Messages of Divine Love: Inspiration to Give

April 17, 2023 / Awaken Tarot

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Intro Notes to the Deck & Reading

This deck has a quiet serenity to its simplicity. It affords us different ways of picturing ourselves in the deck, modernizing how we walk through the journey of the subconscious. That universality of experience will serve us well this week as we grasp for the inspiration given to us over the past few months of healing, successes, and changes. It isn’t over yet, for there is a lot of energy to transmute during this new moon eclipse in Aries. Mercury retrograde will give us an opportunity to rest, lick our wounds and heal, but expect it to still be rocky for another week or two.

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Where We Are This Week

Six of Wands

Solar Plexus Chakra

We should be proud of how far we’ve come. We’ve faced off the demons of the past, let go of old, ancestral wounds. We’ve healed ourselves in remarkable ways that we could never have forseen five years ago, much less five months ago. Truly so much has come to fruition – we have much to celebrate. This is a well-earned victory and is deserving of the time and space to acknowledge how difficult it’s been. Savor the rewards and accept the praise.

Messages from our Guides

Ace of Wands

Crown Chakra

Last week Mother Mary offered us the Ace of Wands as a branch of hope to keep us afloat. This week, our guides are telling us that not only did that driftwood keep us from drowning, but with our energy and healing, we have brought it back to life. The inspiration that we thought was dead in us is coming back to life – has been birthed anew and is already growing, showing evidence of our power. The inspiration that was offered to us will create more for us to give to others. The gifts we receive are meant to be shared to help the world grow and come back to life.

Messages from Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

Lovers (R)

Heart Chakra

Mother Earth wants us to spend some time this week in union with her heart chakra. Too often we’ve been limiting our view of love to only the individual or family unit instead of allowing those relationships to give us even more love to share with the rest of the Earth. In this world that harbors so many existential threats, our impulse is to protect our own. Yet when we limit our capacity of love to serve only those who are blood related, sexually exclusive, or intimately committed to us, we forget one fundamental truth – we are all connected. Mother Earth is encouraging us to expand our idea of love beyond the individual and toward the cosmic “we” of the universe. Then and only then will we understand how to best honor her – by honoring each other.

Messages from the Ancients

Six of cups (R)

Root Chakra

The time has come to move on from the painful past. We are getting close to re-victimizing ourselves with all the overthinking examinations of our past. If we continue down this path we’ll hesitate, second-guessing new opportunities because we’re still wallowing in regret, nostalgia or revisionist history. We have captured all we’ve needed from the inquiries we’ve made about the past. It’s okay to leave it behind. In fact, that might be the best way to honor the past – to live in the here and now.

Messages from Our Future Selves

The Chariot (R)

Crown Chakra

What good is going full throttle if we don’t have a clear idea on our direction? I mean, if you wanna do wheelies in the parking lot, that’s your business – but slamming on the accelerator without a direction is a guaranteed way to create a new past to regret. Don’t make the same mistakes that we have before. Either slow down or choose a destination to head toward because otherwise, we’ll inevitably swerve into a future we never wanted.

Messages from Mother Mary

Justice (R)

Throat Chakra

One of the most important lessons this week comes from Mother Mary, a bridge between our past and our future. She asks us to continue doing the deconstructive work of justice. We are required to dismantle what we once believed was justice (death penalty, incarceration, debt collections, etc.) and to integrate what we’ve learned from the past (the impact of white supremacy, patriarchy, institutionalized ableism, etc.). This has to start internally – understanding where we land, but more than that, confronting why we believe what we do. Is it still in alignment? Or are we replicating the same patterns with an impulsive desire to avoid the discomfort of seeing our own part in those larger issues?


Seven of Wands

Root Chakra

Be prepared. The card that follows the victory card always warns of jealous upstarts who will come seeking their glory. Alignment and healing stand in opposition to a capitalist, colonized status quo that relies on our disrupted spirits to trigger us into compliance. After all, when our brains are full of “What do I need to do to keep me safe in this moment?” we hardly have time for “What does my highest self tell me to do?” Here, you have achieved the latter, so don’t be surprised when forces

Final Advice

Nine of Swords

Third Eye Chakra

How can we be strong enough to exist in this world when each day presents us with a new nightmare of separation? Yet, because of what we have been through, because we’ve faced some of our worst tower moments, we have exactly the kind of power we need to get through this. And yes, we will get through this. But we have to stop dreaming of a better present and start creating one instead. We carry the light within us…we carry the hope of the world at our backs. Soon the nightmares will cease for we will create enough light to keep each other safe.

Parting words from a Geek Empress

This week’s reading is giving me Boromir vibes. Even after all the suffering, inner conflict, moments of weakness, and outright betrayal – even after he is pierced with arrows, he keeps fighting. He faces down the impossible foe to protect those he loves. This is the energy of this week. We’ve faced so much that it will take more than a few mere arrows and slings to take us out. But let me assure you we are not headed for Boromir’s fate, only his inspirational glory.

His death, indeed his heroic moment of pure love for his companions, a commitment to undoing the injustices of the past, became a beacon of hope for the fellowship. Likewise, our suffering, our story of sacrifice and daring truth, will also serve as an inspiration for others. This week’s message, “Inspiration to Give” is about using our love as a beacon of hope for all – love like the world depends on it…for it definitely does.

Be well, my friends. Remember, I am with you always in love 💖

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