close to the threats of the past. If that feels and sounds ominously relevant, it should. However, we are not on our own any longer. We are connected to people whose liberation is more closely intertwined with ours. We are lending each other spiritual barriers and protections we need to be truly powerful in the battles to come. Don’t let the overwhelm of what we’re facing cause us to lose faith – if we fight for what is right, we will prevail – but we can no longer stand idly by in denial or discomfort.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

Page of Pentacles (R)

Sacral Chakra

For much of last year, the messages were focused on us letting go of old dreams that others created for us. Here, the issue is about the cost of the dreams we’ve created for ourselves. How many of us have spent some $$ on “have a 6-figure coaching business” e-books or have cut-outs of fancy cars on the vision board? It’s not a judgment, because I certainly have a cut out of my dream mansion on my vision board. However, the problem arises not with the desire itself, but with the motives that drive the desire. The most superficial desires often end up becoming the most obsessive of our greed. If we want beauty, we continue to chase it even after we’ve got it. If we wanted money and power, we keep chasing it even after we have more than we thought was possible. But at what cost? When will the consumption of our desires be enough to truly be satisfying? This week, our task is to examine the true costs and benefits of those dreams we’ve invested ourselves in pursuing. Will it ever be enough?

Messages from the Ancients

Five of Pentacles

Heart Chakra

The Ancients have stayed consistent with the focus on the heart chakra. Here it is about unlocking our empathy for those who are more vulnerable than us. Sure, this card usually means we’re on the outside looking in, but here, it is a reflection of the lessons the generations before us have had to learn the hard way. The energy that we give or deny to those in need is the energy that will be given or denied to us when we are in need. All of us can relate to a time when we were in need. We all know what it feels like to have people turn their backs on us. All of us have faced rejection and hard times sometime in our lives unless we’ve been exceptionally lucky. I use the term “Radiant Resilience” to refer to the idea that vulnerability can be transformed into our highest strength. And how we treat those who are vulnerable is a choice for how we will be treated when it’s our turn. Use this lesson wisely so we don’t repeat the same structural patterns of the past.

Messages from Our Future Selves

Queen of cups (R)

Crown Chakra

Now, more than ever, we need to tune out the distracting drama queens who keep trying to get a rise out of us. Like emotional vampires, they feed on our frustration, worry, and rage to manipulate the conversation and keep the spotlight on their ugly faces. We cannot allow ourselves to get so easily baited into insipid arguments, nonstop sob stories, and persistent reply loops with the invincibly ignorant. We have to make them responsible for their dopamine instead of constantly spending our time and attention to “set them straight”. All of this is for a purpose and we need to stop lending our energy, emotion, and integrity down the neverending drain of such emotionally vacant vampires.

Messages from Mother Mary

Ace of Wands

Solar Plexus Chakra

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”. No matter what happens this week, hold onto the sense of power and purpose that has been steadily arriving over the past month or two. Last week we were looking at strength. This week it is about inspiration. Using the ideas that arrived as a spark of inspiration will be the source of strength this week. If we hold to our vision, we will not only weather the storm but replenish others with our light.



Crown Chakra

‘Last call! All aboard the future train! Get on while you can!” Seriously, anyone who is still holding out hope to fix a past that is dead and buried, all they’re doing is inviting their very own zombie apocalypse. We need to make some very clear decisions about what we want for our future and that has to include forgiving ourselves for the past without unburying the horrors we’ve finally laid to rest. Deny the lesson at your own risk…but soon we may not be able to stop those who are replaying the horrors of their past on a never-ending loop. We have to choose to move forward or we risk losing ourselves.

Final Advice

Seven of Wands (R)

Throat Chakra

There are enough challenges in our lives to keep us occupied – there is no need to go out searching for trouble. Every time someone screenshots a ridiculous message, we don’t need to jump to the search bar to find the offending actor to give them a piece of our mind. We can either move on or use the search feature to pre-emptively block. Resist the impulse to give someone a piece of our minds over an issue that won’t matter the next day. Recognize how often our day is influenced by the needless conflicts we recklessly fall into quite by accident. If we exercise a little mindfulness and ask ourselves “Why am I talking?” we can usually back off of potentially volatile conversations that will only ruin everyone’s day.

Parting words from a Geek Empress

Ever since 2008, I have had a consistent vision of what was coming for the future – the storm that was about to erupt across our world. Of course “about to” only really started in 2016 or so. A purple, black, and red storm rolling over the earth wearing the faces of men – many men – men who oppose the goddess, agents of patriarchy who will try to roll back the progress that we’ve made so far.  There were four to seven big faces, but the biggest and ugliest of those was Trump. And weirdly enough when Trump announced his candidacy back in 2015, you know, by throwing Mexicans under the bus…my kid had a very similar vision.

And now that we’re here in 2022 in the “aftermath” of COVID, I hear an alarm blaring in the distance – this storm is building and the crescendo will soon pour over into our daily lives. We’re only seeing the start of it with Pluto entering Aquarius (it will retrograde back into Capricorn giving us a bit more of the familiarity of structures) and the madness of this past week (from abortion pills to black babies kidnapped by the state to black legislators expelled from their elected duties to the indictment of Trump) is only a taste of what is coming.

Be not afraid – that while this sandstorm of patriarchy’s worst evils is starting to gather strength, just like when everything looked at its worst in Spiderman: No Way Home, the multiverse delivers helpers so we are no longer on our own. We are connected and more spiritually grounded than before. Focus instead of connecting with others who can combine to create a larger force field of goodness to protect each other. Creating intentional communities of mutual aid and protection is just one of the ways we can channel our emotions into a better future.

Be well, my friends. Remember, I am with you always in love 💖

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